Omen Exitio: Plague Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Tiny Bull Studios

Published By: Forever Entertainment

Reviewed By: Jack Creamer

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The concept of a “choose your own adventure” game has been there for years, most notably popularized by Dungeons and Dragons in the 80’s. Building on that popularity, many other sources of entertainment have tried to build on this. Books and even recently TV have experimented with the phenomenon, but no one has gotten the hang of it better than Video Games.

Of course, the argument could be made that basically all games have the choose your own adventure style. Even the most linear games like Uncharted still give you freedom on how to take care of situations. I have never played a game thats sole mechanic was bringing you back to the world of imagination and of mediums like D&D and choose your own adventure books. Omen Exitio strives for this and meets it by delivering a solid story and varied choices that meaningfully impact your story.


You play as a medic getting shipped off to war named Huntington. You along with a couple of comrades, your superior, and others you meet along the way unravel the mystery of a disease that plagues the island you’re stationed at. That’s really as far as I want to go explaining the story as I don’t want to spoil anymore of the main portion of the game than I have to.

The story is well written and expansive. Each choice you make feels like it has weight to it. For example: early in the game you find yourself going through this boot camp training activity for the military along with your hungover friend. You’re given tons of choices at every turn and the optimal objective is to get both of you through without being penalized by Smith, there are multiple right paths you can take to get a good ending, but the fact that every decision seems to sway Smith’s final opinion feels very rewarding.

The whole games choice mechanic feels that way too with multiple choices being compensated down the line. If I had one issue with the story it would be that it can drag on at times. Sometimes you can go ten minutes without making a choice and just reading through screen after screen of dialogue. Aside from that the story overall was very enjoyable.


Like previously stated Omen Exitio is about making choices that can create good or bad consequences down the road, no matter how seemingly inconsequential these choices are. Again, that’s basically it for the main portion of gameplay.

There are other mechanics that go along with the gameplay like the EXP system that lets you put points towards different perks that can give you an advantage when making certain choices. EXP can also be earned by successfully making choices with a perk attached and meeting new characters. There’s also a map system which can be used to access different portions of the story in different orders. Sadly, this feature does not come up that often and feels kind of unnecessary.

Lastly, there’s the item and status system which depend on what you do in the story, Events can occur, such as breaking a rifle or falling down a well. These events will cause something about your status to change for better or for worse. The gameplay is solid for what it is and compliments the story well by being simple with room for complexity.


There’s honestly not much to talk about concerning the game’s presentation. The game presents itself as a journal you have written and sketched in, and that’s basically it. It looks good for what it tries to be and doesn’t really need to be any more than it is. Although it would be nice to have some variety with maybe the overall visual as it is very boring to look at, however, that is just a tiny nitpick.

Technical Issues

During my playthrough, I encountered no technical issues.


Omen Exitio: Plague offers a surprisingly enthralling narrative with a choice mechanic that feels rewarding for making good choices. It offers a solid EXP system that rewards you often for making smart choices. Overall, this is a solid experience, even if the story and visuals can drag out at times and some side mechanics might seem pointless. At its core, Omen Exitio is an interactive story and a good one at that.



  • Solid Interactive Gameplay
  • Interesting Narrative
  • Well Implemented Choice Mechanic
  • EXP System Feels Good


  • Story Can Drag on at Times
  • Visuals Get Dull After a While
  • Not All Side Mechanics Work Well

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