Rest in Pieces Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Itatake

Published By: Itatake

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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The story in Rest in Pieces is about a group of porcelain figurines that are trapped in a deep slumber. While most should be dreaming about pleasant thoughts, these poor souls are having nightmares about grotesque abominations. You’re the only one who can wake them up from their nightmare!

Control the swing of these precious pendants of porcelain as you navigate and weave them through a road of chaos. Be careful though, as each soul can be shattered and must be handled with care. Your goal is to find 3 eyes to wake them up and save their souls from the darkness.


What we have here is a very unique game with an interesting concept. Rest in pieces at its core, plays like an “endless runner”. By using the L and R bumpers, you must swing each character made of fragile porcelain, through multiple hazards. Reach all 3 glowing eye/gates to wake each character up from their nightmare and save their souls from the grasp of evil.

However, the unique mechanic that Rest in Pieces presents, is that each character is attached to a chain that constantly moves forward. So you’ll have to very careful, as you must time each swing to move around narrow pathways and squeeze through treasonous paths. A single hit from anything will shatter your fragile body into pieces.

Swing With it!

Each character has their own look and shape which affects how fast they swing from side to side. What I mean is, if you’re controlling a bigger character it will take a little while for them to swing as they have some serious weight behind them. A smaller porcelain figure can be swung far more quickly.

Tiny for example, is an elephant standing on a red ball. He’s slow at first to move, but can be tricky to stop due to his size, making him more likely to carry on swinging. However, by using the L and R bumpers you can manipulate his movement and rate in which he swings.

The 18 unique characters come in a variety of different forms. Some will constantly spin due to their design, while others can be unpredictable to control. This makes each character feel distinctive and fun to try and grasp how to control them.


As you travel down a predetermined path, your main objective is to swing and keep within the path as obstacles appear on the horizon. Some may even get thrown at you from the side of the screen. There are also stationary obstacles that you simply must avoid at all costs.

The path is white in color, giving you an area that is visible in the darkness. During, each leg of your journey, you will come across an eye gate and once you’ve crossed it, it will send out a pulse of energy which will hit the abomination that constantly watches you causing him damage. However, he will retaliate by spawning in his own minions to stop you.

Each character has 3 eyes/gates they must cross to complete their nightmare and be awoken from their slumber. The paths are procedurally generated, so no two journeys are the same. As you progress more enemies and obstacles will appear to try and stop you. There is a gauge in the top left hand-corner showing you how many gates remain.

If you’re worried about how you’re going to dodge every obstacle fear not, as there’s a solution to the problem. Some characters have their own special ability that allows them to dodge obstacles for a small period of time. This ability can only be used once per run, so use it sparingly.

The Nightmare

There are 6 nightmares and 3 characters in each one. To save each soul you must make sure there unharmed and hit all 3 eye gates to be saved!

There are 54 eyes to unlock, so there will be some replayability for people who enjoy aiming for 100% completion.

Each run can reward you with further incentive to keep playing such as completing a run with no deaths. It was entertaining to try and do perfect runs and gather more diamonds to unlock new characters.


During your runs you will come across gold diamonds; You can collect these diamonds to unlock new characters. Diamonds can also be used to revive yourself in a run if you die.

Another form of currency is the red eyes, which can be collected every now and again in a level. These help you unlock the additional costumes for all 18 characters. Every character has 2 additional costumes to unlock. Some of these costumes are pretty cool such as the Pikachu costume for Brandy the dog and the Mario costume for captain Bjorn.

The Horrors

Rest in Pieces is a very atmospheric and creepy game. The theme of each level has its own main horror villain in the background watching you with its glowing white eyes. 

The terrifying villains range from evil clowns, The Kraken, a yeti, Medusa and even Dracula.


After successful making your way through a checkpoint these abominations will send out shockwaves. These shockwaves will increase the speed of your pendants movement and additional obstacles will appear.

Making it through the last gate, will see you firing back and destroying the monster completely. At which point a new theme may be open to you as the more eyes you open the more themes will become available.

Upon unlocking a new theme, 3 characters will become available to purchase with diamonds you’ve collected. If you don’t have enough diamonds you can simply replay levels until you do.

The Style of it

There’s something very satisfying about playing Rest in Pieces. Swinging with the bumpers feels very natural. There’s tons of characters to unlock, costumes to purchase and trying to collect all 54 eyes will definitely take some time.

Rest in Piece’s presentation is solid with its very minimalistic visual design. Each of the characters is colored and have their own unique looks and shapes. The visuals during each level look very gritty and have a dark and frightening atmosphere to them.

The porcelain characters, break quite realistically when they hit anything which is another nice detail.

The sound design is as equally as haunting as the rest of the game’s presentation. There are ghastly cackles from monsters along with the constant drumming that resembles a heart beating.

The only gripe I had with Rest in Pieces was the slight performance hiccup, during the speed up sections after passing a gate. It’s brief, but noticeable. Other than that I experienced no other issues.

Rest in Mobile

Rest in Pieces is available on mobile as well, but I can truly say that Rest in Pieces feels much better on the Nintendo Switch. It controls much smoother and the experience, overall feels tighter. So, even though it’s available for free on mobile, I still think the Nintendo Switch version is worth picking up.


I really enjoyed my time with Rest in Pieces. It’s a really unique title with gives off a very unsettling atmosphere. It’s a terrifying game in an endless runner package which is really neat. There’s tons to unlock in terms of costumes, themes and characters, so you’ll stay busy for quite some time. Not to mention trying to complete perfect runs are another task in itself. Rest in Pieces is a great example of a game that’s easy to control, but challenging to master. I recommend it for any Switch players library.



  • 6 Different Horror Filled Themes
  • Tons of Costumes to Unlock
  • 18 Unique Characters
  • Swinging Mechanic Feels Really Intuitive
  • Perfect Runs & 54 Eyes to Unlock


  • Free on Mobile

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