Rest in Pieces Comes to Haunt you on Nintendo Switch

Developer Itatake is bringing their interesting take on the “Endless Runner” genre to Nintendo Switch. Rest in Pieces sees you controlling a porcelain doll as it’s towed on a piece of string that swings back and forth. There’s a variety of porcelain figurines to collect, each one unique from the others. Rest in Pieces will launch this September 13. The game is discounted from $7.99 to $4.99 until launch.

Below is an excerpt from the Nintendo eShop and a gameplay trailer.

You can check out Leigh Wynn’s review of Rest in Pieces coming soon to Switch Atlantic.

Please save all the poor souls that have been trapped in the dream demons porcelain nightmares.

Awake little Georgina from her evil clown dream, weaved of her worst fears. Help the drunken pirate Jack Parrot to vanquish the horrible sea monster Kraken. Save Father Lugosi from Count Draculas bloodthirsty fangs. Rest in Pieces includes many souls to save, and several frightening nightmares to wake up from.”

‣ Kill bosses to awake

‣ Collect Gems and unlock new figurines

‣ Each figurine has unique characteristics

‣ Save all 18 souls

‣ Unlock 6 deadly nightmares

“The objective is to swing fragile porcelain figurines through horrid nightmares without smashing into anything. It is easy to learn, but only the most skilled players will manage to save them all!”

Rest In Pieces

Team Itatake

Source: Nintendo eShop

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