Cyber Protocol Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: RedDeerGames

Published By: RedDeerGames

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Cyber Protocol is about a young hacker who is trying to bring his Android friend GOX6 back to life by activating his protocol.

Cyber Protocol is a fast dynamic arcade puzzle game set in a Cyberpunk world that will challenge you with a variety of different mazes that task you with collecting items and searching for the exit. There are two main game modes available which are the game’s Story mode and Arcade mode.

Story mode consists of 10 zones, each with 10 missions to complete. Your main goal is to collect all the small and big coins in each level along with other items to achieve a perfect score at the end of the mission. There are lots of different items to find while moving around each maze such as time, coins and bonus items which are scattered about.

Collecting every item can be quite challenging as you constantly have to be looking for the best possible route to do so. However, not only will you be rewarded with a perfect rating, but also collecting certain bonus items can allow you to unlock additional avatars that you can select before missions and in multiplayer. So, if you want to unlock extra characters, then make sure you collect everything!


To control your avatar you use the left analog stick by pushing up, down, left and right to move in that direction. What makes this challenging is instead of freely moving around you can only move in a straight line until you hit a wall.  At which point you can change your direction by using the surrounding obstacles in the environment to navigate around each of the mazes until you reach a checkpoint or the exit.

Hazards ahead!

Not only will you have to reach the exit, but also avoid the many different hazards that lay in wait around every corner. These range from time-kills which act like mines that are littered around most mazes and are activated when you move across them. There are also different types of obstacles, that can affect you or even instantly kill you, such as massive lasers that criss-cross the map. Thankfully, if you do die the game reloads pretty quickly from your last checkpoint, getting you straight back into the action.

Of course, there are other obstacles that may get in your ways, such as the Error Fields and Error Barriers which can halt your progress from reaching certain areas. These barriers may require you to hack certain computers to unlock new areas so you can get through.

All of these obstacles and more keep Cyber Protocol constantly refreshing, new and engaging. I really enjoyed the main campaign as it’s very challenging, especially in the later levels, however, I did encounter a few frustrating mazes that made me have to put down the game for a bit. The difficulty can ramp up a bit high at certain points.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode allows you to play with four other players locally in a split-screen multiplayer which is really cool. You can play through missions with others either racing against them or trying to earn the best possible score. I played with my friend and we had a blast with, as it can get to be quite competitive. Sadly, I wasn’t able to try out the 4 player option, but it’s there for those who like to play with a larger group.


Cyber protocol reminds me of another game that also uses a maze and collecting items as its core gameplay mechanic. That game is Pac-Man, of course, because moving your avatar through each maze collecting items along the way to earn more points, really gives me some Pac-man vibes. However, while they’re similar Cyber Protocol is like Pac-Man on steroids. as there’s more variety in its mazes and gameplay than the latter.

Test Your Reflexes

Timing is quite important in Cyber Protocol as the later missions. really test your reflexes.  One minute you’ll be hacking a door terminal and the next you’ll be avoiding massive laser grids that take up half the screen… all the while trying to get to the exit knowing if you get hit, you’re either going to be sent back to the beginning of the level or back to a checkpoint!

Music player & Visuals

Cyber Protocol also has a killer soundtrack, thanks to the music player that you can listen to within the main menu. There are 11 different Cyberpunk tunes to listen to and they’re all really energizing. Some of my favorites include RUNFAST_8B, STARWAY, and GLITCHED_FEELINGS.

There are also extra unlocks in the options menu, allowing you to unlock visual/sound hacks which are such cool inclusions and also extend the game’s replay value.

I loved the game’s aesthetic as the visuals looked really great on my Switch’s screen especially in handheld mode. The neon color, mazes with their constant action on-screen really make them pop-out at you.


My only gripes with Cyber protocol are some later levels can be a little frustrating to complete, as your timing needs to be perfect. I also felt like there was a slight delay in the control input, making some areas difficult to move through.


Cyber Protocol is an incredibly entertaining Cyberpunk style game that I recommend you try out. The arcade-like gameplay is very fun and there’s tons of content, between the game’s 100 missions and unlockable content. The implementation of online leaderboards was also a great addition so you can compete with others online.

I did get a bit frustrated with some of the more difficult levels, however, they didn’t ruin my experience. Throw in the 4-player local play, killer tunes, and unlockable avatars and you have a really great Nintendo Switch exclusive that’s worth your time.



  • Fun Arcade Style Gameplay
  • New Mechanics Constantly Being Introduced
  • Unlockable Avatars & Sound Hacks
  • 4-Player Multiplayer
  • Killer Soundtrack


  • Some Frustrating Level Designs

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