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I’m happy to announce a new section that we’re opening up here on Switch Atlantic. Indieview’s are centered around indie game developers and who they are. We’re going to be conducting interviews with indie developers, so we can learn more about who they are and what inspires them to do what they do. We’re all very excited about this project and we’re looking forward to hearing so many unique stories.

Unfinished Pixel were one of the first developers to reach out to Switch Atlantic. Therefore it only makes sense that of course they would be the first to support us in our new endeavor. The team over at Unfinished Pixel (thanks Marco) answered a few questions that we had about who Unfinished Pixel was. I’ll let them take it away, but I hope you all enjoy our first Indieview!

Unfinished Pixel are the developers of the fantastic Super Volley Blast, and the recently released Super Tennis Blast. Both have been reviewed here on Switch Atlantic and are fantastic games. Please check them out if you have time!

Q. What is Unfinished Pixel? What’s the team’s mission statement?

A. UP is an indie video game studio created 5 years ago by two ex-Ubisoft developers: Marcos (design & programming) and Raúl (art & animation). Right now we are 7 members and hope to grow 1 or 2 more for the next project. Our goal as developers is to make the kind of games we would love to play while being financially successful.

Q. How did the team get involved with creating sports titles

A. First of all: we love sports and sport games. From realistic ones like FIFA or Top Spin to the more arcade Windjammers and NBA Jam. Second: we think is a good decision in terms of business. There aren’t too many quality sport games out there and if we focus on doing a certain type of games we can develop them better and prettier in less time.

Q. How has the development on Nintendo Switch been compared to other consoles? Was it more difficult, because of the system’s hybrid capabilities?

A. We use Unity, so building the game for Switch is very easy. We have some performance little issues that we didn’t have on the other platforms, so we had to work a bit on that, but overall it was a really nice development.

Q. How have your games fared on Nintendo Switch? Does the team enjoy developing for the console?

A. Right now we think Switch is working as the best platform for little indies like us. In addition, our games are very oriented to play with more people in the couch, so we are very happy with the platform. For sure our next project will be released in Switch too!

Q. If the team had the option to work on one Nintendo franchise which one would it be? What type of game would you make?

A. Wow, there are a lot we would love to work on. I would love to play an open world version of Star Fox, but that would be out of our possibilities, in terms of amount of work needed. So I will say a roguelite game with Link as protagonist.

Q. Will your team continue with the Super Blast series for the foreseeable future? Or do you have other ideas in mind?

A. We have a lot of cool ideas but our next project is Super Soccer Blast, the biggest and most ambitious Super Blast game until now.

Thank you so much to Unfinished Pixel! Please check out their website to learn more about them and the amazing games they create

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