Anarcute Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Anarteam

Published By: Plug In Digital

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to Anarteam for providing a review code.

Everyone loves a good riot, but how can we make the idea of rioting more accessible to everyone? By adding cute, furry animals and having them riot in colorful versions of real life places? That’s a perfect idea and the developers over at Anarteam have done just that. It’s time to take a look at Anarcute and see if this title can make riot’s even more fun.


Anarcute centers around an evil corporation that has enslaved the world and brainwashed the police. The world is now in the hands of this merciless corporation and someone has to do something or else the world may never go back to normal. Thankfully groups of anthropomorphic furry animals are ready to stand up to these overlords and fight for their rights.


Anarcute is a 3D action game. My best way to describe Anarcute is by saying it’s a cross between Pikmin, Katamari Damacy, and Happy Tree Friends (does anyone else remember that). In every level you have a similar mission, gather together your furry pals and capture a point, or break stuff. This isn’t exactly a walk in the park, however, because the brainwashed police officers are everywhere. If you get near any of these guys, their sole mission is to exterminate your furry friends.

In every level your map will mark the important spots you have to reach and it will also highlight any areas with rioters. Once you get to a group of rioters they will all form together into a group and move like Pikmin do. Much like in the Pikmin games, this can create a problem when your group starts to get larger. Large groups can be hard to control and even when you try to move in one direction it feels like you’re being pulled another away. It can get frustrating after awhile, but It didn’t stop me from really enjoying Anarcute.

As you go through each level you’ll have to fight off against a verity of different enemy types. You have an ability to dash and attack enemies with your team of rioters, but close combat usually results in a few unexpected deaths. To avoid having to lay your friends to rest you can also fight from a distance. Every rioter can pick up an item that’s scattered about the environment and throw it at an an enemy. Launching items at enemies does big damage and is usually necessary to take out some of the stronger enemies. As you progress you will also get access to new weapons that come from defeating enemies. You can defeat a walking robot and pick him up and use him as a lazer, or pickup an enemies big mace and swing it all around. New items are continuously appearing and help the gameplay from feeling stale.

After amassing a large enough group in every level you get access to special abilities. The two main abilities you will use is the stomp and knockdown ability. The stomp allows you to charge it up and push enemies away while knockdown lets you topple over buildings. There’s also coins you get after every level that allow you to buy permanent upgrades. Upgrades range from unlimited projectiles, to creating a deadly ring of fire. I found the upgrades really helped make Anarcute into a more unique experience.

Besides your regular objective based missions there are two other types of missions. There’s a stealth mission that will see you controlling only 1 character. You’re goal is to try to navigate your way through a level without being seen by the police. While it was an interesting way to mix up the gameplay, I found the stealth mission didn’t really fit in a game that’s really suited for a more action oriented approach. After playing the stealth mission I was happy that the mechanic wasn’t used many times. The missions that really shine above all are the boss fights. Each boss fight sees you having to take a different strategy and approach to defeating the bosses. These boss levels are a fantastic incorporation and were not only a bit challenging, but also really enjoyable.

My time with Anarcute was as fun as a barrel (or a riot) of monkeys. Anarcute’s gameplay is hectic, but once I started I really didn’t want to put it down. The short levels make playing through each one amusing, without overstaying it’s welcome. I think the only real problem with Anarute’s gameplay, besides the controls is the slight lack of content. It will only take most players about 3-5 hours to finish Anarcute. Although you can go back and re-complete levels to try and get a better score.


Anarcute has a plethora of different animals you can unlock your team. By rescuing different groups of rioters in every level you will often come across a new group of animals. In the main menu you can even customize which unlocked animals you want to be part of your squad. There’s even an option to customize what they wear. Unfortunately, choosing your animals for your squad is purely cosmetic, because different animals do not have their own separate stats or abilities. Nevertheless Anarcute would not feel the same without this addition.


I really loved the cute and colorful visual design that the developers used. Everything is so bright and full of energy with fun environments and levels that are full of different objects, traps, and enemies. The character designs were my favorite part of the visual design as I think both the rioters and police look great. The soundtrack was also a very nice addition, although I have to warn you it’s infectious. Seriously as I’m writing this review the soundtrack is just playing in my head on repeat.

Technical Issues

For the most part I didn’t have much for technical issues besides Anarcute’s controls. My only real issue was with the frame rate as I found during levels were there was a lot of enemies on the screen (and boss battles) the frame rate would slightly dip. These dips didn’t make the game unplayable, but they were noticeable.


Cuteness triumphs in this awesome action packed animal unfriendly adventure. The controls can be frustrating, and it’s a bit lacking in content, but what Anarcute lacks it makes up for with a great visual design, solid gameplay and a nice amount of customization. Anarcute is definitely worth it for anyone looking for a short Pikmin style title while they’re holding out for Pikmin 4.



  • Solid Hectic Gameplay
  • Boss Fights Are Very Well Done
  • New Weapons and Enemies Are Always Being Added So Gameplay Doesn’t Turn Stale
  • Cute Colorful Visual Design
  • Great Customization


  • A Little Short On Content
  • Stealth Level Was Not a Fun Addition
  • Controlling Your Rioters Can Be Frustrating At Times

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