Lust for Darkness Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Movie Games Lunarium

Published By: SimFabric

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Warning Lust for Darkness is not a title for everyone and displays some disturbing and sexual imagery. Please be advised of this before you continue reading.


The story in Lust for Darkness follows Jonathan Moon a man who mysteriously receives a letter from his wife who has been missing for the past year.

Following the information from the letter, Jonathan leaves for a strange mansion in the middle of nowhere. The mansion is occupied by an occult of some sort that surround the grounds keeping intruders out. Upon entering the area a dark presence is felt and a strange, ancient ceremony starts taking place. The occult wants to open the gates to another dimension, a perverse, sexual land of lust only known as Lusst’ghaa.

Lusst’ghaa is a fictional world where strange entities reside. Opening this void reveals a world where pain, death and your deepest lusts can be realized.

First Time

 Pure pleasure within the void soon turns into a dark and frightful experience as you uncover the secrets of the old mansion. This lustful land is drenched in pure bodily horror, occult themes, blood and sex. All the while you’re searching for clues about your missing wife, but end up becoming entangled in something you can’t understand, or stomach.

Land of Lust

There are two worlds you’ll be able to traverse between in Lust for Darkness. The first one is Jonathan’s world which is also the real word. In the real world you’ll explore Jonathan’s flat along with the strange mansion.

While the other world is the land of Lusst’ghaa, which is a strange void that’s been opened by a group of individuals lead by their devoted leader Willard, believing it to be paradise for a new age.

Entering through these strange alien like portals found within the mansion takes you to Lusst’ghaa. Each area inside Lusst’ghaa looks bright and vivid, but at their core are dark and terrifying. Not to mention there’s a boatload of phallic symbols in each one.

In the beginning everything is seen through the eyes of your missing wife, until you take on Jonathan’s perspective The narrative is told through finding letters that were left behind by your wife and short sequences where you meet other individuals. There are a few twists and turns and just as it’s about to get interesting it’s all over.

 You can also find extra notes and documents which unlock extra side stories building on Lust for Darkness’s world. It’s a shame the story stops, just when it’s really starting to get interesting. What’s also a shame is that the only boss in the latter half of the game is very anticlimactic.

Let’s Talk About Sex

The sexual acts that happen in Lust for Darkness, while shocking at first they quickly become a natural part of the story. Their presence is never constant and areas where there’s a lot of sexual activity, tend to be areas that you are simply passing through to get to the next point of interest.

Upon entering this lustful realm there are a few puzzles to solve, but nothing that’s really going to make you think or scratch your head. Most puzzles require you to find a object and place it in a certain area or slot to continue.


It’s in its areas and environments where Lust for Darkness truly shines. The Lusst’ghaa realm has some truly great atmosphere. Also the few chase sequences that can be found within this realm are quite heart pounding.

There are certain areas where a lustful demon will wander around. Approaching it will cause it to dash towards you with reckless abandonment. The only thing you can do is run away to find a hiding place.

After a while the demon will stop pursuing you and return to where it came from, but if you’re not quick enough it can catch you resulting in an instant death screen. A game over will cause you to have to restart from your last save point.

 There’s also a short stealth section at the beginning of the game and if any of the occult member’s see you, you will be captured and the section will start over. These moments can be intense and often heart pounding as you run to avoid detection. These sections however, are few and far between.

The mansion areas in Lust for Darkness has multiple different random props that you can pick up and examine with the X button. Doing this can unlock some side stories to expand Lust for Darkness’s world. With 15 extra snippets of information that can help you understand the game a bit better, there’s a fair amount of lore to find.


Controlling Jonathan is pretty simple. You can move with the left analog stick and look around with the right one. You can interact with objects and certain switches with a press of the A button and by holding down the X button you can examine objects and trinkets.

Audio & Visuals

The audio in Lust for Darkness is pretty solid. I enjoyed the voice acting as it really added to the game’s atmosphere, and gave insight into what some of the occult members were talking about. The sound effects are equally disturbing. especially during the more intense scenes of ecstasy within the land of lust.

The visuals in the mansion are quite strange and everything looks really shiny and all the objects you pick up have very rough textures. The only saving grace with the visuals is the world of Lusst’ghaa which looks interesting with its unique color palette and dark and grotesque imagery.

Dead End

While, I enjoyed the premise of Lust for Darkness, it had a few shortcomings that detracted from the experience.

One of the main issues with the game was its performance which gave me a headache and made me feel quite disoriented. Frame rate drops were frequent, especially when I was walking through the wooded area before entering the mansion. I also experienced screen tearing and a strange blur effect that happened far too often and made the whole screen wobble.

You can pick up so many different objects in Lust for Darkness, but apart from looking at them from different angles, they’re completely pointless to even interact with.

I also found a few glitches, for example, I was trying to pick up a key item inside of a red tool box for a good couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I had no luck grabbing the magnet I needed, so I restarted the game and then it was fine. I also experienced issues with the boss who got stuck on a wall and I couldn’t continue and had to restart the level which sent me back to the last checkpoint.

My biggest complaint was the game’s rather short length at around 3 hours that may be extended by another hour, if you want to collect all of the side information/objects. Considering this game is priced at $14.59, I think that’s a little too expensive for such a short experience, especially one that doesn’t perform very well on the Switch.

 Lust for Darkness is currently having a sale on the e shop, but I still think it’s too expensive at $13.13.


Lust for Darkness has the horror theme running through its veins and in certain areas can indeed get your heart beating. The sexual scenes and the abundant of phallic like objects are prevalent throughout both worlds, so if that bothers you then stay away from Lust for Darkness.  While the story can be interesting at first it’s over all too quickly and after experiencing this the first time there’s little chance you’ll want to do it again.



  • Interesting Story
  • Lusst’ghaa’s Environments Were Atmospheric & Grotesque
  • Extra Side Stories & Information Help Flesh Out The World


  • Too Short As an Average Playthrough Will Only take 3 Hours
  • Frame rate Issues
  • Blurring Effect Caused Headaches
  • Bugs & Glitches

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