Dyna Bomb Review -Nintendo Switch

Developed By: 7 Ravens Studios

Published By: 7 Ravens Studios

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to 7 Ravens Studios for providing a review code


Sadly on booting up Dyna Bomb you realize, there’s no story here to speak of.  There’s no intros whatsoever, you’re simply taken straight to the main menu. So let’s skip over the story section and straight into gameplay.


After being brought to the main menu there’s a realization that this is indeed a mobile port from the android play store.

Dyna Bomb is currently priced at £5.99 on the Nintendo Switch eshop and thankfully doesn’t contain any micro-transactions. I checked the app store to see what the micro-transactions costed in the mobile version and they range from 89p all the way up to £9.00.  So I guess technically the switch version is the cheaper alternative. 

 The Nintendo Switch version has a few slight quality of life improvements, but doesn’t seem to have any extra modes.

World – Select!

After starting the game you get the choice of picking from 8 worlds ranging from: CITY, FOREST, EGYPT, FACTORY, ICE, MOON, CAVE & OTHERWORLD. Each world has 8 levels that need to be completed before the next world opens up.   There are a total of 64 levels within Dyna bomb so there’s quite a bit to get through.

Also, each level has 3 different objectives to complete, to get a 100% completion on that level.

These are;

  • Find 3 stars in each level,
  • Collect all the gems,
  • Kill all the enemies.

These extra objectives can add a little extra gameplay to Dyna Bomb, but they did become a little tedious, after doing the same activity for the 10th time.  Completionist may get a kick out of trying to get 100% in each level, but it definitely will not be for everyone.

The only incentive to complete these objectives in each level is to earn extra gems that will be rewarded to you on completion.  These gems can let you buy new power-ups before levels, and allows you to use the slot machine to unlock permanent powers that can help you out.

The power-ups you can purchase are extra hit-points, speed increases, more bombs and more time. These can be quite helpful against the clock in the more maze like levels later on.

You can also select two characters, before you play a level.  You can select from a boy or a girl, however it doesn’t matter who you pick as both characters have same abilities as each other.


Each level has a main goal which is to find the relic and open the exit door. However, at the same time you will also be trying to complete the 3 objectives, as well as trying to complete the level within the allotted time limit.

If time runs out and sometimes it will the game will ask you, if you want to use your gems to restart from the point you died or restart from the beginning of the level.

Thankfully gems are plentiful and you’ll always be earning gems through completing levels, but this can be annoying, because if you run out you’ll have to replay levels which can get tedious.

If this had of been on a mobile device, I could imagine the frustration of having to spend real money to buy more gems to continue. Thankfully this port doesn’t support any in-game transactions.

The control’s are pretty simple in dyna bomb, you can move with the direction pad or analog stick. You can also use your bombs with the Y or A buttons, however you only have limited supply of bombs. So if you want to get more, then you need to collect bomb crates within each level.  You also have the ability to fly with the B button. There’s no fuel here so feel free to fly about as much as you want. All the levels are contained so you’re not going to have a ton of freedom.


Presentation in Dyna Bomb is okay, but it’s nothing spectacular. Very mobile like in terms of graphics, but at least it’s bright and colorful.

Soundtrack and sound effects are pretty upbeat, but they’re difficult to get too excited over it.

Performance is also fine. I did not experience any issues or crashes during my playthrough. Dyna Bomb also supports screenshots and video capture.


Overall I found Dyna Bomb to be pretty generic. It’s not an awful game, but it just does everything too safe.  Move around collect stuff and repeat and while this is perfectly fine, it’s just not that great in terms of gameplay. There’s so many better titles on the eshop you could be spending your money on. I feel this should of stayed as a mobile title.  It just doesn’t compare to the hundreds of better titles on the eshop already.

Unless you really want to play Dyna Bomb, I would say there’s a lot more deserving titles that you should be spending your money on.



  • 8 Different World themes
  • 64 Different Levels
  • Budget Price Point


  • Simple Mobile Port
  • Very Repetitive
  • Too Generic

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