Sea King Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Interactive Stone

Published By: Interactive Stone

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Interactive Stone for providing a review code


The story in Sea King is non-existent… This is purely a party game for up to 4 players locally or you can play alone in solo play and play all the modes with the AI, in 13 different battle modes. So with that being said let’s move straight to the gameplay section.


The gameplay in Sea King reminds me of game I once had on the original PlayStation called “Overboard”.

It was a delightful little game where you controlled a pirate ship on the seven seas.; fighting enemies with your cannon balls and finding sunken treasure. There was also a multiplayer mode available. The multiplayer was decent, but I think Sea King’s multiplayer far exceeds “Overboards” in every way.

Really the only thing Sea King hasn’t got is a single player story mode, which is a shame, but it’s not a huge loss, as multiplayer can be a lot fun! If you so wish you can play solo with AI bots. This is really a multiplayer experience on the Nintendo Switch and a pretty fun one to.

Ahoy ship-mate!

On starting up the game you can select one of 8 pirate ships. Each ship has its own unique look from the haunted ghost ship called Doomy to the luxurious White Owl.  Each ship has the same weapons and the only difference is their cosmetic design. I really liked the haunted ship, and the Aztec – Ishtar looked really cool, I just wish there were more of them.

When you’re selecting your ship you can add bots, if you’re playing alone or add 3 friends to the mix. You can also choose 4 pre-set names or input your own name.

Modes ahoy!

One thing that’s pretty good here is the wealth of modes; There are 13 modes available to play after you’ve completed the tutorial mode.

You have your standard modes such as Deathmatch, Last Ship Standing and Capture the Flag. There are also some rather unique battle modes  available to play as well such as;

Fishing – This mode see’s you trailing a net behind your vessel to catch as many fish as possible.  All the while you can still fire and attack your enemies.  If they hit you or you hit them they will lose all their fish and have to start over again. It can get pretty hectic especially in multiplayer.

Shark pong – This mode see’s you firing your cannon balls at a  large shark. Each successful hit sends the aggressive shark swimming in the opposite direction to attack the other vessels.   The only way to protect yourself is to hit the shark with a cannon ball to send it attacking someone else. It’s rather amusing and we had a few chuckles while playing it.  The AI bots are really tough to beat though!

Some game modes have a fixed 5 kill win limit while others have time limits, etc. I don’t believe there’s away to change this at the moment. There are also two treasures hunting modes that you can  play as well, but I found these less exciting.

Pirates booty

Out of the 13 modes there are 4 unique battle modes that really excel in local multiplayer. These games are; Seagulls Nest, Siren’s Song, Vortex Royale, Kraken Hugs.

These game modes are a lot more fun in multiplayer such as Vortex Royale.  Vortex Royale slowly shrinks the playing field as the water vortex forces players to get close and personal. This mode can get pretty intense!

Also, I really liked the Siren’s Song game mode. The game mode involved a siren who will jump out of the water forcing players to lose control of their ships. Meaning everyone will converge in the battle blasting there cannons as there ships lost control.

The Kraken Hugs mode is similar to Vortex Royale,  but this level has an animated kraken which makes it 50% better in my opinion.The animation for the kraken is really cool to, as it squeezes the playing field making everyone panic as they try to attack each other. This happens while all surrounding islands begin to sink meaning there isn’t any cover available to avoid attacks. It’s another great example of the quirky game modes Sea King has.

Man the helm!

Controls in Sea King are really simple to get used to, thanks to the tutorial.  You can control your ship with the left analog stick, releasing the stick slows your ship down. You can fire your cannons with the X, Y, B, and A buttons which will fire your cannons in all four directions, that’s it!


 When there’s incoming fire you can shoot the incoming projectiles with your own cannon balls to stop enemy shots hitting you.

Single hit by any cannon ball will sink your ship, so aggressively shooting back wont get you a kill as each of your four cannons has a cool down gauge.

Aim carefully and shoot at the right time to score that all important critical hit.

Audio & Visuals

The Audio in Sea King has a few pirate like tunes that are perfectly fine to listen to. Sadly, there are also voice clips that can become a little annoying after awhile. Listening to “fire in the hole” for the tenth time can become irritating on the ears, but there’s an option in the menu to switch voices off if it does become annoying.

The visuals in Sea King are rather nice as each ship is detailed and has its own unique look. The water effects are nice to and the presentation as a whole is quite nice for a budget title.

Sea King, also supports screenshots and video capture and the game also supports HD rumble to.


Sea King is a fun multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a great little budget title to play locally with friends or family. There 13 game’s that you can play up to 4 players locally and AI bots are available to.

There’s also 8 pirate ships to use with it’s own distinctive look. There’s not much for solo players though, other than AI bots to play with. I would of loved to have seen a more substantial single player offering ,but this is still a fun budget party title.

So set your sail, batten down the hatches, there be pirates on the horizon!



  • Great Local Co-op Title
  • Budget Price
  • Tons of Unique & Quirky Game Modes


  • It Would Have Been Nice to See a Few More Different Ships
  • Not Much Content for Solo Players

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