Rogue Singularity Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Considerable Content

Published By: Nnooo

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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Rogue Singularity is a unique platformer, that see’s a small robot running across the shattered universe in hopes of stopping the looming black hole that approaches.

Before starting your journey you’re confronted by a massive individual that instructs our hero, that he’s been pulled from the scrap heap and brought to a lab for testing. You see our huge robot overlord is testing dozens of machines in his massive procedurally generated obstacle course. He’s testing their skill’s in an increasingly ever changing landscape, pushing their abilities to their breaking point.

After a very brief introduction on how to jump and wall climb, you’re simply left to your own devices to learn the rest of the controls and options within the lab by yourself.


So, here’s the rundown on the controls. You can move around with the analog stick and jump with the B button. By pressing the B button a second time you can do a double jump with your boost shoes. Rolling can also be done by holding the Y button and releasing it to stop.

You can also perform a triple jump by jumping in the air and as soon as your character lands pressing the jump button again. When touching the ground a blue impact will appear. By repeating this process 3 times you will be able to do a triple jump ability just like a certain famous plumber. Unique abilities are tied to the A button and each ability has its own uses which are explained when you buy them in the ability shop.

Jumping in the air and pressing the ZR trigger will allow you to do a ground stomp, however the ZR trigger can also allow you to crouch and when holding the trigger you can do a super jump. You can also jump against walls and scale them to thanks to your ability to cling to walls.

The art of discovery is always an enjoyable experience for me. So exploring the lab, my own move set and the different abilities was really interesting.


Near the teleportation device at the beginning there are a few different nodes. One will allow you to buy parts for your robot with gold chips that can be earned throughout the game. Next to that is another node that gives you access to a shop were you can purchase abilities and one time use items that can assist you on your journey.

There’s also another node that allows you to check out the online leaderboards for the daily challenges and races.

The Lab

The lab is the hub level and it’s pretty sizable. Not only are there nodes to interact with near the teleportation device, but there are also 4 huge gates. Two of these gates need to be unlocked through progression, but the main gate becomes unlocked after the brief introduction. The overlord robot sits at the huge computer terminal and speaks to you, if you leave your character idle for too long. There’s also a little robot hiding next to a bolt dog to the left hand-side. He can allow you to fast travel to certain worlds if you pay him enough coins. He can be found throughout the worlds as you play so look out for him and make sure you have at least 2000 chips in your wallet if you want to use his services.

The Challenge

You’re going to have to bring your “Game Face” if you want to take on Rogue Singularity as this obstacle course game can become quite difficult and challenging. 

One minute you’re facing a few buzz saws and bear traps, the next minute your jumping from crumbling rocks and navigating moving platforms above pools of molten lava.

The amount of obstacles in your way at times can be crazy and you’re going to need some serious skills to bypass them all. Thankfully, your little robot guy has taken some notes from a famous plumber and has the moves that can allow you to navigate these dangerous environments with ease.

Our metal hero has a jump that is very similar to Mario’s triple jump which I mentioned earlier. This is actually a great move to use to cover a lot of distance and get to higher platforms. I couldn’t believe how closely this resembled Mario’s abilities. He’s learnt from best that’s all I can say.

Another ability that can be useful is the roll ability, which gives you great movement speed, if you’re trying to cross unstable platforms.

You can also equip a few unique abilities that you purchase from an ability shop with the currency you collected during your runs. These abilities can help you in a number of different ways, such as rotor blades that allow you to float slowly down platforms, or the grapple gun that allows you to attach to anything in front of you. Couple that with the ability to wall climb and that makes you quite the adaptable hero.

It’s nice to see a character with so many different abilities. The vast arsenal of abilities gives you the opportunity to choose what helps you successfully complete the obstacle courses.

Each world looks distinctive enough from each other and the levels themselves are changing constantly, which keeps things fresh and exciting, meaning there’s never a dull moment.

Rogue Singularity also has boss encounters that require a different approach instead of fighting. Here you must avoid combat and try and out maneuver a massive boss. The first boss, I encountered was a huge molten abomination. I had to dodge his attacks and move to new platforms behind him as he aggressively tried to take me down. The whole situation was absolutely heart pounding. On my first encounter with him I thought I needed to attack him until, I saw a platform off to the side and realized, I needed to escape the situation instead of fighting.

With so many abilities at your disposal you sound pretty much unstoppable. However, you do have one weakness and that’s taking a hit from anything which results in an instant death. Thankfully, each run supplies you with 5 restore batteries, so if you kick the bucket you will be respawned on the starting point and given another chance. Once all your batteries are consumed, the game will be over and you restart. That’s where the rogue-like elements come into play.

Second Chance

There also chance to claim more batteries and other unlockable content such as color palettes and robot custom parts. These are always located on a platform that’s hard to reach and require some jumping, climbing or skill based movement to get to. They usually appear on each level and can be seen as a single beam of light. Different colored beams of light mean different rarity’s of items such as green beams are normally batteries, whereas gold beams are a rare custom part. It’s always worth the effort to try and reach these platforms.

Mario Galaxy?

Rogue Singularity makes a ton of nods to the Mario series. Upon starting any level you’re fired into each world which looks very similar to Mario Galaxy. You’ll fly through the air and land on these floating levels in the middle of space. It looks great, but I totally blinked twice when I first saw it as it brought back fond memories.


There’s quite a bit to unlock in Rogue Singularity such as the daily challenge mode, which see you trying to get as far as possible without dying, then your score can be uploaded onto the online leaderboards. These modes can help to improve the game’s replayability.

In addition, there’s dozens of unique heads, bodies, other parts and color palettes to unlock for your hero. Extra abilities, items to purchase as well as unlocking randomized parts in the vending machine means there’s some incentive to keep playing.

Soundtrack & Visual Design

The soundtrack and visual design in Rogue Singularity are very well done. There’s a lot of pumped up beats that can help you keep your mind in the game and focus on the task at hand. I also liked the visual design, as each of the worlds were brimming with color and looked really good in motion. Not to mention the entrance to each level resembling Mario Galaxy was really neat.


If you’re looking for a great obstacles course platformer, then look no further than Rogue Singularity. It will test your platforming skills and navigation abilities to the limit as you push boundaries, squeeze past hazards and dodge other environmental obstacles. Whether you’re playing for a few minutes, or a few hours there’s tons of fun to be had. For players who like customization there’s tons to unlock, which will keep you busy for some time. The team over at Considerable Content have done a fantastic job here and made a title that’s definitely worth owning.

Its time to show what you’re made of!



  • Procedurally Generated Levels Are Well Designed & Have Nice Variety
  • Dozens of Customization Options
  • Interesting Mario-like Moveset & Unique Abilities
  • Daily Challenges & Online Leaderboards


  • Rogue-like Mechanics May Put Off Some Players

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