Introducing Darth Stridious

I’m so happy that Switch Atlantic is getting the time to be able to expand and become something bigger than I ever expected it to be! That being said, expansion requires more hands the bigger you grow and today I want to introduce one of the talented people who will be contributing to Switch Atlantic. Darth Stridious will be writing opinion style articles for Switch Atlantic. He’s very knowledgeable about the video game landscape and well I’ll just let him do the rest of the introduction!

Who is Darth Stridious?

“Well who am I, let me see, I am passionate about video games, about all games that come out on all consoles. I am very much console agnostic. I am actually a game developer, I program games. I love playing games to learn from them to expand my knowledge in how they are made and love getting lost in games, either puzzle games where I have to think of what to do, Set off on my own adventure or go through an amazing story.”

How did you start playing and working with video games?

“I first started playing video games at my cousin’s place they were a bit older than me and they had the SNES, so the first game I played was Super Mario World. My parents did not want me to have a console, I had to give them reason on why I wanted one and the first one I got was the original playstation with Crash Bandicoot. Since then pretty much have gotten every console except for original Xbox and dreamcast (but who did buy one).”

“The passion for video games grew and I after graduating with my first bachelors and not really finding a job I decided to go back to school in Computer Science and learn how to make games. Now I am a gameplay programmer.”

What is your favorite video game console & video game series? Why?

“I have a lot of series which I love for many different reasons. I guess my favourite of them all is Borderlands, because love  the insanity and couch co-op. Love playing this game with friends and having fun, May not have the best story but has some of the best moment to moment play especially with friends. Some of my other favorite series are Legend of Zelda, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto and Mario”

“My favorite console, now that is hard. I love Nintendo consoles and the Playstation 4. But I would have to say right now it is the Xbox one X, because stellar graphics and the amount of games you can play on it. Between backwards compatibility and games of this generation.”

What do you like about Nintendo? Why are you a fan of their content?

“I love the magic of Nintendo, no other company in the video game world can bring the magic like Nintendo can. How many other companies come out with games that everyone loves and can play Nintendo does not follow the trend .  They make their own path which brings joy to everyone a like.”

“I love their content, I am always looking forward to their directs and when new games drop, I play most of Nintendo’s games except for Kirby really. I love Pokémon and Zelda games and the challenge of fire emblem games.”

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch?

“I love the switch, it has become my indie machine. I will wait for indie games to come on it instead of getting them on another console or PC. I love the portability of it. I can be on my PC working want to take a break and play 20 minutes of Hollow Knight or Legend of Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild.  Not the most powerful system but for the games that are on it but for what it does it is perfect.”

I hope you’ll all check out Darth’s content when he releases his first article. A big thanks to him for doing this for the site. I know I’m excited to see what he’s got planned!

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