Newt One Quick Shot Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: DevNAri

Published By: Whitehorn Digital

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you to Whitehorn Digital for providing a review code

Newt One is a whimsical 3D platformer that has you bringing color back to a colorless world. Across 24 different levels, you will overcome obstacles and work to save the world from a monochrome future.

Your journey begins with a strange little character named Newt. Today is Newt’s birthday and while his original plans were to celebrate, unfortunately, that’s not the case any longer. Newt is told by this entity that appears called the Forest Guardian that the “elders” have fallen asleep and the world has lost its color. Now it’s up to Newt to awaken the elders and bring color back to the world. The story’s quite strange because it’s so lighthearted and there’s no sense of urgency about anything. It throws itself out there without building up to anything, creating a really nonsensical plot.

Newt One’s worlds are divided into 4 separate realms each with six levels. The object of each level is to make it to the endpoint while bringing as much color back to the level as possible. There are achievements that also go with each level for, bringing 100% color back to the world, not falling off a platform freeing the trapped parrot, and collecting all the musical notes.

Bringing color back to the level is as simple as jumping on platforms and walking into objects. The platforming is similar to any other linear 3D platformer. You simply explore the level and restore color to everything around you. Sometimes you’ll come across a group of owls who have lost their color. Restoring them back to their formerly colorful plumage will cause them to group together and form a platform. Sometimes this is essential to making it to the end of a level, so make sure you remember to find all of them. Platforming itself can be a bit of a chore, because of the floaty controls that make it hard to know where your jumps are going to go.

The level designs are a bit different in every world, but many of the elements stay the same. You have moving platforms, bouncy platforms, and pools of water/lava which if you step on you’ll fall right through. Unlike many platformers there’s no punishment for falling off the map in Newt One, besides losing the opportunity at getting an achievement. There are a few spots in Newt One that will stay completely void of color even after touching the objects around you. These areas are blocked by some type of force field and you’ll need to destroy its source of energy to bring color back to that area.

As you proceed further on into the levels you’ll gain access to power-ups. These power-ups range from being essential to completing a level and being very helpful. One of the power-ups is a pair of wings that lets you jump off high platforms and glide to gain extra distance. There’s also a drum that you can find which lets you charge up a blast of sound that will color a large radius. The drum can also be used to temporarily freeze water platforms. Finally, you have the wand and once you pick it up it will automatically color every spot you walk close to. It’s very efficient to have and helps assure you get that 100% color achievement. Power-ups are always scattered around a level so you’ll have to keep an eye out for them

You can also find musical notes to collect around every level. Collecting enough of them will unlock costume colors. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this except for cosmetic differences.

Newt One’s visual design’s initially quite intriguing to look at. The color palette is very pronounced and really jumps out at you. Such a flashy visual design, however, doesn’t always go over well and I feel many will find it to be too over the top. Someone younger will most likely enjoy the visual design, but it won’t appeal to everyone. It’s really the most controversial aspect of the game. The soundtrack is fairly basic and it doesn’t match the neon-colored world you’re exploring. It needed something more for the soundtrack to really stand out.

Newt one has an interesting gameplay premise, regretfully that’s all it ends up becoming. You’re sure to entertain yourself for a while with the neat power-ups and collection of achievements to unlock. However, the game gets to be a bit too repetitive and the controls are a bit too loose to get full enjoyment from. Newt One’s a great game if you want something relaxing and colorful, but it won’t satisfy all fans of the platformer genre.



  • Colorful & Pronounced Visual Design
  • Neat Power-Ups
  • Interesting Gameplay Premise
  • Lots of Achievements


  • Vibrant Visual Design May Turn Away Some Players
  • Nonsensical Story
  • Controls Are a Bit Too Loose
  • Repetitive Gameplay Design
  • Mediocre Sound Design

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