Inferno 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: 2Awesome Studios

Published By: 2Awesome Studios

Reviewed By: Chicken Perm


Inferno 2, from 2Awesome Studio, is a traditional twin stick shooter with tight responsive controls. The left analog stick moves the ship around and the right stick aims and fires. There are four different types of standard firing, missiles and special attacks you can unlock and then upgrade. It was great being able to change to any combo of all three attacks while playing as opposed to having to wait in between levels or choose one or two of them per level.

The objective of most of the levels is to get from the starting point to the exit. Every now and then there are a minute long survival levels, boss battles and destroy “X” amount of *blank* levels. If you find the game’s lacking challenge you can change the difficulty between three different degrees at any time. A total of 80 levels are available broken up into eight chapters. Upon beating the game a New Game+ mode is unlocked to provide more challenge and gameplay time.


To quote Homer Simpson, from The Simpsons in the Treehouse of Horror episode of Season 7, “Um, it’s like, uh… did anyone see the movie Tron?”
I absolutely loved the contrast of the black background paired with all the neon colors of the levels and ships. I was kind of hoping that the neon blue base color was going to change after ten levels, but it does not change until half way through the game. At level 40 all the neon blue changes to neon red and I enjoyed that layout even more. The menus were a bit hard to read as the neon blue and black colors didn’t blend well together. Do not fret though, because all of the enemies widely vary in hue.

The tunes were bumpin’! Yeah I know I am hip and with it, but seriously the music perfectly matches the visuals and pace of the game. Pick some sort of rave type party club out there and the music was close to that (I assume at least I never been to a rave but I’ve seen it on the Boob Tube).

Questions, Comments & Concerns

As stated before I would have appreciated if the color of the levels had changed more then they did. Towards the end I felt a little fatigued on the gameplay, but luckily the game did not over stay its welcome.
There is no plot or story here and that sat perfectly fine given the genre. If you have any of those rare things called “Real Life Friends” you can team up with them and play some local co-op as well.


Inferno 2 was a pleasurable vivacious ecstasy-like trip. I beat it in two sittings making it on the shorter side, but for only $4.99 the value is more than favorable in my opinion. If you got a bunch of gold coins saved up and not much time to jump into all those long time consuming titles coming to Switch, then pick up Inferno 2 for a few minutes to shut your brain off and let some of your senses and mind get lost!



  • Colorful Neon Visual Design
  • Simplistic & Engaging
  • Budget Price
  • New Game + is a Nice Addition
  • Tons of Weapons & Upgrades Options


  • Can Become a Bit Repetitive
  • Neon Black & Blue Colors Can Make The Pause Menu Hard to Read

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