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On a dark dark night, there was dark dark countryside.

In the dark dark countryside, there was a dark dark farm.

On that dark dark farm, there was a dark dark chicken coop.

In the dark dark coop, there was a dark dark Nintendo Switch.

On the dark dark Nintendo Switch, there was Amnesia: Collection!

Sorry to scare the living daylights out of you gamers right out the gate, but it is that time of season and ChickenPerm is ready to do The Monster Mash. Amnesia is one of the most well-known horror games to date and its original release in 2010 helped usher in the new wave of horror games and the revitalization of the genre. The Amnesia Collection comes with three titles to frighten you, which are The Dark Descent, Justine, and A Machine for Pigs. Now each of these is available on Nintendo Switch so you can take the fear wherever you go. Is the Amnesia Collection worth playing today? Let’s find out.


Since there are 3 different games in the Amnesia Collection I’ll be writing a description for each of their story’s.

The Dark Descent: Set in 1839’s London, Daniel awakes in the dim and dank Brennenburg Castle. He has very few memories; I guess you can say he has a case of AMNESIA (laugh track plays). As Daniel travels further into the castle, he finds notes and diaries written to himself providing details on his lost memories. What Daniel eventually comes to realize is that he’s not alone on his hair-raising adventure and soon realizes that a terrifying entity called the Shadow hunting him.

Justine: An unknown character wakes up in a dungeon cell with no recollection of what has happened. The unknown character is only guided by phonographs that play the recordings of a woman named Justine. She leads you into several puzzles where you can torture and kill someone that is supposedly guilty of terrible acts or leave them be. The Suitors, this game’s version of the Shadows, will be stalking you and trying to kill you all the while as well.

A Machine for Pigs: Set on New Year’s Eve, 1899 in London. Oswald Mandus, a wealthy butcher, manufacturer and great-grandnephew of Daniel (from The Dark Descent) wakes up from a literal fever dream. Oswald is suffering from an unfortunate case of scurvy…HA, just kidding he’s lost his memory as well. He learns from someone known as “The Engineer” that his two sons, Edwin and Enoch, are in grave danger in the depth below the city known as the Machine. However, lurking below London are the Manpigs that patrol the sewers looking to kill anyone that they come across. According to the Engineer, Mandus must drain the floodwaters and bring the Machine back online to save his sons.


All three games of the Amnesia Collection games are first-person survival horror games. While trying to guide your character through gloomy surroundings and regain their memories it is up to the player to search every nook and cranny for tinderboxes to light candles, oil for your lantern and memoirs to help return your lost memories. Tools and keys are hidden around to help solve puzzles to further advance the plot. What makes Amnesia so terrifying is that all three installments provide horrific creatures that are chomping at the bits to dismember you. Keep in mind there is no form of self-defense or attacking in any of the titles so you’ll have to find hiding places to escape from your predator.

The pacing of the first game and third game are much more welcomed when compared to Justine’s. The creators make a point of telling you at the start of The Dark Descent to take your time and save at any point to fully enjoy the heart-pounding experience. Then, in Justine, there was no save option at all and if you die then you are forced to start over at the very beginning. Even though it is much shorter and really a DLC level, it is pretty disappointing to get so far to only have to redo everything.


The environmental graphics are clearly dated, but the game’s darkness works to its advantage and hides that issue fairly well. I loved the setting and variety of areas that were included in A Machine for Pigs over the being trapped exclusively in a stone castle in the other two. One of the best aspects of all three Amnesia games is the sound effects because they really increase your anxiety while playing. You’re constantly wondering every time you hear a noise if it’s nothing or if it’s something. All the monsters are very disturbing and they still feel as terrifying as ever.


The Dark Descent was indeed truly dark. In fact too dark because oil was so scarce while I was playing I ran out and had to travel aimlessly in the pitch-black dark for far too long. Pretty much every single useless item in the games can be picked up but for some reason, the only source of light you can carry is the lantern. I mean I understand it is to help with the difficulty of the game, but it’s very frustrating trying to walk around aimlessly in the dark. The best solution would be to have the lantern’s oil last longer then it did or make it a bit less scarce.


A Machine for Pigs was by far the most enjoyable of the three games to me. I loved that you go to go in and out of the building and see the streets of 1899 London, but also travel underground which really gave off some Bioshock vibes. The plot had the best twist and turns, which is always great to see in horror games. My all-time favorite film series is the Saw series and I felt Justine tried to just completely rip off those movies, but A Machine for Pigs told a great plot that leaves the player constantly surprised. Overall the gameplay is enjoyable and as frightening as always, although the visuals are starting to become a bit dated. With Justine being much shorter then the others I feel the asking price for the Amnesia Collection is a bit too high. The first and third game are really enjoyable and if the collection goes on sale I would definitely recommend picking it up then.



  • Terrifying & Anxiety Inducing Gameplay
  • Creepy Sound Effects
  • Variety in Different Settings
  • Great Plot With Twists to Keep You on Your Feet


  • Justine is Shorter & Less Interesting Than The Others
  • Lanter Oil is Too Scarce
  • Graphics Have Become a Bit Dated

Happy early Halloween from your one and only Permed Chicken! Watch out for things that go bump in the night… BOO!

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