Super Tennis Blast Review -Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Unfinished Pixel

Published By: Unfinished Pixel

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to Unfinished Pixel for providing a review code.

Switch Atlantic has been around now for 2 months and I’m so happy with how things have gone so far. One of the very first titles reviewed on this site was Unfinished Pixel’s Super Volley Blast. I truly had a great time with Super Volley Blast and ever since I have been waiting in anticipation for the release of Super Tennis Blast. Now that I’ve had a chance to play it’s time to serve up a review Super Tennis Blast.


Similar to the series previous entry Super Tennis Blast gives players access to an in depth avatar creator that they can use to make their own character. Super Tennis Blast unfortunately, lacks a story which is something that I kind of enjoyed about it’s predecessor. Instead, you’re dropped into Super Tennis Blast with one simple goal.. To become the #1 tennis player in the world.


Instead of a straightforward story mode where you play a series of matches Super Tennis Blast opts for something a little different. The story mode is called World Tour and is a bit more rpg-like. You have a schedule with tournaments planned every day and you can choose which tournaments you want to enter. Some tournaments will have qualifications that you have to reach that pertain to what rank your player is. You also have 5 stats to keep aware of power, forehand, backhand, serve and speed. If you’re looking to upgrade your skills you can take a day off and train. Competing in tournaments will also award you experience points that you can allocate to your skills. Make sure your careful with how you plan your schedule, because your character has a stamina bar and if it gets to low your player could get injured. It’s best to take a day and rest every so often.

The gameplay is simple to understand, but definitely has enough depth to keep all types of players interested. Each of the Joy-Cons four buttons is connected to a specific type of shot. To hit the ball you can charge your shot and time it right for a better shot. Super Tennis Blast will tell you how you did by letting you know if you’re shot was perfect or poorly timed. As long as you charge one of your shots your character will automatically run after the ball. That doesn’t mean that Super Tennis Blast doesn’t require skill and strategy. You have to have good reflexes and be able to properly time shots if you want to best higher rank opponents.

When comparing to Super Blast Tennis to its predecessor the difficulty is actually quite a bit different. You’re given the option to choose between 5 difficulty levels, but even the normal difficulty will give you a run for your money. Super Tennis Blast makes you improve your skills in game and out of game. Super Volley Blast took some skill to don’t get me wrong, but Super Tennis Blast really increases the skill cap. The difficulty is very customizable, however, so it makes the game very approachable to casual and more intense players.

If you’r looking for something other than the story mode, you also have the option of playing matches with your friends. When playing with friends locally, you can play singles or doubles. Once again Unfinished Pixel has really nailed the local co-op play. Super Tennis Blast is another shining example of how to do couch co-op right. The fun yet competitive nature of Super Tennis Blast created some great moments for me and my friends.

For those who are looking for something a bit more creative Super Tennis Blast continues to offer some whacky game modes. Sadly, there are less of these cool Super Blast game modes in Super Tennis Blast. There are two available modes, one where the court continues to grow and move over the course of a game and one where the net comes to life. The game mode where the net comes to life will cause some parts of the net to become blocked off every few seconds during a game. These game modes are interesting, but aren’t as whacky and interesting as the ones in Super Volley Blast. There’s also some minigames that are available to play as well if you’re looking for something more unconventional. The minigames are alright, but they’re nothing special though there is one that kind of mimics a shooting at a soccer net and that one was amusing.

Overall Super Tennis Blast is a fantastic tennis game to play on Nintendo Switch. It has a satisfying assortment of single player and local multi-player offerings. Besides the lack of Super Blast game modes, my only other concern are the controls. I felt like the controls could be a bit unresponsive and sometimes my avatar didn’t always move how I wanted him to. For the most part the controls were fine, but they could be a bit more polished.


For the achievement hunters Super Tennis Blast offers up a number of different achievements. These act as milestones as well and are always great to see for some additional entertainment value.


Super Tennis Blast’s visual design uses the same colorful and fun art style that the series is now known for. The visuals are charming in their own heartwarming way and they genuinely go perfectly with the gameplay. The soundtrack is also nice and goes well with the gameplay.

Technical Issues

I can happily report I didn’t have any significant issues with the frame rate or resolution in both handheld or docked mode. Even while playing local co-op I didn’t have any significant frame rate issues.


Once again Unfinished Pixel knocks it out of the park (please make a baseball game next). Super Tennis Blast keeps the great core gameplay, and nice visual style of Super Volley Blast and makes some significant changes to help it stand out on it’s own. I do wish there were a few more Super Blast modes and the controls are a little unresponsive at times, but this is still one of the best sports titles on the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure if I prefer Super Tennis Blast over Super Volley Ball Blast, but I do know that this is a title definitely worth checking out.



  • Fun Easy to learn and Hard to Master Tennis Gameplay
  • Nice Career Mode With Light Rpg Elements
  • Great Local Co-Op Experience
  • Nice Visual Design
  • Plenty of Achievements to Unlock
  • Accessible For All Types of Players


  • More Super Blast Modes Would Be Nice
  • Controls Can be a Little Unresponsive
  • No Story Like Super Volley Blast had

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