Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Saber Interactive

Published By: Saber Interactive

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Ghostbusters Remastered is about a young rookie starting his first day on the job with his new employers. Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winson, who are known as the Ghostbusters. You’re here to test out Egon’s new experimental equipment on the field.  

All of sudden a massive power surge shakes the museum downtown which causes a massive spiritual shockwave that shakes the whole city.  This causes Slimer (A green ghost which was actually the first ghost that was ever captured by the Ghostbusters.) to break out of his confinement cage and start causing mischief around your base of operations.

So you and the gang try and re-capture the green slimeball, but he’s got other plans and heads toward his old haunt the Sedgewick hotel. Now you need to find and capture this pesky ghost and find out check out what’s going on at the museum. So strap on your proton pack and join the team, because it’s time to bust some ghosts!

Weapons, Upgrades & Controls

Let’s take a quick look at how the controls work: You can move your character around with the left analog stick and aim with the right analog stick. You can fire your main weapon with the ZR trigger and fire your secondary weapon with the ZL trigger. You can also select between 4 weapons by using the directional pads. You can choose between using the capture beam, slime blower, stasis stream or meson collider. Each weapon has its own unique uses during your adventure.

You can also equip your PKE meter by pressing the X button. This brings you into a first-person viewpoint which allows you to scan ghosts and curse objects for your Tobin’s spirit guide. You can also throw traps with the Y button and pick them back up with the B button once a ghost has been captured.

You can also press and hold the A button to sprint for a while to avoid danger. Finally, you can revive your teammates with the B button. The controls in Ghostbusters Remastered feel a little stiff at times. I found when surrounded by entities or projectiles it became a little stressful as it’s quite difficult to dodge attacks as your character moves very slow. However, after my 6-hour playthrough, I adapted to them for the most part.

HUD Display

One of the unique aspects of Ghostbusters Remastered is all the HUD displays are visible on your backpack. There are two green bars that represent your health bar which depletes when taking damage.  If they deplete completely you’ll be downed and have to wait for a teammate to revive you.

Also constantly using a weapon will gradually overheat them to a point where they will overload, causing you to be unable to use them for a while.  There are two red bars on side of your pack which indicate when your weapon is being overused. Once this fills up you’ll need to press the R bumper to vent the steam from your pack. Doing this helps keep your weapon primed and ready.


There is also some light upgrading to do in Ghostbusters Remastered. however, it feels like an afterthought here. You’re never really told about the upgrades in detail there’s just a small prompt that appears on the screen when you have enough cash to purchase one. You can earn cash by capturing ghosts throughout your adventure, but by the half-way point I had all the upgrades already, but my weapons never felt any different. While the 4 main weapons are enjoyable to use, the unique abilities are underused throughout the campaign which is a shame.

Busting Ghosts!

Upon starting Ghostbusters Remastered there is a single campaign mode to play which sees you visiting places from the original movie such as Sedgewick hotel where Peter Venkman got slimed for the first time by Slimer. Or how about the library where Ray encounters the Grey Lady for the first time in the original movie.

I started to get quite nostalgic playing Ghostbusters Remastered as I was only a kid when the original movie was released all the way back in 1984.  Seeing these locations with a fresh coat of paint in an interactive space was a pleasure to see and having the ability to explore them further added to my enjoyment of this remastered version of Ghostbusters.

One of my favorite scenes, monsters from the original movie was the stay-puff-marshmallow man stomping through New York City.  But having the ability to confront him and be apart of the experience was a personal highlight in this remastered version.

Locations & Collectables

There are a lot more locations that you’ll get to visit including the Ghost Realm and a graveyard that springs up in the middle of Centre Park. These locations are diverse and have a lot of atmosphere to them making exploring these areas more enjoyable. Plus exploring can lead to finding collectibles in the form of curse objects that are hidden within each level.  Once collected these will appear in your firehouse and more information can be read in your Tobin’s spirit guide that’s located in your inventory.

The Firehouse is also such an iconic location in the movie, but seeing everything re-created for the game is really nice. Every detail, in some cases, objects from the movie appear here including the Vigo Carpathian portrait from Ghostbusters 2. You can explore the firehouse and even slide down the fire poles just like Ray does in the first Ghostbusters. It’s all memorable and lovingly brought to life here.


Your adventure wouldn’t be completed without its main staple, the ghosts and you’ve got a lot of them to catch. There are lots of different types of ghosts to nab, each with their own unique attacks and weaknesses, and will provide a tough challenge to pursue and capture them all.

Some will fire projectiles while others can teleport around the level there even some quite creepy sections to keep you on your toes. There are even boss encounters that will test your metal and shooting skills.

Each ghost you attack with your proton pack beam will display a green reticule that will slowly deplete when you’re firing your weapon over a ghost. Once the green circle completely depletes the ghost will appear in a weakened state at which point you can use your capture beam to ensnare the ghost, slam it against walls, floors to stun it.  At which point you can throw a trap on the floor and move the stunned ghost over it to capture it. 

It can feel quite satisfying to nab your first ghost and some can be tricky to trap at first. Furthermore, not all ghosts can be trapped so experimenting with weaponry on different ghosts is advised. Later on, you’ll find that task can become a little difficult when there is more than one ghost that needs to be captured.

Difficult / Useless Teammates!

While I wouldn’t say this is the most difficult game I’ve ever played…It is rather frustrating at times. I did encounter a few difficulty spikes in the later half of the game.

My issues with the difficulty spikes are down to the woefully controlled AI partners that follow you through your campaign. Haven’t you always wanted to be apart of Ghostbusters… busting ghosts and enjoying the banter that comes from some of the funniest actors to ever live? I know I have… but what I don’t want is a group of so-called teammates that constantly run in front of you blocking your shots without a shred of intelligent. 

Most of the time my AI partners would stand still and not revive me and there were few times they would blindly stand in the line of fire constantly taking damage and dying before they could even get me back on my feet… which happened constantly and caused a lot of frustration. The only thing that could alleviate this problem is if you could play with real people…

No multiplayer…yet!

So at the moment Ghostbusters remastered doesn’t have any online multiplayer modes to speak of. However, developers have mentioned that they are re-working the online multiplayer modes from the ground up.  However, we have no idea what kind of modes will be available when the update makes its way to switch…  we can only hope its worth the wait.

While multiplayer is absent I feel like the game does suffer as once the campaign is completed there’s not that much to do apart from returning to previous levels to find all collectibles and ghosts you’ve missed to unlock a few art gallery pictures.


I like Ghostbusters remastered its a decent game but sadly not a great one.  What it does do right is have a  fantastic voice acting cast from some of the best in the business, love that all the original voice actors are here. Also, love the awesome set-pieces and ghosts as they look great in motion specially stay-puff! Also, Few cool weapons to use as well as some creepy environments to explore.

However the poor AI control partners are completely useless at times and can become a hindrance later on. There’s also no lip-syncing at all in games cut-scenes which can be difficult to watch. Throw in the lackluster upgrading system, difficult spikes that make certain sections frustrating to play.  Ghostbusters remastered isn’t perfect, but it’s a fun and nostalgic distraction.



  • 4 Unique Weapons & Secondary Abilities
  • Fully Voiced Acting From The Original Actors
  • Stau-Puff Marshmallow Man Rocks
  • Great Set-Pieces


  • No Online Play Yet
  • Difficulty Spikes
  • Useless AI Partners
  • Quite Short

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