Rally Rock ‘N Racing Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: EnjoyUp Games

Published By: EnjoyUp Games

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to EnjoyUp Games for providing a review code

Story / Introduction

Rally Rock N Racing is an arcade racing game that is brought to the Nintendo Switch by EnjoyUp Games. The game features a wide variety of natural environments, such as deserts, snow-covered mountains, forests and cityscape.

You get the chance to race for the World Rally Cup as you drift around corners and hit check-points to extend your timer and complete the course in the quickest time possible. Or if you prefer you can pit yourself against others in the Championship mode traversing 3 cups: Bronze, Sliver & Gold to be crowned number one!

If it’s still not for you then try getting the fastest time in the time trial mode, or play against your friends locally in Rally Rock N Racing’s multiplayer split screen mode.

World Rally Cup

Rally Rock N Racing’s World Rally Cup see’s you racing a long stretch of road which takes you through snowy covered peaks, through busy cities streets and even dusty covered deserts.

As you move from point A to Point B you have to hit a series of check-points to keep your timer going, by getting time extensions.  This is a lone race with the only challenge coming from trying to navigate around tight turns as you try and hit each check-point on time.

This mode features a co-pilot who shouts out directions such as  “Easy Left” “Jump”, “Easy Right”, & “Tight Turn” alerting you on the road layout ahead.  It’s a nice inclusion and reminds me of a rally game, I use to play in the arcades as a kid.

While it’s just one run through a series of themed environments, I did enjoy this mode a lot more than standard racing in championship mode. Trying to get the best possible time which can be uploaded on to the online leaderboards was enjoyable.

This mode also has 3 cups: Beginner, Amateur & Professional. Each one increases in difficulty and provides you less time to get to each check-point.  All times can be uploaded to rankings, if completed successfully and you can unlock a car in this mode, so it’s worth playing through.

 This mode can sadly only be played in single player. It’s a shame as I think this would have been a great mode to play in multiplayer with friends.

Rally Cars

There are 7 different rally vehicles available to use in any mode in the game. There are 3 available from the very beginning of the game and another 4 that have to be unlocked through the Championship mode and Rally mode. Each car looks different, has their own statistics such as: Speed, Acceleration, Grip & Weight.

My favourite two cars are the Compressor and the Sport vehicles as they have less grip meaning I can easily skid around corners.


Within the Championship mode there are 3 available cups: Bronze, Sliver & Gold.  Each cup will take you through 3 tracks with 3 laps each. 

A few new mechanics are introduced in this mode such as other racers, a rear view mirror and different track structures compared to Rally mode.  

Instead of single long tracks the Championship mode features 9 traditional tracks that feature different terrain, ramps, tight turns and features different settings such as downtown, industrial district and natural parks.

Each time you successfully complete a cup you will unlock new tracks, a new cup and a new car that can be used in other modes.

This is a lot more competitive then the other modes, as you have some real competition. Your goal is to get first place over all three tracks in each cup to win and progress to the next one.

Time Trial

What is a racing game without a time trial mode? Thankfully Rally Rock N Racing has you covered and you can race on all available tracks once they’re unlocked.

At the beginning you’ll only have access to 3 tracks, but by completing cups in Championship mode others can be unlocked. All race times can be uploaded to the online rankings which can be viewed from the time trial menu which shows: Top 8, Top Friends and Your Position for each track. This is a great mode to learn tracks and post times to compare with friends.


Multiplayer can be played up to 4 player local split-screen, which is a pretty nice inclusion in any racer. Again all tracks and cars you’ve unlocked so far will be available to use. After making your selections you can also change the number of laps from 1 to 5 on any current selected track.

Once the race begins, you will be able to face off with either 2, 3 or 4 mates on a track of your choice. Sadly, no other CPU cars are available within the multiplayer mode which is a little disappointing, especially if you want some extra competition. Multiplayer mode works great and is a fun mode to play with friends. 

My only cons here is you can’t play Rally cup in multiplayer and there’s no options to create your own cup and add CPU cars to the mix. 

Audio & visuals

The Audio has a ton of rock & roll like tunes and for most part they all blend pretty well with the gameplay. The Music fits the rally theme quite well and they all sound pretty decent. I especially like the main menu music.

The visuals is one area that, I feel look really good in Rally Rock N Racing. The graphics have a rather cell-shaded look to them which makes some of the environments pop out.

 I love the section in the Rally mode where you’re coming over a hill and the sun is beaming down on the track, while a jet fighter takes off along side you.  It’s the little things that make this title look quite nice.  I Just love the art direction here and really hope EnjoyUp Games uses this style again in other racing titles.

Growing pains

With any new racer there’s going to be things that need to be learnt and improved upon in new installments. Really the only area which I felt was a little wonky were its controls. They can feel a little too sensitive and twitchy sometimes. It takes awhile to learn how to control your vehicle.

My first few races in the training mode saw me crashing into every corner until, I learnt how to control my car. Light taps and the use of the handbrake to drift around corners or braking before hitting corners and accelerating after turning is advised. It takes awhile, but it is worth sticking with it. I hope EnjoyUp Games tightens its controls in any planned sequels.

I encountered one or two little glitches, during my time with Rally Rock N Racing. I had one instance where my car flipped out of bounds, after crashing into a fence or another car. It didn’t happen all the time, just on the odd occasion.

One of Enjoyup Games Better Racers

I think this has got to be the best racing game by EnjoyUp Games that I have gotten the chance to play.  They’re known for their racers such as Rock N Racing, Grand Prix Rock N Racing plus their previous newest release Xtreme Club Racing.

Some of the above mentioned titles haven’t fared to well with critics. I think EnjoyUp Games has found a new racer that they should consider growing. Rally Rock N Racing on the Switch is a title that I would love to see a sequel with the same art style and even more content.

This is definitely a better racer than the titles mentioned above and has a lot more to offer. With Rally mode, championship, time trials, local multiplayer plus its 9 tracks and 7 vehicles it’s not a bad investment, if you’re looking for a cheap racing title on your Switch.


Overall I really liked Rally Rock N Racing on the Nintendo Switch. It’s not Mario Kart levels of good, but it’s pretty decent.

I really like the rally theme, vehicles and Rally mode. I wish there was more of that in a competitive setting as that part of the game is what I really enjoyed. The Championship mode is decent to and there’s unlockable tracks and cars so there’s some replayability here. You’ve also got the time trials and online leaderboards which are nice inclusions.

You also have local multiplayer for up to 4 players, which is another great addition. The game has some issues such as controls feeling too sensitive, no online play or ability to add CPU cars in multiplayer and no custom cups. All that being said, I cant deny that I really quite like Rally Rock N Racing and I think it’s worth picking up.



  • World Rally Cup is a Fantastic Game Mode
  • 4 Player Local Co-Op
  • Unlockable Tracks & Cars
  • Lovely Cell-Shaded Art Style
  • Online Leaderboards


  • No Online
  • Controls Are Sensitive & Take Time to Get Used to
  • No Custom Cups
  • No Ability to Add CPU’s in Multiplayer Races
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