Super Mutant Alient Assault Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Cybernate

Published By: Fellow Traveller

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

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The story in Super Alien Mutant Assault is about our very own doomed planet earth, which has been destroyed by a fleet of alien invaders. 3 spaceships manage to escape from earth carrying the last human survivors that are encased in there cryogenic tubes.

 A lowly security droid is awakened after the spaceships are breached by the alien invaders! It’s time to shoot, destroy and blow up all invaders that are trying to breach your spaceship. You’re earth’s last hope!


Super Mutant Alien Assault is a platformer/shooter-em-up which see’s you picking one of 4 security robots and destroying all mutant aliens within the spaceship. To complete your mission you can use a variety of side-arms as you fly through 3 different galaxies.

As soon as you boot up Super Mutant Alien Assault you will have access to two modes of play.

Play – This is the main campaign, as soon as you’ve started it you’re taken straight into the load-out menu. Here you can pick your difficulty and what galaxy you want to play on (this option will only be available after you’ve unlocked it.) Your character can be selected here and at the beginning you’ll only have a single robot to pick, but more will be unlocked as you progress. Same goes for your side-arms which will unlock over the course of the main campaign. After selecting your load-out you’re good to go!

Lost in Space

When a level begins you’ll be stuck in a contained area that not only will require you to shoot and kill everything in sight, but also to maintain the ship by undergoing certain challenges.

Some challenges you will undergo are:

Pressure – This challenge see’s you attending to two vent points that alert you when the pressure is increasing.  You’ll need to run to that location and press the A button to relieve the pressure. However, this action cost a single heart, making this challenge cost you your precious hit-points to complete.  If you don’t make it to the vent in time, then it will explode, creating an area of effect shockwave that will damage everything within the room, including you!

Hyperdrive – This challenge see’s you collecting green tanks from a fuel station and taking it to the fuel deposit. While doing this you’ll have to be dodging enemy attacks and navigating the room’s layout.

Vanquish – This is normally a boss battle which see’s you fighting a big abomination as well as smaller enemies. Successful defeating this mutant alien will let you progress to the next galaxy.

There are few other rooms with unique challenges to experience, but I don’t want to spoil any more of the surprises as the game is quite short.

Items, Perks & Guns

So, during your adventure you’ll come across a couple different machines. Each one has a certain purpose and you can interact with them by pressing the A button.

Here’s a brief rundown:

Health stations (Red Cross) – Can restore one heart to your hit-points.

Gun dispenser (Green) – You can receive a random gun at this dispenser.  If you want to get another one when your ammo is depleted or swap it for a new weapon, you’ll have to wait for a cool-down timer. The guns can range from dual pistols, Gatling guns all the way to an explosive Pogo stick!

Bomb dispenser (Red) – Like the weapon dispenser you can receive different types of bombs at this dispenser and the same cool-down timer will apply to this as well.

Crates (Brown) – Crates will appear on the level randomly and have one random perk within each one. These perks may grant you the ability to roll, dodge fire, double jump, a speed burst, extra ammo or even special abilities like a shockwave will become available. By pausing the game you can view your load-out options and see descriptions of your current weaponry, abilities and perks.

Mutant pulse station – This is a device that actually hinders you, by helping the enemies in the arena.  This is what I’ve dubbed as the mutant pulse station.  This fires pulses of radiation across the level which infects enemies, giving them a green hue that resembles a shield.  If left alone enemies will slowly grow larger over time and become more aggressive. So kill them quickly if they do become infected by the pulse.

You’ll find that some areas won’t have any challenges and may require you to survive, or fight with what’s available. Sometimes that means you’re only given bombs or guns and have to fight tooth and nail until you’re allowed to progress to the next area.

Each level you complete will reward you with a little green shield.  Earning enough of these will reward you with unlockable characters and side-arms that you can equip in your load-out on your next run.

Even though normal mode only took me a few hours to beat, the real challenge is unlocking the extra difficulties. Unlocking them requires you to beat all 3 galaxies in one go without continuing, which is a lot more difficult and will definitely extend your playtime as well as the replayability.


Super Mutant Alien Assault. also support local co-op play with a buddy, which is a nice change of pace and is tons of fun. You can either play the main campaign or try your hand at endless mode.

Endless – This mode is pretty self explanatory. You keep playing until you die. It’s definitely a blast to play when you have a friend to shoot aliens with.

You can both set up your own load-out, however, in the main campaign player 1 sets the difficulty and which galaxy you’re going to play on. Both players can choose their own loadout. In endless mode, each character picks a few extra options such as selecting one perk, special ability and a defensive move (remember these all need to be unlocked first before becoming available in either mode)

Visuals & Audio

I can’t deny the art style in Super Mutant Alien Assault is truly breathtaking. The color palette is bright, bold and each area stands out with its slick art style, which really make everything pop off the screen! I just loved it and thought it looked great in both docked and handheld.

I also loved Super Mutant Alien Assault’s soundtrack as there’s so many great tunes to listen to, while you blow the ever living life out of everything that crosses your path. Overall, the soundtrack fits very well with the game’s chaotic and constant action.

Super Mutant Alien Assault also supports screenshots and video capture.


I really enjoyed Super Mutant Alien Assault on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a great pick-up and play title that’s perfect to scratch that need for explosive action. There’s tons to unlock, it’s great for local co-op and there’s lots of alien mutants to blow up! If you’re looking for a new action packed title on the Switch then, I suggest giving this a go.

It’s time to send E.T packing!!!



  • Intense & Enjoyable Shooter Action
  • Huge Array of Unlockable Side-Arms, Perks & Characters
  • Endless Mode
  • 2 Player Co-op


  • Not Many Galaxies to Visit
  • Some Challenges Can be Frustrating
  • Playthrough’s Are Too Short

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