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Developed By: Sombr Studios

Published By: Sombr Studios

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Invisigun Reloaded is centered around a cast of characters, who are challenged to complete a series of puzzle filled rooms that are tailor made to fit their unique abilities.

Single Player: Hero’s Journey

Invisigun’s campaign mode is called Hero’s journey, which lets you choose any of the game’s 9 starting characters and you can also unlock 3 character through it. Instead of a deep story, Hero’s Journey takes each character through a series of personally made challenges/puzzles. The goal is to help each character learn how to properly use their unique abilities.

During these challenges, you’ll be judged based on the time it took you to complete the level and if you were able to locate the microchip hidden somewhere in the level. These chips can unlock emotes for online play so try and collect them all.

Hero’s Journey’s difficulty will slowly ramp up as you continue to progress through each challenge. You will also face bosses during theses challenges which really spices up the gameplay, and can lead to some intense moments. Completing a Hero’s Journey with all 9 characters will definitely take some time, especially if you want to find every microchip. It’s also really great that there are 3 additional characters to unlock.

Invisible Path

With a name like Invisigun you may be wondering what this shooter is all about and what makes it so different from other games in its genre. Well, Invisigun is what I like to call a competitive stealth shooter.

Every character is completely invisible and can only be seen during shootouts, after which your character will disappear again. This makes the game quite challenging when you first begin, as it’s odd not being able see your character running around. It definitely takes a little while to get used to, but thankfully there’s a tutorial at the beginning which really helps you learn the ropes.

You constantly have to keep a close eye on subtle environmental effects such as ripples in the water or the effect that appears when you brush up against an object. It’s a really unique premise that surprisingly works really well. I found myself always counting my steps and trying to find the best possible position to attack my foes. You have to wait for when they let their guard down and then go in for the kill.

Your ability to become invisible is quite a versatile tool that led me to some moments of pure horror when I thought I was in one place and in fact I was in another. When the game starts to sink in with you, you’ll get accustomed to sneaking around and pulling off near perfect shots. There’s a really cool instant replay after each match which shows your current position and takedowns which is really neat.

Extensive Options

There’s a tutorial to get you started which I mentioned above, but there’s other options that can help you learn the game’s mechanics, such as the Research Lab. The Research Lab lets you play around with each available character and try out their abilities. You can also access something called your Hero Profile, which gives you a little look at who each character is.

There’s also a Field Guide which lets you look at every environmental object, power-up, ability boost, and microchip that you’ve seen. Again, this is another tool that can help you better understand the game’s mechanics. I really appreciate the work the developers put into making the game as newcomer friendly as possible. For those who are interested, there are achievements that can also be unlocked.

The Cast

Each hero has their own strengths, weakness and powers that you can craft your own strategies and playstyles around. The characters differ quite a bit from one another. There’s an elemental sorceress that can use her magic to conjure a wall to block attacks, or how about a clown that can send out a droid that detects nearby enemies. The choice is yours for who you want to be and out of the 12 characters you’ll definitely find someone that speaks to you.

Unique Mechanics

Invisigun Reloaded is very much an easy to learn, but hard to master style of game. Yes, it does take time to get used to, but once you do it’s fairly simple to play. However, if you really want to be the best you’re going to have to put your all into it.

The combat is constantly evolving, and you’ll always have to be developing new strategies on the fly as you never know what’s around the corner, literally. While the tutorial options are fantastic to learn how to play, I found Hero’s Journey to be the best mode to really help you get used to the game. It really pushes your abilities to their limit’s and helps you learn from your mistakes.

Of course, the game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to customize your own battles. There’s a variety of different gameplay options to choose from such as Survival, Zone Control, Hunter and Beast Tamer to name a few. For those who are more casual players, there’s specific game modes set up for you, which was a really nice inclusion.

Before starting a match you can choose from one of 6 planets with 72 different maps in total, each with their own unique layouts and hazards. Luckily, if you don’t have anyone to play with, you can turn on bots so you’re never truly alone. Up to 4 players can take part in a battle which makes for some really hectic fun. Two people can also spectate your match if you’re playing online.

For the completionists out there, you can also unlock shot designs that add a bit of customization to the game which was a welcomed addition.


Once you’ve played a few hours of Hero’s Journey then maybe it’s time to go online and try your hand at taking on real players. Bots can definitely give you a run for your money, but real players can think on the fly and change the experience completely.

You’re given the option to host matches with friends or play random matches for quick burst of enjoyment. The Nintendo Switch version of Invisgun also supports crossplay with PC to further add to the game’s longevity. I never had too much trouble finding a match online, which shows great promise for Invisigun’s future.

Slick Presentation

I really need to give a shout-out to Invisigun’s slick presentation. Everything looks great with bright and vivid pixel graphics that look so good when in motion. Every little detail blends into the game so well and the character and environment designs look very polished. The soundtrack is also very catchy and fits well with the gameplay


There’s no denying that Invisigun Reloaded has a ton of content to offer players. Completing all 9 campaigns will take a fair amount of time and there’s tons of different options to customize matches to play with friends or bots. On top of all that you can take your new found skills online and play with people all around the world.

The only issue I can see with Invisgun is that some people may get tired of Hero’s Journey’s puzzle like nature. It’s fun at first, but eventually it does start to get repetitive as Invisigun is better as a multiplayer experience. Overall, Invisigun Reloaded is a unique stealth shooter, that will test your limits with its challenging mechanics and rewarding gameplay.



  • 12 Character’s Each With Their Own Unique Abilities
  • Online With Crossplay
  • Hero’s Journey is a Great Learning Tool
  • Unique Stealth Mechanics
  • Achivements & Unlockables


  • Hero’s Journey’s Puzzle Mechanics Can Become Repetitive

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