Chroma Squad Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Behold Studios

Published By: Plug in Digital

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG about five young stunt actors, who decide to quit their day jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show!


Upon starting up Chroma Squad you’re treated to a brief tutorial in a film studio about the basics of combat. You can thank your annoying film director Dr. Soap for this tutorial.

Let’s have a rundown on the basic controls:

Each area acts as a grid that you can move around with the analog stick. You can also cycle through your heroes with the L and R bumpers. After selecting a character you can move them within their current highlighted movement area, which is displayed with red titles.

Training The Team

Each hero can activate their team attack ability by pressing the X button. This ability will give you the opportunity to perform team attacks with nearby allies and use a unique jumping ability to reach far away targets.

To extend your movement range, you can leap frog off an ally to gain extra ground, which is incredibly useful to close the gap between enemies or allies.

If you have the team attack ability activated on any hero that is standing near an enemy target, you can move another ally to attack that enemy. Doing so will cause your allies to preform a team attack causing an untold amount of damage on your target.

There are some other team based attacks to learn as you progress, including a “finisher” move that requires all of your team members to surround the boss target and activate their team attack power-up.

Also, after you’ve fought, for a while in your human form, you can transform into your “Power Ranger” style form by pressing the Y button. The “Power Ranger” form will instantly heal your whole party and gather your team together.


Each character, also has their own set of unique skills that they can use. Some specialize in melee combat or firearms, while some skills are more passive abilities. All new skills will unlock over the course of each new contract and series.

Only one skill from each tier is allowed to be picked at any one time. So, you’ll have to make sure you pick what bests suits your playstyle.

Studio Upgrades

After the tutorial you’re taken to your new digs… which is your uncle’s garage. This will end up being your HQ for your new TV show. You can upgrade it in many different ways, as you progress through your adventure. These upgrades include a wide assortment of different items that will give your heroes passive bonuses in and out of battle.

You can also name your studio, squad, mech, and catchphrases all in the upgrade screen found in your HQ. Having the ability to go in-depth with creating your own team was an amazing addition.  I decided to re-create the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, from how I remembered them, when I use to watch the show as a kid. Overall, I really enjoyed the abundance of customization options available in Chroma Squad. The customization is a really cool feature that I think many people will love.

Once you’ve created a few episodes and defeated a few bosses, you’ll start to unlock additional options such as the ability to craft weaponry and armor as well as modifications for your mech. During your battles you can pick up dropped materials, that are used to craft all sorts of different useful items and weapons. 

You can also purchase extra materials from the crafting menu, but these will cost you. Weapons and armor are also available, for purchase in a separate shop.


Another mechanic that Chroma Squad introduces is the ability to sign up with different marketing companies. This allows you to use your “fan power” to activate a number of different bonuses, that can help you earn more money and get more fans after each episode of your show.

Every company will take a small commission from you, as well as an upfront payment, after each episode is completed.

You will also receive emails from fans, companies and other contacts so make sure to keep an eye out, for emails in your inbox.

Episode Finances & Fans

Every show you film or take part in will cost you money. Money goes towards paying your actors’ salaries, and other costs. It’s very important that you make money and earn new fans to increase your income. At the end of every series you need make sure you have at least some fans and money left, otherwise you could go bankrupt.

The only way to earn a good reputation is to follow the director’s instructions. The director’s instructions are displayed at the beginning of every new battle. Completing these will grant you more money and fans at the end of the episode. Not completing these actions will have a negative effect on your audience at the end of the show. Your audience’s satisfaction, or dissatisfaction towards the episode is also shown through fictional twitter posts from your fans, after the show.

Turn Based Strategy

What I truly enjoyed about Chroma Squad was its solid turn based combat. Having the ability to team up on certain enemies in a double attack, or pulling out the stocks and using your finishing super move to destroy a weakened boss is great fun. There’s a fair amount of strategy involved as well, as you’ll have to use your team’s abilities to help you get closer, or out of the way of attacks. Furthermore, certain characters are better suited at long ranged attacks while other are better at getting close and personal. It’s important to make sure you balance out your team and use them as efficiently as possible in combat.

Chroma Squad just offers so much for players to tinker around with. In addition the nostalgic vibes it gives off, will bring from memories to those who watched the original Power Ranger television shows.

Mech Battles

Another thing I would of loved as a kid, that Chroma Squad allowed me to do was control a mech that was similar to the Power Rangers “Mega Zord”. While you don’t get complete control over the mech, you do get to use you it in a turn based action roll segment.

When this segment happens you get to control your mech and try and destroy your enemy’s health bar with heavy punches, big swords and chest lazer beams. Again these abilities can be unlocked by crafting new parts for you mech’s head, arms and legs.

Creating your own mech is really interesting, but make sure you collect lots of materials as it requires quite a bit to build and fully upgrade it.


I had a terrific time with Chroma Squad. It’s a fantastic, homage to the Power Ranger TV show, that has a ton of character. 

The writing can be very comical and the turn based combat is really enjoyable. I also loved all of the game’s customization options that were available.

Everything from the monsters, mech’s, and super cool abilities make this a great new RPG for the Nintendo Switch. If you love tactical titles and turned base gameplay then you’re in for a treat with this one.  It doesn’t take its self to seriously, but trust me that’s for the better.

My only real complaint, is that the game is quite a bit cheaper on the Google Play Store, coming in at £4.69, compared to the Switch versions £13.49. Overall Chroma Squad is a title that’s worth the asking price



  • Creating Your Own Super Hero Team is Really Cool
  • Unique Turn based Combat & Skills/Abilities
  • Tons of Customization
  • Awesome Mech Battles
  • Comical & Interesting Story


  • Cheaper on Other Platforms

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