Grave Keeper Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Baldur Games

Published By: Forever Entertainment

Reviewed By: Chicken Perm

Thank you to Forever Entertainment for providing a review code

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Switch Atlantic Review for this Chicken Perm Post! Are there not enough subpar mobile ports on your Nintendo Switch? Not at all, you say? Well, too bad! Grave Keeper, no-no not Graveyard Keeper, has officially arrived to cause further confusion and clutter on the eShop. We are forever in Forever Entertainment’s debt for this supposed “hack n slash” indie.


In a medieval setting you take control of The Bounty Hunter (not Dog though) to collect treasures from the Forbidden Stronghold that’s controlled by the Skeleton King.

Something must have been lost in translation, because typically a bounty hunter tracks down targets/people not treasure. So either it is a bounty hunter that’s meant to be hunting the Skeleton King or a treasure hunter seeking the treasure in the Forbidden Kingdom. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter, because there is no exposition to really explain this during the game. There is a random dark haired female that provides the tutorial and that’s it


The hero has a melee weapon, a crossbow, and a special attack. All three can be upgraded with gold or changed out for better equipment that can be earned later.

The objective is to defeat a wave of 15 enemies. At any point during a wave the game can be paused to upgrade or redeem bonuses from daily missions. There are other items such as health potions and gems. The gems just come off as unnecessary because they are used to purchase more gold and are the pay to win currency from the mobile version.

Every fifth wave is a boss battle and once a boss is defeated, the player earns a chest with two pieces of gear in it. There are only three areas in the entire game. Two are outdoor areas and the third is inside the castle. Both outdoor arenas are very similar and it has to be said alternating between these simple zones over and over is extremely disappointing and comes off as lazy.

After crunching some numbers there was a total of 30 waves and upon reaching the 31st wave our Hero will take on the Skeleton King. Get ready for some major anti-climatic action, because he goes down easy. As if that was not substandard enough his minion bosses appear and hit you out of the castle back to the beginning of the game (INCLUDING THE TUTORIAL).

After going through the whole rig-a-ma-roll twice it became apparent, that the game had little else to offer. It said the Hero was not strong enough to defeat the Skeleton King even though he defeated him easily. All the money and gear is taken away when sent back to wave one as well. It will take just about any player less then an hour to get through the game.


The visuals are pretty solid, there’s nothing spectacular, but overall the colors and monsters were pleasant to the eyes. As stated before, it would have been much better if there were more than three areas to fight in. There are a few cut scenes at the beginning, the end, and in between waves. It is obvious that Grave Keeper is a port of a mobile game though. The sound effect of the crossbow drove my wife crazy as it is a really obnoxious noise. The background music is okay, but forgettable.

Questions, Comments & Concerns

The main menu has two playing options outside of the main “story” mode that are blacked out. You may have to officially beat the game to unlock them or they are DLC, but I’m not positive about either of those answers. If those modes are unlocked upon beating the story, then this review cannot provide how to do so because this Permed Chicken played through the entirety of it twice. It provided no information on how to get the real ending other than “You were not strong enough to beat the Skeleton King”.

Even after searching the Internet for what exactly is required to officially beat the game I found nothing, because the information about Grave Keeper is slim to none. The fact that it is a mobile port suggests that possibly the purchasable blue gems are needed to level the hunter high enough to defeat the king, but it cannot be recommended to spend more money on the game let alone the original asking price of the game itself.


There is a bountiful collection of other hidden gems for the same $9.99 price tag or even cheaper on the eShop. As much as the creators want to label the game as a hack n slash game it is not. It’s more of a wave survival type game. Grave Keeper is not a terrible game it is just wildly overpriced considering it is FREE on Android.



  • Controls Well
  • Visual Design is Pretty Nice


  • Overpriced
  • Repetitive Environments
  • Pay to Win Features
  • Extra Menu Options That Provide no Information on How to Unlock Them
  • The Game Sends You Back to The Start After Your Playthrough
  • Annoying Sound Effects (Crossbow)

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