Feather Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Samurai Punk

Published By: Samurai Punk

Reviewed By: Rachel Ingersoll

Thank you so much to Samurai Punk for providing a review code

Story / Introduction

Feather is a bird/flight simulator game which allows you to take control of a bird and experience the wonders of flight. Feather has no story, your goal is to fly around without an objective, as you enjoy the scenery of the island.


The gameplay here is very simple, you take control of a bird and you explore. With a game focused on only exploration and flying, the controls are very important. Feather excels in keeping the controls tight and responsive. HD rumble is also well incorporated into the mix, most notably when you plummet from a high altitude or flying in and out of water.

One of the main aspects of Feather I enjoyed was the soundtrack. The music accompanied with the serene landscapes kept me relaxed while I played. On the island, there are multiple structures with glowing hoops, by flying through these hoops the music will change. I enjoyed this feature, and would sometimes find myself ignoring the structures to finish a particularly relaxing score.

Feathers main feature is exploring the island, which is very exciting at first while you discover different secrets and caves. There are also multiple warp holes scattered across the island which will transport you above the island. This gives you an aerial view of the land and helps you choose another destination you’ve yet to see or one you want to explore more thoroughly.

However, after a few hours, I felt as though I saw absolutely everything Feather had to offer. This was disappointing as after you’ve finished seeing everything there’s not much left to do. Although, I enjoyed flying fast and dodging obstacles, and moving slowly to really absorb the scenery on the island, there wasn’t much content left after exploring the island’s entirety. There are no quests or objectives to Feather, it is more simply an experience of flight.

Feather does offer a passive online multiplayer experience which is a nice touch to the game. Multiplayer allows you to soar and enjoy the wonders of the island with up to 3 other players. This is a peaceful experience that’s enjoyable and you can explore together should you choose.


Feather is stunning. For a game geared towards de-stressing and relaxation, the soundtrack is very important. For me, Feather nailed this aspect, the game has an impressive collection of music to listen to, all with their own charm and soothing instrumentals. You can also change the music whenever you want to by flying through a hoop on the island.

Accompanied with the soothing soundtrack is the beautiful visuals. The island is filled with beautiful places to explore like, the tops of mountains and in secret underground caves.

The overall color scheme of Feather lacks any harsh colors and keeps the colors warm, which really compliments the calming atmosphere of the game and its environments. I also enjoyed being able to fly during all times of the day, with sunset in particular casting a beautiful pink sky and standing out as my favorite time to fly.

Technical Issues:

While playing Feather, I did experience some frame rate issues. Although minor, this game is focused entirely on enjoying the scenery and immersing yourself into the game as you soar through the skies; therefore, these issues did distract me and disrupt my experience. I experienced particular framerate errors when flying and pulling upwards or to a certain side suddenly. Overall, these issues should be fixed in order to keep the player immersed in the experience of flight.


Although, lacking in content and having some technical issues, Feather is a beautiful experience that will satisfy any players childhood desire to fly like a bird. Feather offers a beautiful and serene land to explore, with a beautiful soundtrack and simple gameplay, it is a game I know I can turn to for a relaxing and de-stressing experience.



  • Movements & Controls Are Very Responsive
  • Beautiful visual Design & Soundtrack
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Overall Very Relaxing Experience
  • Inclusion of Gyro Controls


  • Little Content With Low Replay Value
  • Significant Frame Rate Issues

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