Horizon Chase Turbo Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Aquiris Game Studios

Published By: AQUIRIS

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you to AQUIRIS for the opportunity to review Horizon Chase Turbo.

I’ve always loathed the racing genre of games ever since I was young. My driving skills are already not the greatest and mixing that with high speeds and sharp turns was a recipe for disaster. I also could never understand the fascination with them. Despite my opinions I like to think I’m an objective person, and I want to branch out and try games of all genres. I saw Horizon Chase Turbo and it piqued my interest. At the end of the day I figured my first racing game review should be one I’m at least interested in. So let’s jump into the driver’s seat and see if this one’s worth it.


Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game that’s all about beating the odds. You start off every race in dead last and work your way to first place. Horizon Chase Turbo looks fresh and new, but it doesn’t play like newer racing titles. No, you won’t be driving around the streets in an open world running away from the cops. Instead you’re on a race track every time just like in older racing titles. Horizon Chase Turbo is all about time your turns right and being careful not to run into other cars and kill your momentum. Each vehicle also starts with 3 nitrous packs that can be used during a race to get a temporary speed boost. It’s important that you take the time to plan out using these as they can provide a big advantage, but can also put you in a tough situation if you have a sharp turn coming up. The driving handles quite well and the game is so fast paced that I was surprised how well it worked with the Joy-Cons.

Each race takes place in a specific country and city. You choose from the world map which country you want to go to and then the city and track your want to race in. There’s more than 12 countries and each one having 3 cities with 2-3 races. That gives Horizon Chase Turbo over 100 possible race tracks to race on. With over 100 race tracks and more than 30 different vehicles, there’s so much content to work with. At the end of every race depending on what place you receive you will get a certain amount of points. These points go to a collective score that’s used to unlock new countries to race in and new vehicles. This score is also used to unlock new races and regions. This can be a bit annoying, however because eventually you will get to the point where you will have to be getting first and second in every race to continue on. Horizon Chase Turbo isn’t a pushover either so you may have to redo a race more than few times. The races aren’t overly long and really there length is great, but having to continuously redo a track does get a bit old. Now the place you earn in a race isn’t the only factor that goes towards this accumulated number.

Every race has two things in common and those are the blue tokens, and fuel cans. Blue tokens are collected in every race and they go towards the continuing total score. You always have to aim to try and collect all of them in a race which requires some patience and timing. Fuel cans are a little bit different, because without them you actually won’t be able to drive. Your car has a fuel meter and if it runs out, your car will start to slow down and eventually stop moving. If you start to get low on fuel you’ll get a notification on your map where the closest fuel is. There’s usually a 2 or 3 spots on every track where you can find some. I have to say I’m so happy the developers added a little notification to tell you where the fuel is. Without it I guaranteed races would be must more frustrating.

I’m really impressed with the gameplay that Horizon Chase Turbo has to offer. It’s fast and tough and overall a really great time. There’s lots to unlock and so many races to keep players entertained for some time. Besides the annoyance that comes with having to redo races in World Tour mode this is a very well thought out title.


If you’re looking for more than one way to play Horizon Chase Turbo offers a plethora of game modes. There’s a tournament mode, you can participate in where you race specific tracks in a country to try and win the gold trophy. There’s also a playground mode that acts as your online mode. While you don’t actually race against real people your results in the race get compared to a Leaderboard. Finally, if you have completed the world tour (career mode) you unlock an endurance mode. This mode lets you play through a series of race where you’re trying to place in each one to continue.

If you’re looking for some fun with friends, then you’re in luck as Horizon Chase Turbo offers up to 4 player split screen. You might be a little worried about this, but fear not, because it actually runs quite well. I’ve only had minimal frame rate issues during my experience with it.It’s a ton of fun to play with friends and I would say may even be more enjoyable as a local experience. Sadly, there’s no option to race against players in real time online so that may detract some players from enjoying.


The polygonal visual design that Horizon Chase Turbo uses to craft its tracks and environments looks fantastic. Each race track is engaging and brimming with color. The way the color palette blends with the design is amazing and I really have to tip my imaginary hat to the developers. the only part of the visual design I wasn’t a fan of were the vehicles. The vehicles were a bit too basic looking. There definitely could have been a little bit more polish on their design. The soundtrack is very energetic and blends really well with the high-speed racing.

Technical Issues

I’m really impressed with Horizon Chase Turbo on a technical level. The only troubles I had, were when playing in four player split-screen the frame rate had a few dips. Other then in split-screen Horizon Chase Turbo runs extremely well.


Going in to Horizon Chase Turbo I was very interested in it, but I had strong doubts that it would really grab my attention. I”m happy to admit I was wrong as Horizon Chase turbo is one of the best times I’ve had with a racing title. Going for a more arcade style of play instead of driving through endless roads was a great decision. The gameplay is solid and with everything it has to offer and developers that are still working on it, I have high hopes for this title’s future. A few flaws do hold it back from being a perfect offering, but Horizon Chase Turbo deserves to be in any racing fans library.



  • Solid Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Tons of Content
  • 4 Player Split-screen!!
  • Leaderboard Races (Playground Mode)
  • Upgrades Are a Nice Add-on
  • Nice Polygonal Visual Design
  • Energetic Soundtrack


  • World Tour can become a Bit Frustrating When you Have to Redo Races
  • Car Models Lack A Bit of Polish
  • No Real Time Online Races

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