OTTTD Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: SMG Studios

Published By: SMG Studios

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to SMG Studios for providing a review code

When I was younger I remember being really into the tower defense genre. I used to play games like Protector and Balloon Tower Defense all the time on my laptop. Now I’m older and playing tower defense games on my Nintendo Switch, oh how things change. OTTTD is a title from SMG Studios the developers of the hit co-op title Death Squared. Now it’s time to jump into their tower defense game and see what it’s all about.


The story takes place in the distant future and you take control of the commander of HEROCORP. HEROCORP is a private military organization that is in need of some extra funds. As any good military organization, would they decide they’re going to find their own wars. They develop Trans-Dimensional Rifts so that they can find new battles in new universes. It’s a pretty wacky story, and most probably won’t find it overly entertaining. If you’re a big sci-fi fan, however you may get some enjoyment from it.


OTTTD is a 3D tower defense game mixed with some real time strategy elements. The original release of OTTTD was on mobile devices where it was then ported to steam and now Nintendo Switch. There’s tons campaign missions with three possible difficulties as well. OTTTD definitely has lots of content for tower defense enthusiast. The battlefield will have specific spots where you’re able to choose and build your towers. There’s a diverse amount of towers that range from machine guns, to shock towers. These towers can be upgraded to increase their damage output and effectiveness.

Enemies come in waves and you’ll have to be careful to take them all out. They’ll be trying to make it to your headquarters and destroy it so you have to assure that you have enough arms to protect yourself. You’ll also get a rank in each of the campaign levels depending on how much damage your base sustains.

There’s quite a few different available towers, each with their own uses. Machine guns, for faster low damage, and rocket launchers for slow high damage. These are all upgradable for bonus damage and towers can also be upgraded into more advanced towers. The towers are different enough that it’s worth actually planning out which towers you’re going to place where. OTTTD is not a pushover and the later levels will start to get pretty difficult.

What gives OTTTD its real time strategy elements is its heroes. You have characters that you can place and move around the map. There are seven heroes in total and each one has their own set of abilities. These characters can not only attack incoming enemies, but also provide other special benefits. An example, would be the engineer who can repair the towers if they get take damage from the enemies. Or the sniper who has an ability to mark an enemy so all of your rocket towers can attack an enemy from any distance. The heroes are a nice addition to the gameplay, but their addition is nothing groundbreaking.

Out of combat you’ll be able to customize each of your heroes. After each level they’ll receive experience and when they level up they will skill points. These skill points can be contributed to a skill tree which unlocks new active special abilities and passive bonuses. You’ll also gain gold and a special currency from beating levels that allow you to buy new equipment that have different stat increases for your heroes. You can buy new weapons to do extra damage or new armor to give them more health. It’s nice to have the ability to customize your heroes, but it’s kind of bare-bones.

I understand not every tower defense game has customizable heroes. However, the customization here really isn’t anything that’s deep enough to make OTTTD unique. OTTTD doesn’t feel like it’s much different from all the other tower defense titles online. It needs something more to make it stand out, because it’s a pretty average tower defense game.


OTTTD does have an unlockable endless mode where levels can be obtained from earning a certain amount of stars in the campaign levels. There’s also an encyclopedia that keeps track of information on your heroes, towers and enemies you’ve encountered.


OTTTD’s visual design is interesting, but doesn’t offer up enough to make up for its average gameplay. The enemy designs are pretty cool especially the monsters that come in the last waves of a level. The environments of the level look alright, but they’re not overly interesting. The color palette is nice, and the towers look good, but it’s all really average. The soundtrack is alright, but it’s nothing that’s going to stick in my head.

Technical Issues

I didn’t have any problems with the frame rate or resolution, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the control scheme. OTTTD was originally a mobile game and it doesn’t even support touch screen control on the Switch. This is really unfortunate as its difficult to control units with using the joycons. The joycons just don’t move fast enough and aren’t precise. This was a massive oversight that I hope is addressed in a future patch.


OTTTD is a good tower defense title for those who want some tower defense action on the go. However, There’s not enough to engage players looking for something new. OTTD (Over The Top Tower Defense is the full name BTW) needs more to make it standout among the many other tower defense titles out there. Not to mention without touch screen controls it can be quite frustrating to play. If you’re craving tower defense action than this is worth picking up, but if your looking for something more unique your enjoyment may vary.



  • Plenty of Content for Tower Defense Enthusiast
  • Heroes Are Fun to Command
  • Endless Mode
  • Three Difficulty levels
  • Budget Price


  • Doesn’t Differentiate Itself Enough From Other Tower Defense Titles
  • Customization is a Bit Barebones
  • No Touch Screen Controls Really Hurts

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