Super Volley Blast Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Unfinished Pixel

Published By: Unfinished Pixel

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to Unfinished Pixel for providing a review code

I’m really on a sports game kick lately and, the summer is fast approaching over here. So I’m glad I can be playing something that’s got more of a summer time vibe. I’ve never been much of a volleyball player IRL, but that doesn’t mean I can’t become a digital volleyball pro. So it’s time to volley this review and see if it’s really a blast of a time.


Super Volley Blast is a 2D volleyball game that plays like you would expect a volleyball game. It’s 2 on 2 games and you use the regular rule set you would see in an actual game. There’s a story mode that sees you playing as a team of two avatars with their goal of rising through the ranks and winning the championship. The avatar you choose to play as doesn’t have to be random either. You can make your own customized avatar in-game with the avatar editor. The avatar editor is incredibly detailed. It’s rare that we see an avatar editor in a smaller title let alone one this robust. You can change anything from the clothing, to hairstyle, to the size of your arms or hands. There’s plenty to customize and then you can save your avatar to use later on. It’s great to have such a level of customization in a smaller sports game like this.


Gameplay in Super Volley Blast is pretty straightforward. You can bump, volley, and spike the ball just how you would in any other game. Each button is attached to a specific action and and you’ll essentially be chaining these actions together in an attempt to land the ball on the opposing team’s side of the net. It’s simple, but really enjoyable gameplay.

There’s a ton of diversity among game modes if you’re looking for something more than just volleyball. Quick match is an option which allows just to jump right into a volleyball game. You can set the rules and then just play a round. Then you have tournament mode which let’s you set up a bracket to play a few rounds of matches in. The real fun of these modes comes from the ability to play locally with a friend. 4 people can play together and square off in a match, or get a bunch of friends together and create a tournament. It’s a really great time with friends. I was able to get a few friends together and, although none of them are big sports fans we had a fantastic time. If you have to play against the AI don’t worry it’s still a great time. The AI is actually quite smart and they aren’t pushovers. There were a few occasions where my AI missed some pretty easy hits, but I did the same thing so I couldn’t really fault it.

If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional there’s also Super Blast mode. Super Blast mode comes with 4 different types of matches you can play that shake up the formula. There’s a chicken ball mode where the ball will change where it’s going to fall while in the air. There’s also a bomb ball mode that will award a team 3 points for having the bomb explode on the other team’s side of the net. Each of these modes is fantastic if you have friends who prefer more gimmicky sports games.

The story mode can be played with a friend and sees you going through progressively more difficult matches. At first glance the story mode looks small, being only 7 matches. However, after you finish the first 7 matches you learn there’s a story mode +, and then a story mode ++. This actually provides a fair amount of content, and is nice for those who will be playing through alone. There’s a ton of content, whether it’s for solo or co-op players.

My only problem with the gameplay was the difficulty of figuring out who hit the ball. If the ball comes close to you and your partner and you both go for it, it’s a bit difficult to figure out who was the actual one that hit it. The character who last hit, it does get grayed out, but when you have to act quickly it can be tough to tell. This lead to our opponents getting a few extra points on us, and was a bit frustrating. For the most part the gameplay was super enjoyable and has enough to keep you coming back for some time.


Super Volley Blast does offer a few extras such as achievements. The achievements aren’t overly difficult to unlock and they don’t really add anything to the game. The characters you play against in the story mode also become unlocked as you beat them. The unlockables ended up being my biggest gripe with Super Volley Blast as it just felt like there wasn’t enough. There should have been unlockable cosmetics for the avatar editor since it was already so fleshed out. Maybe even have a few unlockable game modes for Super Blast mode. I just feel like there’s so much room to have more available. I was going to also mention the fact that there’s no online, but I feel as if online would be unnecessary in Super Volley Blast. This is a game where I feel it’s fun really lies in the local play, and it would lose it if there were online capabilities. So not having an online mode I feel did not hurt Super Volley Blast in any way.


The cartoon visual style used for Super Volley Blade looks really nice. It’s an art style that just looks and feels casual and I think benefits the game approach to being a local multi-player game. Don’t think that Super Volley Blast is trying to pander to children either. The visual design is all around fantastic for all ages of players. It’s got a nice color scheme, and multiple vibrant locations. You can play a game of volleyball while cherry blossom petals fall in the wind. If that’s not enough for the visuals to win you over I really don’t know what will.

Technical Issues

I didn’t encounter too many technical problems during my playthrough of Super Volley Blast. Resolution looked good in docked and handheld mode, and never game me any trouble. The frame rate did stutter a few times while I played in handheld mode, but never enough to really become an issue.


Super Volley Blast is one of the best times I’ve had with a sports title so far on my Switch. It has a relatively content filled story mode, and plenty of game modes for all players. It appeals to casual players, and those who just want to play some good old volleyball. While there could be more to unlock and it’s a bit difficult to figure out what happened when two players dive for the ball, at its core Super Volley Blast is a great local co-op title. If you have some casual players that like having a great game to play at parties I recommend checking out Super Volley Blast.



  • Solid Gameplay
  • Good Amount of Single Player Content
  • Great Local Co-op Game With Friends
  • Super Blast Mode is Great Fun
  • In Depth Avatar Editor
  • Street Fighter Reference 😉
  • Nice Visuals and Great Environment Selection


  • Needs More Unlockables
  • Bit Hard to Know Who Hit the Ball When Two People Dive at it
  • Achievements Don’t Add Much to the Game

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