Captain Cat Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Hidden Trap

Published By: Hidden Trap

Reviewed By: Rachel Ingersoll

Thank you so much to Hidden Trap for providing a review code! 


You play as the hungry Captain Cat, sailing the seas to still his hunger for fish! No seriously that’s it… Roll the trailer


Captain Cat is an easy to play puzzle game that has simplistic controls. Playing as the Captain himself, your goal is to cast your anchor into the sea and catch the fish lurking beneath. The anchor moves from left to right and at the click of a button the anchor can be cast in the direction it’s facing. Although simple at first, different enemies, and obstacles help to keep the game challenging and fun.

Captain Cat has four different game modes available. The main game mode is Waspfish which consists of 25 levels. Here, your task is to cast the anchor and catch the fish below; making sure to dodge the obstacles along the way, which could cause you to restart the level if you get caught by enemies such as snapping eels or the hedgehogs of the deep!

Secondly we have a mode called Housekeeper which also consists of 25 levels and is virtually the same as Waspfish. There are a few differences such as enemies and the fish at the bottom of the level is a snail that can hide inside its shell, causing you to restart the level if you attempt to catch him at the wrong time. Both game modes were somewhat easy to complete, however, within each level three stars can be earned depending on the amount of times you moved your anchor, the amount of time the level took, and the amount of coins collected. This three star system helped to add more difficulty to the game and had me playing more carefully in order to win all three stars.

The third game mode is Perfect mode, which was the most challenging of the four gamemodes and required a lot of trial and error. In Perfect mode you can only cast your anchor once, giving only a single chance to catch the fish at the bottom. You miss? You restart. This gamemode provided great fun and had me guessing where I should cast my anchor for an easy catch. Finally we have Infinite mode. Infinite mode has Captain Cat casts his anchor into the sea and your goal is to dodge multiple enemies to get as far down the bottomless level as possible. 

Overall, the four game modes kept me occupied for a few hours before I began to grow tired of Captain Cats shenanigans. Although a great time killer, Captain Cat can be tedious at times if you’re not interested in completing all 50 levels with three stars. However, I was disappointed by the lack of leaderboards used in this game. An online leaderboard for Infinite mode displaying how far other players have reached, or a leaderboard showing your previous scores within levels could provide more replayability to the game, but it sadly wasn’t there. I was also sad to see there is no option for playing the game using touchscreen.


The soundtrack of Captain Cat was very well made and the title screen music was hilarious to listen to when booting up the game. However, I was disappointed that this fun soundtrack did not follow into the levels, which would stop playing the soundtrack once you began playing a stage. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy listening to a cat scream as I was playing through a level, some music would help to keep the player engaged.

The level design, although simple at times, did provide a greater challenge as I progressed through the game and were overall very different from each other, with the inclusion of different hazards like moving currents. The art style of the game is simple and cute, I mean, how can you dislike a cat with a sailor’s hat? The other creatures in the game were also well designed and vibrant, but Captain Cat definitely stole the show.

Technical Issues

I”m happy to report I experienced no technical issues during my playthrough of Captain Cat. The controls were fine and the frame rate remained stable during my playthrough.


Overall, Captain Cat is a fun puzzle game that provided some difficulty and kept me somewhat engaged while playing. With its 6.99$ price tag, I’d recommend this title to completionists or anyone looking for a somewhat charming puzzle game to put a few hours into.



  • Four Game modes to Play
  • Gameplay is the Right Amount of Challenging
  • Good for Completionists


  • Lack of Online & Local leaderboards
  • No Music Within Levels
  • Touch Screen Controls Would Have Been a Nice Addition
  • Lack of Differentiation Among Game Modes

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