Automachef launches July 23 for Nintendo Switch

The puzzle production line title Automachef is rolling its way on to Nintendo Switch this July 23. Developed by Hermes Interactive, where engineering and food production combine together in one interesting new title. Automachef will be published by Team 17. Below is a trailer and a description of the title from the Team 17 website

Automachef Description from Team 17

“Want to know more about the autonomous kitchens you’ll be running for a ‘definitely human’ fast food tycoon? You’re in the right place…”

Three tasty modes! Take on a challenging campaign, build your business in Contracts Mode or play untethered in the Test Site freeplay mode”

  • Feisty robots! Well, robot. Throughout your time in Automachef, you will be accompanied by Robert Person who will offer you help and abundant ‘human’ charm”
  • Machines! From the order reader to the assembler and everything in between, you must tell each machine what it needs to do (they can’t think for themselves… Yet)”
  • Human food! Whether it’s cheeseburgers, salads or hot dogs, each recipe requires different machines with different commands to make it… and then there’s the various combo meals!”
  • Blueprints! Created the perfect production line? Save your plans as blueprints to use in future kitchens.”


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