Rise: Race The Future Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: VD-DEV

Published By: VD-DEV

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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There’s no story in Rise: Race The Future. What we have here is a futuristic racing experience with a rather unique hovercraft transformation mechanic that allows you to drive across dirt, tarmac, mud and even race across the surface of the water. This mechanic makes for some very interesting races.


Rise: Race The Future is not your typical racing game. The three different modes are Challenge, Championship and Time Attack. One aspect you will notice that differs from many other racers is the lack of any multiplayer, but more on that later.

So, let me explain what the three different game modes are all about.

Challenge mode is what, I would consider the main game mode. It’s the one area where you can unlock more vehicles and tracks to use in the other modes.

In Challenge mode there are multiple events and seasons to participate in. Here you’re allowed to pick whatever challenge you want to take on first. With each challenge comes a different objective, that needs to be complete to earn the right to move on to the next season and unlock additional extras like decals and cars.

Some of these objectives will require you to either finish in first place, refrain from using your boosters, or even stay in first position for the whole race and avoid being overtaken. This mode really spices up the usual racing genre, format and adds new things for you to achieve during each race other than just simply racing for first place. Not to mention being able to have control over which courses I picked was really nice.

Not all challenges need to be completed, to successfully move on to the next season. So, you have a chance to pick either a bit easier challengers or a bit harder ones depending on your skill level.

Rise: Race The Future is a pretty tough game, the challenge mode will definitely challenge you! It’s worth sticking with it though, to unlock all the vehicles.

The next mode is Championship mode, which see’s you race on a certain number of tracks against other opponents. Each of the 8 championships will have their own race details such as number of racers, difficulty, weather conditions, number of tracks, etc. At first only one cup is available. The rest will need to be unlocked by ranking in the “Top 3” by the end of the championship.

Finally, the last mode is Time Attack, which see’s most of the main tracks locked until they have been raced on in either Challenge mode or Championship mode. In Time Attack your best times can be recorded and ghosts can be created and raced against. However, the other omission here is that there’s no online leaderboards to share or compare your times with other people. It’s truly a shame as the lack of leaderboards and multiplayer makes this a truly single player experience.

Cars of The Future

In total there are 10 vehicles to unlock and these can be made available by completing seasons in the game’s Challenge mode.

One of the coolest features in Rise: Race The Future is the awesome car selection. The car selection looks real slick in its presentation and the details on each of the vehicles are really well done, right down to the light reflecting off the exterior of the vehicle. It truly looks breathtaking.

Each vehicle has its own statistics such as power, grip, stability as well as steering. You can also select from a series of colors and stickers/decals which can allow you to have two tone color patterns or a standard block color on your vehicle. Also, you have the ability to choose your auto break type from low, medium and hard.

Now the most unique mechanic that Rise: Race to The Future has, is the Boost mode. Boost mode allows you to greatly customize how you earn boosts during races.

The ability to pick how you gain boost during races is a pretty neat feature. The options you have are – recharge boost every 125km, recharge boost while drifting and earn 3 boosts per lap. It’s a small extra feature, but one I thought was a nice way to help change up your play-style.

Racing Vibes

What I find really unique here is that every one of the cars looks quite realistic, but have that futuristic edge that allows them to not only drive on terrain, but also move across water. Each vehicle’s wheels, has the ability to turn in on themselves transforming your vehicle into your very own hovercraft. This is an overall great feature that turns Rise: Race The Future into something completely different and makes it stands out from the crowd.

Driving feels weighty and you will need to use your brake and hand-brake a lot to get around some tighter turns. This isn’t a game that sees you drifting like you’re sliding on butter. No, the drifting here feels much more realistic.

My first impressions were how similar this game was to other games, I have played in the past, such as Ridge Racer, Daytona and V-Rally. 

Rise: Race The Future felt like an arcade racer when I first started playing the game, but after playing it for a few hours, it didn’t feel like that any more. It started to remind me more of V-Rally, but with a futuristic edge.

The game’s structure is straight to the point with a no nonsense approach. It’s all about good old fashion racing.


Rise: Race The Future has a number of different tracks to race on from the Odera Crater to the lush islands of Tekuh Paradise. Each track is beautiful to look at and even better to race on. The developers have done a phenomenal job making each track unique enough visually, while also being exciting to race on.

The game is full of little details like mud splatting on the back of your car, sun rays shining down and even waves crashing against your vehicle while racing across the water. The frame rate also seems to run at a stable 30 fps, which honestly works great with the gameplay. Everything really runs well and the developers should be commended for that!

Future Here

Even though Rise: Race The Future doesn’t have any multiplayer it doesn’t distract from this racers core experience. It’s fast, challenging, beautiful and one of the best racers on the Switch hands-down.


Rise: Race The Future is a fantastic racing game on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re playing in Challenge mode, Championship Mode or Time Attack you’ll find this game hard to put down. There’s also tons of unlockable tracks and vehicles to keep you wanting more.

Yes, there’s no multiplayer, but its clear that it wasn’t what the developers had in mind when they were creating this title. In all honesty, I’m fine with that, because the developers gave us a truly polished experience. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up if you want a new racing game to take on the go, you won’t regret it!



  • Beautiful Visuals
  • Unique Hovercraft Transformation Mechanic
  • Loads of Challenges & Content
  • Tons of Unlockable Cars, Tracks and Cups


  • No Multiplayer
  • Can Put Off Some Players With Its High Difficulty

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