E3 2019 Predictions

With E3 being right around the corner I couldn’t be more excited to see what every big developer has to announce. Particularly I’m excited for Nintendo’s presentation to see what they have next for the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate Switch Atlantic turning a month old I’m going to make my own list of predictions for the show. My list will be split into three sections, one for things I’m almost certain are going to happen, one for things I think might happen and one for things I doubt will happen, but I would love to see. Enjoy guys!

Announcements I’m 99% Sure of

Animal Crossing Switch will play a big part of Nintendo’s presentation.

I know there’s quite a few Animal Crossing fans that are dying for some information on the new title. Animal Crossing has a really dedicated fan base and the Switch has the ability to introduce even more new players to the series. I think Nintendo is really hoping Animal Crossing on Switch will be something special. I can only figure they have waited so long to show anything so that when they did, they could wow fans in one big all-out presentation.

Super Mario Maker 2 will make an appearance

It’s no secret that Super Mario Maker 2 is currently the most anticipated game for many Nintendo fans. With a whole arsenal of new additions and the ability to play local and online Super Mario Maker 2 looks like a fantastic sequel. That being said Super Mario Maker 2’s release is very close to E3. Because, it’s so close to E3 I feel Nintendo will try to get some last minute hype in for their next big title.

Astral Chain gives us some more gameplay to hype over

Platinum Games new Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain is one of the most unique looking titles announced for the console. Platinum Games have done some fantastic work, and everyone knows when they get their hands on something, they do a fantastic job. I think Nintendo will want to give fans another taste of Astral Chains just to keep the game in players’ minds, which won’t be a difficult task.

Pokémon Sword & Shield take the stage

Yes the new Pokémon titles are on the way and with the upcoming direct so close to E3 I think it’s inevitable that we will see the new games there as well. I’m assuming there will be some type of Nintendo Treehouse showcasing the game or maybe even some booths, for players to go hands on with the new titles.

Super Nintendo Online comes to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo it’s time to give us Super Nintendo games. It’s time…

Announcements I’m 50/50 on appearing at E3

Pikmin 4 is announced for early 2020

I really miss the Pikmin franchise and have been waiting for a new title to grace the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, we have gotten little information about its development process and as of now we have no idea where it is. Pikmin is not one of Nintendo’s best selling franchises so they may choose to not talk about it at E3. Honestly, I just hope it’s still in development, but I won’t hold my breath for any news at E3

More details on the Link’s Awakening remake

The Link’s Awakening remake announced in the last Nintendo Direct was something I don’t think anyone was expecting. Nevertheless, I think it was an announcement that so many were very excited about. At the moment I think Link’s Awakening is a distant thought for Nintendo, therefore, they may or may not choose to show more details about it during their E3 presentation.

Bayonetta 3!!!

I think Bayonetta 3 is going to be anothet fantastic title from Platinum Games. Chances are we won’t see its release until sometime in 2020. That doesn’t mean that we may not get a little more details about the title. We have received little information about Bayonetta 3 and I think Platinum Games is looking forward to showing a bit off to fans. E3, however may not be the place for it as the title is still a little ways away and there’s only so much time to talk about stuff.

Announcements I don’t think will happen

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will skip out on the show

I love Luigi’s Mansion and consider the original one of my all time favorite. I think Lugi’s Mansion 3 will be great, but I don’t think Nintendo’s got much planned for it here. Luigi’s Mansion 3 won’t be a big seller compared to other Nintendo tites coming out in the near future. We will definitely get more details when its release is closer, but I think at E3 it will be a no show.

Mario Rabbids crossover part 2 unlikely

Ubisoft nailed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and rejuvenated the Rabbid series. I don’t think this series will be a one trick pony considering how well the game was received, and Nintendo and Ubisoft’s pretty solid relationship. That being said I feel as if this is something that may come as an announcement in 2020 and not 2019. I just feel like Ubisoft has other ideas for this year at E3 and this probably isn’t one of them.

Mario Party stays silent

One of my biggest Nintendo criticisms this year was the lack of additional content for Super Mario Party. I appreciate Nintendo’s updates to other titles, but I think Super Mario Party was the one that needed updates the most. I think some people thought Nintendo’s reasoning for this was, because another Mario Party is on the way. I personally don’t see another one being talked about for sometime. It seems like something that may come down the pipe (see what I did there) mid 2020 and be announced in a direct in early 2020. I think this will skip E3.

Metroid Prime 4?

After restarting development and handing things off to Retro I think Metroid Prime 4 is out of the picture for awhile.

Announcements I would like to see, but probably won’t happen

Monolith Soft’s next title is a new Golden Sun game.

I think it’s doubtful that this will happen, but I think Monolith Soft could do a fantastic job creating a new Golden Sun. Turn the game into more of action rpg and make a vast vibrant world out of it. It’s doubtful, but possible

Where’s DK?

The only Donkey Kong game we’ve gotten on the Nintendo Switch so far is a port of Tropical Freeze. That’s not cool Nintendo, you need to let us know where DK is. I think E3 would be the best spot for it 😉

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Nintendo and Square have a pretty good relationship again with Square being one of the Switch’s biggest 3rd party supporters. So I think it’s finally time for Square to give us the non spin-off Kingdom Heart titles on a Nintendo console. Whether it’s during the Square conference or Nintendo conference I would really like to see this happen.


Well I hope you all enjoyed my predictions for this year’s E3. Remember everyone these are just my opinions and are in no way based on any facts. I have been constantly thinking about E3 and I wanted to write an article about it. Please share some of your predictions with me on the comments. If you agree or disagree with any of my predictions let me know in the comments as well. No matter what happens I’m sure E3 2019 will be really exciting!

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