Scrap Rush!! Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: ACQUIRE

Published By: ACQUIRE/PQube

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to PQube for providing a review code


The story in Scrap Rush is about a planet full of scrap metal.  Robots are created to clean up all the mess on the planet. Two machines are created a older smaller version and a more advanced machine. Obviously the newer version is far superior to all of the older models of robots. 

This causes one of the older robots to become enraged and jealous of other robots. Consumed by jealousy he uses a dark bot-nut and just by touching the bot he’s transformed into a evil dark scrapper machine with revenge on his mind.  

Scrap Heap Smashing!

Scrap Rush looks very similar to well known Bomberman series. While maze like areas are similarly the core mechanics of this game this isn’t a clone of the Bomberman franchise. This is a unique take on the battle party genre.

This core experience requires you to push, or charge blocks of scrap into unexpected enemies or allies smashing them to pieces. You have to do this, so you can collect the scrap and add it to your unique abilities such as upgrading your body on the fly, gaining power and gaining speed. Another important use for scrap is creating your very own blocks to destroy or trap enemies on the battlefield.

New blocks can be bought within the shop to unlock new block parameters and gimmicks such as slow, fire bomb, arrow, timed, scrap blocks etc. Each different block costing certain amount scrap to deploy on battlefield. Power disc’s can also be found within blocks or fallen enemies giving you access to power buffs.


There’s a small tutorial at the beginning of the game explaining all the details above. You can replay these at any time. This option can be located on the main menu under shield icon. There’s even an information area that explains everything within the game. this section can be located on main menu to under the question mark icon.


You’ll also find extra events like bonus time which makes secondary events occur during a play session. These events include things such as a massive scrap meteor falling from the sky, two friendly Eco whales appearing at side of the maze and firing out a plethora of scrap metal for you to collect and even the referee can get into the action. It’s never a dull moment in this scrap yard!

Power Up

You can also collect power disc’s that appear on the battle field to assist you. These disc’s can give you added powers such as speed, power and even invisibility for short while. 

Another unique feature in this mode is the god power. If you collect enough scrap and kill enemies you can fill your power bar located at top left hand corner of the screen. This lets you use a mighty god push ability that fills the screen with a massive cube of scrap metal smashing enemies and the surrounding maze to pieces. It’s pretty cool when you’re able to active it.

Mode Selection

There are 3 main modes to play in Scrap Rush which are: Challenge mode, Scrush mode and Battle mode.  Let’s talk about each one a little.

Challenge mode

Challenge mode is the game’s main story mode and is the only mode where the story is mentioned with a little intro, and ending cut-scenes. Challenge mode consists of two difficulties Normal and Hard. The latter needs to be unlock by completing the Normal difficulty. 

I expected a lengthy adventure in this mode with a few boss battles, but it was over before I knew it. Challenge mode only consists of 10 levels with an end level boss and that’s it!  I completed normal mode within a hour of playing and was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as long as I expected.

I was kind of sad that this mode wasn’t expanded upon to increase its length. However; after completing normal mode you have access to hard mode and I did find Hard mode much more difficult to progress through which added some more replayability.

A nice feature here is you can play co-operative with friends making this more enjoyable. The boss battle at the end of the 10 levels was a nice inclusion, but I wish there had been more of these boss battles.

Scrush mode

Scrush mode is the other single player offering. Here you will get the chance to play through 99 waves and try to survive the onslaught of dark robots.

Before starting you can choose your robot if you’ve unlocked any, your choice of color and which unique blocks you want to use. You move through waves of enemies as you try and survive by collecting scrap and power disc’s to help you defeat all 99 waves.

A unique mechanic in Scrap Rush is the ability to collect scrap metal during play. This helps you to create your own blocks and if you collected enough scrap you can upgrade yourself giving you access to more power and speed. It’s a nice little touch that keeps you scrambling to acquire as much scrap as possible to power yourself up giving yourself an advantage in battle.

The Battlefield will constantly reconfigure after a few waves, changing the layout and you will have to adapt to new mazes and enemy numbers. Upon dying in this mode though you’ll end your current run and have to start over again.  You’ll only have one life to live so be careful out there. Dying in other modes though will make you lose your scrap metal. This will cause you to lose your upgrade status and points you’ve collected so far.

Battle mode

Here in Battle mode you have three game options, survival match, scrap battle and point match.

Survival match is your standard battle mode game that can be played with 3 other friends locally. Each player can select a character, a colour scheme and a unique block. To use any of these in Battle mode you will have to have previously unlocked them

If you’re playing by yourself the other characters will be CPU controlled. You can either play in solo configurations or teams. After that selection your taken straight to the stage select.

Here you have multiple tabs with different gimmicks (most need to be bought at the shop to unlock in this mode). At the beginning you have access to 6 stages, but more can be unlocked to fill out the remaining 6 other tabs. After selecting a level the match will begin.

Scrap battle is a little different as you make 2 teams and have to collect as much scrap as possible by destroying blocks and killing enemies. Then you have to take that scrap you’ve collected back to your base to deposit it. Be aware you can also run to your enemy’s base and steal their scrap, making this mode quite chaotic while playing with friends.

Point match see’s you trying to collect as much scrap as possible within a time limit. There’s not much more to the mode than that.

All these modes are good fun, but my favorites were scrap battle and survival match. Again all can be played by yourself with CPU controlled characters or with 3 friends locally. Sadly the game doesn’t feature any online functionality whatsoever. There also isn’t any extra options to change battle time limits or the number of rounds which is a real problem in this sort of genre.

Shop Till You Drop

During your play sessions you will start to accumulate scrap points. These points can be spent within the Scrap Rush shop located on the main menu.

Here you can buy 4 color palettes for your robot as well as one new character and his accompanying color palettes. I would have liked to have seen a few more characters to play as apart from the color variations.

You can also buy 5 different block types that can be equipped to your character as well as 6 more gimmick stages. There’s not an awful lot in the shop to be honest, but what’s in their is priced high, so it will take awhile to unlock everything.

Note – Some items can only be unlocked in shop after certain modes are completed.

Audio & visual

The music in Scrap Rush isn’t to bad with its happy go lucky sound track. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but it does the trick.  

The visual are bright and quite colorful and battlefields and events look pretty good! Scrap Rush definitely has a Bomberman feel to its overall presentation, but if its not broken why fix it?

Scrap Rush also supports screenshots and video capture.


Scrap Rush on the Nintendo Switch is a pretty fun party battle game.  There’s enough modes to keep you happy and entertained. The game definitely excels in local multiplayer in comparison to its single player offerings.

Single player challenge mode is little to short in my opinion and even though there’s a harder version to unlock, as well as the Scrush mode, but without online leaderboards there’s no huge incentive to keep playing it.

Also a few more unlockable characters would have been nice as I was not satisfied with just the color variations and one unlockable character. Scrap Rush is definitely more fun with friends and family. If you like Bomberman then you will probably love the new mechanics within Scrap Rush. Just don’t expect a deep single player offering. multiplayer is definitely the main focus here



  • Tons of Different Modes to Play
  • Great Local Multiplayer Experience
  • Really Interesting New Mechanics & Events
  • Nice Visuals & Soundtrack


  • Single Player is a Bit Lacking
  • No Online Leaderboards
  • More Characters Would Have Been a Nice Addition

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