Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Atypical Games

Published By: Atypical Games

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault’s story is centered around a rogue AI that has become self-aware and wants to annihilate all human life. However, humanity won’t sit back and watch this disaster unfold, so they decide to fight fire with fire by building their own war machines to combat the AI’s creations. Fight and destroy all enemies that threaten your freedom and bring humanity back from the brink of destruction!

From cities to scorched deserts and even volcanic islands you will be fighting tooth and nail to save the world. Show that AI what you’re made of!

War Machines

Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault is a third person tank combat simulator that see’s you controlling either a pre-made tank or your own unique war machine. There’s a ton of content offered here such as: The campaign, drill missions, online play as well as an extensive customization system that allows you to create your own tanks from hundreds of different combinations of parts making each tank you create completely unique. There are also custom battle modes to test your creations.


The campaign takes place across 14 missions and in each one you’ll be facing off against the rogue AI.  Each mission will have an objective to complete, ranging from destroying other tanks, taking over specific areas and securing radar towers.

I found the story and the length of the campaign to be quite short and the story doesn’t really have a conclusion. You never get to see who wins the war, you or the AI. There wasn’t any big boss battle, or anything at the end. It was felt like it was over too quickly, which is a shame, because at first glance the story seemed as if it might be interesting.

I feel as though the missions in the main campaign could have added additional objectives to use more of the wide open maps and prolong the campaign’s length.

Luckily, the main campaign isn’t the heart of of the gameplay. In fact, it’s all about completing missions to unlock cards to help you build better tanks for the other modes such as “Drill Mode”

Drill Mode

If you’re looking for more of a challenge then you should turn your attention to the Drill Mode. This mode has 50 missions with 6 levels in, each with increased difficulty and rewards. This is a fantastic mode for short bursts of gameplay while on the go!

The starting levels are fairly easygoing, but as you progress through different types of engagements such as escort missions and defending objectives, you realize there’s a lot of fun to be had here. After completing a drill level you will have a chance to select two cards. Once you select them, they will turn over and reveal the part you unlocked. These cards are the building blocks to Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault’s tank hanger.  The tank hanger is where you create your own tank, but more on that later.

Custom Battle

Custom battle lets you play a wide array of modes such as: King of the hill, Capture the base, Team deathmatch, Last team standing and Free roam. There’s also a selection of 6 maps that you can choose to play on. You can set how long you want the battle to last, so it’s great for those times where you only have a few minutes to play. The custom battle mode is a fantastic addition to test out your customized tanks and I’m happy to see it return in this game.

Card Building System

As I mentioned before Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault is a different type of tank game compared to the original Battle Supremacy. Instead of unlocking new tanks as you progress., here you’re invited to construct your own using cards you unlock after each battle. 

These cards range between different rarity’s and have different stats and abilities that you can use to create the ultimate tank. The card system acts similarly to lootboxes, but luckily there’s no ability to pay money to purchase them. So you can only earn new parts from actually playing the game.

Customization – The Tank hanger

The tank hanger is the hub for constructing your tanks. Here, you can select a number of different options to create your own personal war machine.

You can build a new tank from scratch as long as you have a sufficient number of cards. You can also test drive your tank in the test area and compare it to others.

Selecting the component screen allows you to edit your tank with the parts you collected during missions. You can edit and create tanks with the following parts: body, engine, tracks, turret and main weapon. You can then select modules to attach to certain parts of your tank such as: secondary weapon, radar, visor, antenna, ram, UPG gun, UPG body, UPG tracks and UPG turret. 

Adding new parts will increase and decrease your tank’s stats which are located to the left hand side of the screen. We’re still not done, as you can also customize your paint from a range of multiple different patterns and color schemes. 

After you’ve created your tank you can simply press the test drive button to start driving your machine around the test area. The in depth ability to create your own tank is an amazing addition to Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault. Making your own machines is an awesome feature, especially when the combinations of tanks you can create are endless.

Ammo & Tank placement

You can also change your ammunition between 3 different types such as: high penetration, medium penetration and area damage shells.  Remember that loading and firing your cannon takes awhile between shots so you can position yourself to avoid attacks or advance movement so the next shot doesn’t miss. Also, when attacking a target they become highlighted depending on the ammunition you have equipped. White indicates no damage, orange indicates surface damage and red indicates full damage. Beware of these signals while in any combat situation. Keeping an eye on all these actions will allow you to survive encounters.

Online Play

Online play is a solid staple in most of Atypical Games’s titles and Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault is another strong contender. I loved the original Battle Supremacy and thought the online was really fun. Now it has moved up a notch due to the ability to make your own tanks, which adds much more personality to each individual machine. Seeing everyone’s different creations on the battlefield makes the experience much more compelling.

Online matches are quite quick to load up and there are two available game modes Deathmatch and Duel play mode. If the community gets behind battle supremacy’s online play, I can see this going places as the endless customization options allow a large amount of diversity among battles. If you win a battle online you’ll get the chance to pick two cards. However, should you lose a battle you only get the option to pick one. I really enjoyed the online mode, but it can be difficult to find a match, depending on the time of day.

Technical Issues

During my time with Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault I did experience a few technical issues. The loading times when first booting up the game takes a long time, which became very frustrating. Also, the performance during the main campaign can sometimes stutter while loading objectives. I found this issue only happened during the campaign and not with any other game modes.


Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault is a great tank combat simulator. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into here. Between the extensive single player options, online multiplayer, and the wide variety of tank customization, it’s unlikely you’ll get bored with this game. It has a few issues, but nothing that holds the game back from being enjoyable. If you’re interested in creating your own tanks and using them to take down your enemies, then Battle Supremacy: Ground Assault is definitely worth picking up.



  • Drill Mode is Fantastic
  • Enjoyable Online Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Huge & Open Maps
  • The Ability to Create Your Own Tank With Endless Customization
  • High Replay value


  • Long Initial Load Times
  • Some Minor Performance Issues

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