Light Fingers Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Numizmatic Games

Published By: Numizmatic Games

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

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The Nintendo Switch lends itself well to board games. It’s easy portability and ability to use the Joy-Cons each as a controller makes it perfect for group sessions. So, because of its unique features it makes sense that new board games would also be created specifically with the Nintendo Switch in mind. Light Fingers is a board game crossed with platforming elements and it’s one of the best board game experiences I’ve ever had.


Light Fingers is a 2-4 player board game mixed with 3D platforming. You play as one of the 4 characters and the objective is to bring 4 loot bags back to the games hub the thieves den. How will you do that you might ask? Stealing is how.

Light Fingers is centered around stealing loot from shops and dungeons. You’ll roll a dice every turn and you can travel that many tiles on the board. The board is kind of like a storybook as every space is blank until you step on it and reveal it. Many spaces have events on them that will trigger if you end your turn on that tile. The majority of these events spaces are shops and dungeons.

Shops operate as a shop would in any game. As you adventure you’ll come across coins. These coins can then be used to purchase cards. Cards give bonuses like adding to your dice roll or swapping yours with someone else’s. Buying cards aren’t the only thing these shops are good for, they also carry loot in them. Once you enter a shop you can control your character in a small 3D environment. There’s a treasure chest in every house so you can walk up to it, steal the loot and run away. If you steal loot your wanted level will go up and guards will spawn. Guards spawn on the map with a specific color and that determines who they are after. So once you’ve stolen loot more guards will attempt to track you down. If you’re caught by a guard you’ll lose all of your loot you have on you and you also lose a turn.

If you’re able to make it to the thieves den with your loot then you can stash it and it’ll be protected for the rest of the game. You’ll have to be stealthy if you want to sneak around the guards however. You can find an event tile with a tavern and pay them in coins to allow you to hide there. You can also find cards that’ll give you stealth points that will allow you to hide in dense forest tiles. Remember it’s not always easy to get your loot back to the stash. The thieves den will change its location every time 4 loot bags are stolen from shops. That means you have to be always planning your next move

Dungeons act as the platforming segments of the board game. If a player enters a dungeon, they will have to undergo a platforming trial and if completed they will obtain 2 loot bags. Now the catch is that the other players have the ability to control the traps in the dungeon, to try and stop the player in the dungeon, from reaching the end. Giving players the ability to control traps was a great idea and I found it to be really entertaining. This dungeon crawling mode isn’t perfect, however. The platforming is a little buggy as we fell through platforms multiple times. It’s also a little hard to control the traps and keep your cursor in sight. Even with its problems it’s still a really nice addition and my friends and I had good fun with it.

Light Fingers really shows how you can take the mechanics from video games and board games and combine them into one fantastic title. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand way, and can be played by players of any skill level. There’s plenty of events to find and things rarely get boring. The dungeons can be a bit problematic, but they’re still very enjoyable. Light Fingers is a really great experience that only gets better through its updates.


Besides the main multiplayer board game, there’s another game mode that you can play with a group, or even on your own. Dungeon Rush allows you to play through dungeons alone or with friends. The object of it is to continually go through dungeons in a competition for who can win the most loot. I think this game mode can get tiresome, fairly quickly as the dungeon platforming controls are quite wonky. Still at least there’s a single player mode available.

Light Fingers may not have much else for extras, but what I want to mention here are it’s updates. The developers have done two updates for the game since release. The first update was called “The Pumpkin Patch” with the most recent one being The Crook’d Captain. Both updates had added significant content and have essentially been free DLC. The most recent Crook’d Captain update specifically added the guard towers, more cards, more places to visit, and the ability to save your current game. I think it’s important to note how active the developers continue to be so they can make Light Fingers even better.

Dungeon Rush Mode


Light Fingers visual design is really creative and I really enjoyed how everything looked. The board unveils, itself and brings up every new title as a character steps on it, which was really neat. Everything looks like it’s a board game with a very paper based design to it. It’s colorful and simplistic design was a big hit among myself and friends. The soundtrack is also very amusing, especially the sound effects which really do a great job at creating the game’s atmosphere.

Technical Issues

For the most part Light Fingers runs very smoothly. I did have a few troubles with the frame rate while I was playing, but they were never too severe. The only technical problem comes from the platforming where I had previously mentioned the wonky controls, and bugs. It would be nice if the controls were tightened up a bit , because as of right now they’re not very responsive.


if you’re looking for a single player experience you probably won’t find what you’re looking for with Light Fingers. That being said anyone looking for a fun, multiplayer board game that really shakes things up compared to the tried and true formula, I think will really enjoy Light Fingers. It’s very different from other titles and is able to stand out on it’s own. The dungeon controls may be a little unresponsive and it lacks a bit of polish, but it’s an overall very enjoyable experience. So grab a group of friends and roll the dice on this exciting title.



  • Enjoyable & Unique Board Game Experience
  • Letting Other Players control Traps in the Dungeons was a Great Idea
  • Customizable Rulesets
  • Great DLC Updates
  • Nice Visual Design
  • Terrific Use of Sound Effects


  • Dungeon Controls Are a Bit Unresponsive
  • Not Much Fun As a Single Player Game
  • No Online Mode

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