Mowin’ & Throwin’ Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: House Pixel Games

Published By: House Pixel Games

Reviewed By: Jack Creamer

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Mowin & Throwin is a brand new addition to the Nintendo Switch’s party game library. The concept of 2-4 players competing to get their respective lawns mowed, before the timer runs out or the opposing player finishes first with the added gimmick of throwing varying obstacles at the enemy player to get the advantage may seem new and unique on paper, however, having played all that the game has to offer in almost 2 hours, maybe the execution did not live up to the initial pitch.


Those who like a deep and rich story to unravel, will most likely lose interest in Mowin & Throwin. by Mowin and Throwin. Basically, the only thing that resembles a story is that the red gnomes want their lawn mowed before the blue gnomes and vice versa. Local multiplayer games like this don’t necessarily require a story, but sometimes a little explanation for what the player is doing is a nice bonus.


Mowin & Throwin gives you 2 gameplay options. You have the option to play a 1v1 game or a 2v2, that’s it, no single player for those who are into that. Sadly, there’s also no online mode either, which could have been pretty appealing for this game. Essentially Mowin & Throwin is only a title worth purchasing, if you have friends to play with.

The objective is to mow your lawn in the time limit or have a higher percentage of it mowed than your opponent. During the round, giant balloons (which can tend to obstruct your view) will drop various items that can be used to stun or affect the other player in various ways. For example, the mushroom can invert controls, the fertilizer can grow more grass if not plucked out quickly, and rocks can stun players giving you more time to get ahead. However, all the effects these have on other players, can also backfire on you if you drive over any of these items.

You can try to hop on your mower and ride, until all grass-based life ceases to exist, however you will encounter the problem of running out of fuel. Should you run out of fuel you have to wait around until theirs an airdrop. This airdrop may or may not randomly contain fuel. If the airdrop does contain fue, you have to throw it at the mower, or drive over it before the mower runs completely out of gas.

The game consists of eight maps, each with their own little gimmick, for example, one has moving log platforms and another has a rotating center. Each of the maps adds something a little different to the generic formula, but the fact that there’s only eight does not aid the game’s replayability. While eight seems like a decent number, each one isn’t unique enough to make up for the generic gameplay.


Graphically, the game looks good for what it is. The visual design is a sort of a mix between a plastic-y style and a cartoony realism. At different points in the game each side of the visual design sometimes seems to take over the other. Personally, I think the presentation of the game shines in the main menu screen where we see the different environments you play in all blended together in one wacky world.

Technical Issues

I didn’t run into any technical issues during my playthrough of Mowin & Throwin. The game has a simple function and seemingly executes that function with no graphical issues, game breaking glitches, or bugs.


While this game is a bit too bare-bones and will most likely only give you a few hours of enjoyment, depending on who you are, there’s some fun to be had here. I’m sure casual video game players will probably find some fun times with this title, but it’s doubtful more experienced players will. With some more content and more depth to the gameplay, this game could easily be improved. As it is right now, it’s an alright local co-op experience in a sea of better options.



  • Cartoon Visual Style Looks Good
  • Fun For The First Few Hours
  • Inclusion of 2V2 Mode


  • Becomes Reptitive & Tedious Fairly Quickly
  • No Online or Single Player Mode
  • Can Take a Little Too Long For Fuel to Appear
  • No Backstory or Details About What’s Happening

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