Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade

Developed By: Gunpowder Team

Published By: Forever Entertainment

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Forever Entertainment for providing a review code


Your mission in Gunpowder on The Teeth is simple. You have to locate targets and take them out, ambush enemy convoys and drive army vehicles all while avoiding traps and hazards. After all that you have to get your arse to the chopper to move on to the next objective.

You’ve got one mission soldier… don’t die!


Gunpowder on The Teeth is a hardcore 2D platformer that holds your hand through the first few levels, while you learn the basics, then throws you into the thick of things and expects you to survive the onslaught. Throughout your playthrough you’ll fight your way through 15 missions across 5 locations.


Your main controls are: horizontal movement using the control stick, Shoot with the Y button and reload with either the ZL trigger or the left bumper. You can also, throw grenades with the X button. Placing C4 can be done with the A button and you can sprint with either the ZR trigger or right bumper. Last, but not least you, can use the B button to jump with. The controls feel solid enough and there’s no major issue with them.

Objectives of War

Gunpowder on The Teeth’s gameplay sees you running, jumping, shooting and dying then the loop repeats. Thankfully, you instantly re-spawn either back at the chopper or at one of the few checkpoints should you die.

Normally, the main goal in each level is to locate and destroy specific objectives. These are most often something like a radar station or a military vehicle that can be located somewhere in the level. Successfully completing your mission means you can escape with the chopper at the end of the level. However, miss a target and you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the level to find it. 

You can also find collectibles that come in the form of dog-tags that are hidden in some of the levels. These can unlock additional characters to play as, giving the game a bit of replayability, should you want to go back and find them all. There’s also a few achievements to unlock to which can be viewed in the Options menu.


Each of Gunpowder on The Teeth’s levels, are quite short, only taking a few minutes to complete. However, due to the game’s increasing difficulty, as you progress, you will find that these short levels can be prolonged, as the difficulty ramps up to frustrating levels of hair pulling rage!

Sometimes you will find deaths are not always your fault. Weirdly enough many of these unfair deaths, will come from the visual style.

The whole game uses a visual design that contains a green hue with a black color palette. This visual design choice is not only unpleasant to stare at for long stretches, but the design can also obscure hazards’, traps, and even enemies. Unfortunately, the decision to use these visual designs make the simplest of things, difficult to see while you’re jumping and running around. This became very frustrating.

Hardcore Issues

Gunpowder on The Teeth’s platforming can be fun for a while, but the overly challenging nature of the title can become overbearing. Coupling the game’s challenging nature with the annoying visual design, makes this a title that’s definitely not meant for extended periods of play. The levels may be short, but playing this in short bursts is necessary to counter the game’s frustrating choices and eye strain from the visuals.

As you jump and sprint across pits you’ll find a number of different hazards blocking your progression. Hazards like barbed wire can become a huge pain to get through as you need to walk through it slowly. Jumping or sprinting through barbed wire, will kill you instantly.

The worst part about this is, when you’re nearly out of a mass of barbed wire, you will find that your character will run forward with a small burst of speed, which can potentially send you flying off any nearby cliffs instantly.  I’ve died more times from this than any other enemy in the game.

You’ll also encounter convoy ‘s that can be destroyed with well-placed grenades. Be aware however, as enemies can pile out of the back to attack you. While not a technical issue, it can be annoying as your weapons need reloading, and since you have to stand still while reloading, you’re left completely open.

At times, Gunpowder on The Teeth can be exhilarating and intense, but in my experience, I found the game to be more frustrating to play than anything else.

Bonus Missions

Gunpowder on The Teeth, also has missions that let you play around with some of the militaries finest vehicles such as tanks and helicopters which can be fun distractions. Unfortunately, there’s not many of these levels and I felt that just as I began to enjoy them they were over.

Going Green

Like I previously mentioned, the graphics can make it hard to see hazard’s, such as barbed wire coupled with background effects and foreground objects.

I would have loved to have seen a normal color palette here or at least some other options to change the visual style.

The worst thing is certain in-game models look quite detailed, which I did really like. Sadly, overall I think the art style hinders the core gameplay.


Gunpowder on The Teeth is an alright 2D platformer and is best suited for people who love a challenge. For everyone else, I think there’s a lot better titles to play on the eShop right now. With the frustrating challenge, mediocre visual design and annoying traps this is one that you should wait on picking up. You really have to be ready for a challenge if you want to enjoy Gunpowder on The Teeth.



  • Multiple Characters to Unlock Along With Finding The Hidden Dog Tags
  • Bonus Missions Allow You to use Vehicles Which Were Enjoyable


  • Frustratingly Difficult
  • Barbed Wire Segments Were Poorly Implemented
  • Visual Design Can Obscure Hazards & Makes it Difficult to See hazards

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