Agent A: A puzzle in disguise Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: YAK

Published By: YAK

Reviewed By: Chicken Perm

Thank you so much to YAK/Popagenda PR for providing a review code


The dastardly wicked Ruby La Rouge has been up to no good picking off Agents one by one and only two agents are left on her hit list. She is not working alone as a shadowy figure is pulling all the strings. However, Agent A is the best of the best, in regard to spies, with other plans in mind. With La Rouge’s sights set on taking out Agent B next. It is up to Agent A to infiltrate Ruby’s secret labyrinth hideout and foil her plot to not only save his last fellow spy, but the world as well!


Agent A is a point and click, escape the room like puzzle game. It plays just like any other game in the genre. The entire game takes place over five chapters. I have played a numerous amount of games like this in the past. Specifically, most of my time was spent playing them on the Internet. However, many of these types of games online were poorly made, so you never knew which ones were going to be unfairly impossible or too easy.

You can use the left analog stick to move a cursor or use the touch screen to play. There are random items and tools scattered all over the place to assist Agent A. Several times, I came to a point where I had only one or even no inventory items left and I had no clue what to do next. At those spots, I felt it was best to just take a break from the game. Surprisingly, that worked every time as eventually I was able to logically and methodically solve them. At no point was there a puzzle or item used in such a ridiculous way that had me exclaiming, “Well how the heck was I supposed to know to use that there!?” Agent A does not hold the players hand what so ever, but it is laid out in a way that makes sure the game’s not impossible to complete.


I enjoyed the cartoon hand drawn visuals of the game. A various use of colors were used to make it eye appealing. Some voice acting is done during the in between animated cut scenes and that is appreciated. All of the voice-overs are fairly stereo-typically done for a 1960’s James Bond-like spy narrative. Other spy movies or games are known to have amazing soundtracks, but Agent A really disappointed in the audio department. The game could have really benefited from something exciting and suspenseful to listen to while back tracking all over the place or staring at the tougher puzzles for long periods of time.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with Agent A, but I’m just not certain if it’s worth picking up. The main plot twist was very predictable and the game’s spy theme isn’t done overly well. While the game does try to be comedic and pull from its 60’s era style, it comes across as rather uninteresting. The developers did a good job at assuring the puzzles were solvable and that the difficulty was balanced well. Still I can’t help, but feel that the game isn’t interesting enough, unless your a big fan of this genre of game. If you’re looking for an escape room style puzzle game there are better choices then this one.



  • Cartoon Animations Are Well Done
  • The Difficulty of The Puzzles is Well-Balanced


  • Gameplay is Bland
  • The Story Was Predictable and Not Overly Comedic
  • Poor Audio Design

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