Super Skelemania Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Hidden Trap

Published By: Hidden Trap

Reviewed By: Leigh Wynne

Thank you so much to Hidden Trap for providing a review code


There isn’t actually any story in Super Skelemania instead of long-winded intro Skelemania starts with your main character landing on strange planet…   and that’s it.

Once you’ve landed on the surface the game begins without any information or narrative. The only information you ever receive during play is when you discover one of the unique powers.


The main character you control in Super Skelemania is a little skeleton. This little guy is pretty handy at jumping and attacking his enemies with his head.  He can launch his skull horizontally or vertically. However, this won’t kill enemies, but it will knock them unconscious.

Enemy types range from spiders, reptiles, mole like creatures that fire projectiles as well as floating apparitions. Super Skelemania, also Includes two boss battles – a huge toad and a strange floating eye ball.


Your little skeleton guy is pretty nimble. You can move Left to right with the analog stick or directional pad. You can also jump with the B button and attack with the Y button, which lets you fire your skull left to right and attack enemies above you.

You can also find powers through the different areas you visit, and these will gain you new abilities such as the ability to somersault giving you extra height when jumping. There’s also an ability to dive while jumping, which can help you reach platform’s that are inaccessible from simply jumping.

There’s even a really cool ability to roll your own head through small gaps to reach areas that would not be accessible otherwise.


In super skelemania you start with just your standard ability to move and jump. To reach new areas you will need to use these abilities to take leaps of faith to traverse the environment.

You can find a map hidden in each environment and these can help you navigate the area more easily. The map will show you doors you can enter and areas of interest labelled by a question mark. You can also press the + button to display your map once you’ve found it.


One thing I should point out is Super Skelemania is a great platformer, but it focuses on a speed runner like experience. If you’re expecting a deep adventure this isn’t it, BUT if you’re looking for a quick platformer than maybe you should give this a shot, as it’s a cheaper alternative on the eshop to get that platformer fix.

Platforming is pretty solid; however it can get pretty tricky in certain areas that requires precise jumps. Falling from any sort of height doesn’t cause any fall damage thankfully. Taking hits from enemies will deplete your hit-points which are displayed by 3 skulls at the top left hand corner.

You can find few more of these heads that are hidden about and will increase your health points. There’s also save locations that are located around each level. These are huge bells that when rang can restore your health, as well as save your progress, so they’re pretty useful to use if your health is low.

Ring the Gongs

The main goal in Super Skelemania is to locate all the gongs in each new area and ring them. On my first playthrough I didn’t even realize that the main objective was to find all 5 gongs.  I just happen to stumble on to a little skull that mentioned I needed to ring all 5 to receive the ultimate power to escape!

Anyway, each gong is hidden somewhere within each new district and you’ll have to acquire one of the unique powers to get access to each one.   Successfully hitting all gongs will lead you to a confrontation with the final boss and the final power that will let you escape.

Short shot

Because, Super Skelemania is mainly a speed running experience, you can expect to complete this game pretty quickly.On my first-playthrough it took me about two hours to beat Super Skelemania. On my second run I managed to get it down to an hour.  I’m sure if I tried again I could get an even quicker time.

This is definitely a great game for speed runs here, but it’s a shame there’s no online leaderboards to share times with others. I would have loved if there had of been few more bosses or extra modes to extend the length of the gameplay. I think those would have been nice inclusions, although I can’t be too mad considering how cheap and affordable the game is.

I did miss out room that I found and forgot about on both play-throughs where, I found a puzzle of sorts… So I’m going to have to re-visit it in case I’ve missed out on something cool!

Visuals, Audio

The Visuals in Super Skelemania have a 8-bit look and for the most part its decent. It’s not as spectacular as some games with similar art-style but does its job well.

The Audio in Super Skelemania is decent and has several different tunes as you enter new areas. The sound effects are also pretty good.

Super Skelemania ran smoothly in docked and handheld and I didn’t experience any issues. Screenshots and video capture are also supported.


I like Super Skelemania it’s a nice little title for the Switch. Super Skelemania purely focuses on speed running and the game can be completed pretty quickly.

If you’re looking for a quick distraction then look no further than Super Skelemania it’s not going keep you entertained for long periods of time, but it’s a nice little platformer to spend a few minutes or a few hours with. if you’re burnt out with huge game and just want play something in between games this is a great choice.



  • Solid Gameplay
  • Decent Audio & Visual Design
  • Great for Speedrunners


  • A Little Short
  • Needs More Bosses or Extra Game Modes
  • No Leaderboards

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