GRID Autosport Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Feral Interactive

Published By: Codemasters

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Feral Interactive for providing a review code

Career Touring

GRID Autosport is a racing simulator that has been engineered to deliver a high octane experience on the Nintendo Switch. You start your career as a professional racer driving the fastest machines on the planet. you’ll get to compete against the fiercest of competition with the hopes of being crowned the champion. Speed around asphalt, speedways and city streets aiming for the fastest times and a first-place finish. This is GRID Autosport.

The Experience

Let me just get this off my chest straight away, GRID Autosport is possibly one of the best racers on the Nintendo Switch to date! It puts most racing titles to shame with its sheer amount of content, fluid gameplay, and realistic graphics.

The last great racing game I played was Rise: Race The Future and I was pretty impressed with its beautiful graphics and hovercar transformations. That being said GRID pushes boundaries with a wealth of different modes, cars, and options allowing you to race at a novice level all the way to a professional level.

Upon starting GRID you’ll be greeted with several game modes: Career, Extra Championship, Custom Cup, Time Trials, Quick Race. Within each of these modes, there are multiple extra modes like special races such as Drag racing, Sprint, and even an awesome Destruction Derby party mode. These game modes are great fun to play and really spice up each gaming session as there’s always something new to take part in.

Special mention to the awesome Destruction Derby mode which can be found in the custom cup menu. It made me feel nostalgic as I loved Destruction Derby on the original PlayStation and playing it on the Switch bought back a lot of fond memories.

Five Disciplines – Career

There are five different disciplines that you can enter in GRID Autosport. Each different discipline has different racing styles such as Endurance which sees you continually moving around the track and having you keep an eye on your tires for wear and tear. Pushing your vehicle to its limits will cause your tires to wear more quickly making it harder to control your vehicle around the track. Another discipline you’ll get to compete in is Street Racing which sees you performing multiple laps around different cities around the world.

Each cup you complete will give you XP to level up and unlock additional cups and events. After completing one of the chosen disciplines there’s plenty more to try which always keeps the game fresh.

Here are all 6 of the main disciplines you can try your hand at in the Career mode.

• Touring: Take on aggressive racers

• Endurance: All-night events

• Tuner: Drift & Time Attack events

• Open-Wheel: Perfect your racing line

• Street Racing: Race in city circuits

Controls & Learning Tools

The controls are pretty solid in GRID Autosport, you can use all available configurations, including gyro controls which is a great feature to use if you enjoy motion controls. I personally prefer the standard control setup, but at least it allows players to tinker the experience to their liking.

GRID Autosport controls like any good racing simulator and uses the analog stick to steer and triggers to reverse and accelerate. You can also change cockpit viewpoints with the – button for a third-person view which was a nice little addition.

The HD rumble when using the Joy-Cons is also very well utilized. The rumble responds to your movements such as accelerating and crashing into objects. It’s well implemented and always felt like it was adding to the experience overall.

Some other features I found useful were the racing lines that appear on the roads, showing you the best lines to stay in and how to drift correctly. Colors also change when your driving into a corner where you must brake. It’s little additions like this that feel like the developers were trying hard to make this such a detailed experience.

GRID Autosport really goes that extra mile to allow you to customize your experience, allowing even an inexperienced player the chance to shine. If a mishap does occur while you’re playing, it can be resolved with the handy rewind feature. The rewind ability allows you to rewind time if you crash or skid off the road.  Pressing the X button allows you to turn back time ever so briefly giving you a second chance to correct a mistake, which is incredibly useful.

Another great extra is the Replay mode that allows you to watch and rewind frames after each race. Replay mode allows you to slow down races and see them in more detail or view races from different viewpoints. There’s also a help menu which you can use to give you some tips when you’re first starting.

Cars R Us

There’s tons of different cars to pick from like the supercars or you could pick something a little faster like the hypercars. These are just the icing on the cake and there are loads more to pick from, each with their own different paint styles.


One of the small issues I had was you couldn’t just select any car and play a track because each car has its own category and discipline. This means some cars can’t race together which was a bit annoying. Another small gripe of mine was with the Drift events because I found they went on for way too long.

No Multiplayer…At The Moment

My only real issue with the game is the lack of any local or online multiplayer. It’s a shame that there’s no multiplayer available here as it would have been amazing to play with others on the go. With some multiplayer options, I think GRID would be a near-perfect racing game.

Having multiplayer helps extend the length of entertainment, especially in racing games. So. without the ability to play with others, some may be turned off from buying GRID. Thankfully the developers are talking about adding an online mode in the future, which is really exciting!

Visuals & Graphics

GRID’s visuals are top-notch and make it probably the best-looking racing game on Nintendo Switch. Every little detail is shown such as the dust kicking-up, skid marks, fireworks, and splintered metal ripping off your vehicle from a crash. It all looks amazing and really gives the game a feeling of realism.

The sound design is equally impressive as the cars sound really good when revving their engines, and the announcers during each race are a great little touch that made me smile. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the announcer, who says your name once you’ve entered it when you create your profile. It’s a small touch that works great making the experience feel more personal.


GRID Autosport is a fantastic experience that racing fans will be happy to take with them on the go. There’s tons of content that makes dropping $34.99 on this package absolutely worth it.

If you want a great racing simulator to look no further than GRID Autosport it’s the best racer currently available on the Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t have multiplayer at the moment but the development team has mentioned they are working on it, so stay tuned for that. Once that shows up it will make this by far the consoles definitive racing game.

Also if the developers are reading this review, I NEED this as a physical copy, please!



  • Real Sense of Speed & Mixed With Enjoyable Gameplay
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Huge Selection of Cars
  • Free DLC Graphic Pack
  • Tons of Game Modes


  • No Multiplayer
  • Drifting Events Felt A Bit Too Long

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