Perchang Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Chilled Mouse

Published By: Chilled Mouse

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Chilled Mouse for providing a review code.


Perchang is a puzzle like experience on the Nintendo Switch that focuses on using complex contraptions to guide small black balls to there destination.  Using only the ZL and ZR triggers you control flippers, warp points, conveyor belts and other strange devices to help these black balls, reach their goal within a time limit.

The Climb

After booting up Perchang you’ll find a series of 10 tiers with multiple challenges in each tier. By completing a level a new one will become available and as you slowly climb each tier you will continue to unlock new challenges.

There are 4 medals to collect within each level the passing mark medal, a bronze medal , a sliver medal and a gold medal. These can be achieved by completing a level as quickly as possible and not losing too many balls. There’s also an extra gold challenge to unlock if you achieve all gold medals within a tier. After completing level 25 you’ll unlock the extra space mode, which we’ll talk about later on in the review.

The Challenge

The main challenge here’s trying to figure out the solution to each of the levels. Every level has a strange contraption or device that you have to interact with to transport a series of small metal balls to there destination. 

It’s truly not as easy as it may seem from a first glance. You can assign 2 colors: Red and Blue to different contraptions, highlighted with face button prompts.  These colors correspond to triggers – ZL RED, ZR BLUE. Sometimes these will be reversed, so you have to pay attention to that. After you’ve assign a color to that trigger it will activate that specific device. It will require a little multi tasking using either a single trigger or both in tandem to get the small balls to their goal.

 When each ball hits the goal the meter underneath it will slowly increase and once the meter is full the level will be completed. Sometimes these levels can become pretty tricky and require precise timing and quick reflexes to complete them.

The Clock

Every level has a strict time limit to complete the level within, which is located at the top right hand corner of the screen.  This countdown makes each of the situations more difficult and intense as you try and complete the task at hand only to fail miserably, like I did on a few attempts, where I was aiming for the gold.

The Clock makes everything feel more stressful as you try to complete challenges without messing up to many times. I’ve had a few close encounters where I’ve managed to get through with literally a few seconds to spare, which is cutting it far too close for my liking!

Style, Minimalist Environment, Audio & Visuals

One thing I truly enjoyed about Perchang is the cool and clinic like atmosphere within each level. Everything about Perchang is genuinely stylish and minimalistic. There’s no music in Perchang’s levels, just the sounds of balls bouncing about and sometimes machines making noises.  

The only visible colors I’ve seen so far are from the on screen prompts for triggers and devices. The visual and audio design all works well within title giving it a rather unique look.

Levels Galore

One thing that Perchang has going for it is its plethora of levels. In its main tiers there are 50 levels to play through which is pretty good for any puzzle game. Like I mentioned before there’s extra gold run levels to unlock for each tier and after you’ve completed level 25 you unlock a new mode called Space Mode, which can be accessed with the button on the main menu.

Accessing this new mode reveals a further 4 tiers with 20 levels, meaning the total levels that are included in Perchang, not including gold run levels is 70. That’s a pretty substantial number especially, for a game like this. The Space levels add new contraptions and complex devices that will challenge even the most harden puzzle fans. Anytime want to return to the main tiers just press the button again.

Weird Physics

One thing I didn’t enjoy about Perchang was its strange physics involving the balls. Sometimes the balls would bounce out of bounds or you would hit them and instead of them acting in a realistic way they would bounce away. When they did bounce away it would be in the complete opposite direction or fly off in a direction that I didn’t think was possible.

This was more annoying during harder challenges with strict time limits.  It unfortunately, Made things very frustrating and it was annoying having to re-play the same level for the 10th time just, because the balls physics were acting up. It didn’t happen all the time, but when it did it made the experience frustrating.


Perchang is an interesting and unique puzzler on the Nintendo Switch.  There’s 70 levels to play through if you include the main mode, space mode and the extra levels that appear if you unlock enough gold medals. 

Sadly, after you’ve achieved success in each of the games levels, there’s little reason to go back to making this a interesting contraption like puzzler to play over the weekend, but one that may not stick around for too long. Puzzle fans will enjoy the unique gameplay here, but some may find the contraptions too frustrating to use due to the rather odd physics that pop up every now and then.



  • Tons of Levels
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Great For Those Who Like to Get The Best Scores
  • Great Minimalistic Visual & Sound Design


  • Physics Can Get a Little Wonky and Become Frustrating
  • Little Reason to Return After Finishing
  • May Be a Bit Too Short For Some

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