Ritual: Sorcerer Angel Quick Shot Review – Nintendo Switch

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel is an Action RPG that mixes in some almost pinball like elements to its gameplay. You are a Sorcerer Angel, an all powerful being who a nasty cult has a problem with. The cult captures and attempts to sacrifice you by, placing your soul into a human body and then killing you after. They manage to place your soul into a human body, but they fail to destroy you. Now, you’re on a mission to cleanse the world of their existence.

Ritual begins on a map filled with glowing dots that represent each of the game’s levels. When you begin a level you will be placed inside a small to medium sized environment. Here creatures will spawn all around you and your mission is to walk and bounce all around the level to kill these creatures. Running into enemies will cause damage to them as well as using your spells.

Spells are equipped in the menu screen before entering a level. You can equip up to 2 different spells. Each spell has its own mana cost and its own damage output. My favorite was the poison missile that locked onto enemies and stopped them from regenerating health.

Many of the enemies you come across will be very easy to kill. As you kill creatures you will earn EXP which will help you increase your level. Your level is very important, because of certain types of enemies.

Stronger enemies will have a number appear below them. This number is their level and if it’s higher than yours, they will kill you on contact. To kill them you have to reach a high enough level or hit them with spells to lower their level. Once their level is lower than yours the enemy can be easily defeated. The issue is some creatures have their own projectile attacks that they can hit you with. Just like your enemies if you get hit by one of their attacks you will lose a level.

Should you die at the hands of one of your enemies, fear not there’s a way to continue. Your character has resurrection seals that will bring him back to life depending on how many you’re holding. Sadly, once you die you go back down to level 1. When you’re brought back to life you will spawn close to the middle of the level. A grave marker will also form upon death. If you gather this marker you can gain some of the levels you lost.

After a level is complete you will gain experience based on how many enemies you killed. This experience goes towards your total that you can see on the world map. Once you level up you get 4 random rewards. These rewards come in the form of passive abilities, spells, dagger strikes, and seals. Dagger strikes provide bonuses to your attacks, and passive abilities can increase your maximum mana, provide you a shield after death and many more benefits. After leveling up if you receive the same bonus twice it will upgrade it to a new level increasing the buff it provides you.

Ritual provides an extensive amount of customization. There’s so many different new spells and bonuses to unlock. The huge variety is very welcomed and really makes the game feel complete

My only issues with Ritual was that sometimes the absurd amount of enemies, filling the small environments made me feel claustrophobic. In a game that has you constantly running around it can become frustrating when there’s too many enemies on screen at once. The sound design could also use some work, because there’s not much to it and it stays the same throughout the course of the game.

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel is a great Action RPG with a unique premise that you won’t find in many other games. The gameplay is fun and exciting, the levels are all uniquely designed and the level of customization is absolutely stunning. I wish the levels could have been a bit less crowded, but nevertheless that doesn’t stop Ritual from being a title that’s worth an addition to your collection.



  • Solid Gameplay
  • Unique & Interesting Level Designs
  • Tons of Customization Options


  • Levels Can Become Overcrowded
  • Mediocre Sound Design

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