High Noon Revolver Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Mike Studios

Published By: Keybol Games

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Keybol Games for providing a review code


There isn’t any real story present in High Noon Revolver. This is purely an arcade, platform shooter.


Are you ready to hunt down some outlaws in High Noon Revolver?  Your mission is to collect gold, buy perks and shoot anything that isn’t friendly to you. Do you have an itch in your trigger finger? If so, then it’s time to act and show these outlaws who’s boss!


To control your character you can move from right to left with the left analog stick or directional pad. You can also jump with the B button and dash with the X button. Dashing allows you to go through bullets and hazards.  The Y button can be used to drop bombs that can destroy all projectiles on the screen with the A button.

The Cast

At the beginning of your adventure you will be able to pick from a selection of different characters, each with their own stats, weapons, and color palettes.

In the very beginning you’ll only have one character available – Wesley, who is your typical gunslinger. However, by repeatedly doing playthroughs you will level up your character unlock bar. Once it reaches its threshold, it will unlock one new character such as a shotgun wielding, chicken – eagle or a laser shooting sc-fi nerd named Zero. There’s even more characters you can unlock, but I won’t spoil who all of them are .

Wild West

Once you’ve picked your character you will be shown a picture of an outlaw with a bounty on their head and the level will begin.

Instead of your typical platformer you’ll be able control your character across 3 layers which you can descend or ascend at any time. All the while you’ll be shooting anything that moves.

You’ll be travelling forward constantly as the screen scrolls forward. You can shoot and swap between the 3 layers of platforms. Most enemies will be shooting some sort of projectile at you, so you’ll have to dodge them by swapping layers and dashing. Also quick reflexes in deciding what enemies should be shot first is another important priority. Each enemy has their own attack patterns so you’re going to have to figure out which one’s are the most dangerous and take them our first. Make sure you act quickly, otherwise you’ll be confronted with a hail of bullet.

O.K. Corral

The only time you will actually stop is at certain intervals during a mission to fight groups of enemies. These will appear in different configurations and you’re going to have to use your quick thinking and shooting to take them all out.

As previously mentioned enemies have their own attack patterns such as the gunslingers that fire straight ahead, or squids that hide in invincible shells where bullets fly off of them.

Thankfully, each character comes equipped with their own unique weapons such as the chicken who wields a shotgun that can fire in 3 directions or sc-fi nerd that uses his laser gun that can fire through certain enemies.

My favorite so far is the sniper as she can fire powerful shots that can kill multiple enemies at once, however, her power comes at a cost as she has a slower rate of fire.


Anyway, should you successfully defeat the enemies that appear within these contained areas you may receive a few rewards. Your reward can either be a brown chest that can contain gold coins or a gold chest, which acts like a shop where you can spend your gold you’ve earned. These shops will give you the option of three different random perks to buy.

These can help you unlock new abilities that may help you advance further through each new stage. Perks can affect your shots, give you access to a shield or even increase your movement speed.


High Noon Revolver, also has a local 2 player co-op option so you can take out criminals with a buddy. While the game remains mostly the same there’s one new mechanic that is introduced. If your teammate falls in battle you can now revive them by standing over them until a little heart refills.

If you’re looking for an entertaining multiplayer title High Noon Revolver is an excellent choice. Having an extra pair of hands to help take down enemies is very useful.

Fatal shot

Even with a friend High Noon Revolver is definitely no pushover of a game. It’s a very difficult title that will constantly challenge you. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a game being difficult, but High Noon Revolver, also has one glaring issue.

The game’s glaring issue, is the lack of any invincibility frames after getting hit by a projectile. This means, if you get hit once it can become a stream of health depletion very quickly.

Sometimes the screen will be filled with so many bullets that, if you’ve run out of bombs you’re only fall back is your ability to dash, but it can be really hard to time your dashes away from so many oncoming bullets.

Yes, there are some perks that can slightly relieve these issues, but it’s not a guaranteed that the perks you need will appear.

The first boss, for example, can bombard you with homing missiles, bullets, bombs as well as spawning enemies. At times like this the game almost feels like a bullet hell shooter and that can become very frustrating.

Audio & Visuals

The sound design needs a special mention as High Noon Revolver’s soundtrack is very catchy. It’s all very wild west like, but I love the little tunes that play. I also really enjoyed the colorful art style which makes this budget title a rather charming shooter not only to listen to. but look at as well. It manages to really stand out as an awesome arcade shooter on the Nintendo Switch.


If you’re looking for a cheap and enjoyable experience on the Nintendo Switch look no further than High Noon Revolver. It’s a great pick-up and play title that’s got a fair amount of content to boot. Shoot, collect and score high as you travel the world, taking out fierce outlaws with a cast of quirky characters either alone or with friends in co-op play. Just beware that the high level of difficulty and lack of invincibility frames can cause frustration to creep up often, depending on how easily frustrated you are.



  • Great Cast of Playable Characters
  • Intense Gunslinging Gameplay
  • Awesome Local Multiplayer Fun
  • Budget Price


  • High Level of Difficulty
  • No Invincibility Frames

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