Hopes And Dreams For The Nintendo E3 Direct 2019

Written By: DarthStridious

Here are some of my hopes and dreams for the Nintendo Direct coming up tomorrow.

Hope: Animal Crossing coming sooner than expected. We all know we will be seeing Animal Crossing at the Direct tomorrow, and hopefully, it will be a meaty serving of information. They have Fire Emblem in July and Pokemon in November and other than that their calendar is pretty free. This would be a great summer game would be great it coming in August but most likely I see it coming in October.

Dream: We will get Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Remaster. I loved these games and would be amazing to have these games with me wherever I go and do a world while I am on the subway to work. Also to bring these games to a new audience who did not play then when they were on Wii.

Hope: We get to see the Pokemon Starter evolutions during a snippet during the Direct. This would get Pokemon fans excited and won’t take too much time from the direct.

Dream  We see the Switch Mini because with Animal Crossing and Pokemon this year. These games are system sellers and kids would want to play with their siblings asking for a switch of their own

Hope We will finally see Bayonetta 3 gameplay,  and hopefully release date. They have been quiet about this game since Game Awards 2017. I think a lot of people want to see this after playing the first two.

Dream I want Hollow Knight as a playable character on Smash Brothers because he would have an awesome move set. Hollow Knight is one of my favourite games on the switch. I think he would fit in well as a fighter but hey a guy can dream

Hope Pikmin 4 Is shown at E3 and release year of 2020. I mean it is a great game and has fun multiplayer be great to see another game on the switch

Dream Pikmin 1-3 Remastered for the switch being as I said great games and a lot of people missed out on the 3rd one being on the switch

Hope Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on the switch move this series from the console which is on the death knell to the shiny Switch

Dream I hope for another remaster to hit the switch and it will be Metroid Prime 1-3, to tie people over until the 4th.

Hope – A new twist to fire emblem multiplayer add either co-op battles or a fun way of multiplayer versus.

Dream – I want to see another Mario Sports game either Mario Strikers, Mario Baseball or Mario Golf on the switch. I love these games and hopefully can improve from the Mario Aces.

Hope  – Cadence of Hyrule surprise drops tomorrow right after the Direct.

Dream – We Get Pokemon Snap 2 on Switch, has an area for each region and just make it more immersive and not on rails. Hey, why not add Labo VR support.

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