Streets of Rogue Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Matt Dabrowski

Published By: tinyBuild Games

Reviewed By: Rachel Ingersoll

Thank you so much to tinyBuild Games for providing a review code!

Story / Introduction

In Streets of Rogue, your mission is to help take down the corrupt mayor of your city by joining “The Resistance”. Why is this mayor so evil you may ask? It’s simple. He banned jokes about walrus hygiene and chicken nuggets… meaning he must be removed at all costs.


Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite which focuses on its lack of predictability to create a truly unique and different experience every time you start. Every run in Streets of Rogue is randomly generated; with different objectives, items, shops and more that could change with each new playthrough.

There are six stages in Streets of Rogue and three levels within each stage. After completing the three levels in a stage you will move on to the next one. however, on the third level of each stage a disaster will occur. The disaster could be anything from a zombie outbreak, to bombs dropping around the level. This added a nice extra challenge at the end of every stage that kept me making sure I was prepared for the final level in order to ensure victory. Although many times I was not victorious..

Along with its diverse locations, Streets of Rogue also has a wide range of characters, allowing you to choose between a cast of 24 different playable characters at the beginning of each playthrough. Starting with just six, other characters can be unlocked by completing requirements such as spending a certain amount of money in a level or completing a level without killing anyone. Streets of Rogue also offers players the chance to create up to 16 characters that they can play in the game. After designing a character, they can be customized with certain attributes and special abilities. This inclusion is an extra bonus to the already large cast of characters the game offers.

One of the best parts of Streets of Rogue is the freedom it allows the player. The game sets up objectives for each level and you decide how you want to complete them. With its diverse cast of 24 characters, players can choose the stealthy route by playing as the Thief or the Hacker, or a more aggressive, guns blazing route with the Soldier or the Gorilla. However, each character has their pros and cons.

Characters have different stats such as endurance and speed, different special abilities, different starting items and different traits that you can earn and equip while playing by gaining XP in levels. Characters also have a “Big Quest” that you can complete while playing. This is optional but completing it will give bonus XP and chicken nuggets which is used as currency at Home Base.

The Home Base is a hub in which players can spend their chicken nuggets they earn while playing on upgrades. Players can choose to spend their money on unlocking multiple different items or traits. The Mutator can also be found at the Home Base and can be used to modify your game. The use of the game modifiers will heavily change gameplay, The Mutator can be used to change many things in the game such as: adding disasters in every level, making most people are hostile towards you, and allowing infinite ammunition. These changes are applied immediately to the game and again allows for more variated playthroughs.

The combat is also well executed but it does have some flaws. Every level is littered with different items to try out such as shurikens, boomboxes or freeze rays; collecting different items is a blast to try, however, while in handheld mode I did experience some issues trying to aim my weapons in combat. When fighting, the screen can sometimes be clustered with enemies, so it’s hard to find your character. Although annoying at some points, this did add to the overall crazy and hectic atmosphere I think the game was intended to have.

Streets of Rogue also offers local and online co-op which is a great addition for this game. Enabling up to four player co-op again promotes player choice in how they wish to approach the level and its obstacles. Allowing them to decide if they should spread multiple people across the map to complete different objectives or to work together to finish each obstacle one at a time.


Streets of Rogue has a top-down colourful pixel-art style that is very eye-catching. Every stage is in a different section of the city and has a distinct look from the next. The six different stages range from the dirty Slums to the rich Mayor Village. Aside from the interesting locations you visit, Streets of Rogue also offers unique visuals with each character since all 24 characters are fully customizable. The overall look of the game is charming and kept me immersed in the world.

Streets of Rogue’s music score does fall a bit flat. Additional audio tracks would be nice to vary each stage from the next and add more tension as you progress through the game.


Technical Issues

Over my time with Streets of Rogue I experienced very few technical issues. While playing local co-op I did experience some minor framerate issues when a lot of action was happening on screen. The issues were not constant, but they did were noticeable and slightly disrupted the gameplay.


Overall, Streets of Rogue is a fun rogue-lite good for singleplayer and co-op gameplay. With its varied levels, characters and items, Streets of Rogue offers a unique and different experience every time you play. One of its greatest strengths is allowing liberty in how you want to play, and although some technical issues can sometimes cause distractions, this is a small complaint on a truly fun and entertaining game.



  • Solid Gameplay That Lets You Decide How You Want to Play
  • High Replay Value
  • Charming Visual Design
  • Terrific for Local Co-op & Online Co-op
  • Tons of Different Characters & Weapons


  • Aiming Can be Difficult in Handheld Mode
  • Combat is Sometimes Hard to Follow
  • Some Frame Rate Issues During High Action Segments

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