TERRORHYTHM Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: EvilCoGames

Published By: Forever Entertainment

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

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Terrorhythm is a game that relies on what a coincidence rhythm. Rhythm is also something that I myself am severely lacking. With that being said, let’s see if Terrorhythm is a worthwhile addition to your Switch library.


A world where sound is outlawed. That is where Terrorhythm takes place. You are in a strange dystopian world and you must fight against your oppressors the “Guardians of Total Silence”. To take down your foes and free the world from absolute silence you must, fight alongside the beat and use it as your weapon.

I was actually a bit disappointed with Terrorhythm’s story. I understand a Beat em up doesn’t need a deep story, but the concept had so much promise. They could have developed the story and made it really interesting. Instead, they decided to do nothing with it and provide no real story in game. The EShop is the only place that references this story and then the game never makes reference to it.


Terrorhythm is a 2D fast paced rhythmic, Beat em up. It’s pretty easy to sum up what Terrorhythm’s gameplay is all about. From the main menu, you can choose what level you want to play. Before the level begins you can check the tempo of the level. Different levels have a different amount of BPM (beats per minute). The higher the BPM the faster pace that level will be.

Each level takes place on a horizontal plain. Enemies will spawn on each side of the stage to attack you. The only way to take out your enemies is to use the power of rhythm. Which means you have to hit enemies to the beat of the music.

The enemies you’ll face off against aren’t always the same. You have what are essentially the grunts that come in large waves that are easy to take out. Then you have, the bigger robots that will take multiple hits to defeat. There’s also certain enemies that will require you to use a skill called “Blastbeat” to take them out. By pressing the X button you can charge this ability and then your next attack will activate it.

From defeating certain enemies you can get weapons that elevate your combat skills for a short period of time. There’s a sword that widely increases your attack range (more on that later), a scythe that makes your attacks stronger, and chakrams that you toss at enemies. I found the weapon mechanic to be a very neat concept.

When enemies get too close to you, it will cause you to miss a beat and lose health. Losing all your health means you have to restart the track from the beginning.

Below your character is a range of white tiles that displays your attack range. You’re incapable of attacking an enemy until they get into your attack range. At first your range is small, but as the level continues, you can increase how wide it stretches. The longer you fight without missing a beat, the higher your combo bar will increase. In addition, by using the B button you can take some of your combo bar and use it to widen your attack range.

Your combo is also important, because it affects your total score. As it increases, so does your score multiplier. Depending on how well you do in a level you will get a final score. The higher the score the more points you get towards your “Rank”

At the beginning you start at Rank 1, but as you start to complete levels and attain higher scores your rank will increase. Reaching higher ranks will give you access to new tracks sometimes even boss fights. You also have 4 difficulty options for each track and the higher the difficulty the better the score you can attain. One of these modes is a “Relaxed” mode which takes away your health bar. This means that you don’t have to worry about failing a song, at the trade off of not gaining any score.

At its core Terrorhythm is an intense Beat em up that’s sure to challenge many players. The issue with its crossover to the Switch is that it doesn’t feel like the full package.

On PC you’re able to play your own music and fight to the beat of the tracks. Furthermore, there’s online leaderboards to give incentive to players, to increase their scores on each track. Without either of those being present here, Terrorythm’s appeal does diminish. If you like repeating the same levels and constantly trying to improve your high score, Terrorythm will provide you some enjoyment. However, if you want more variety and competition while you play, the Switch version might not be the best option.


Terrorhythm boasts a very bright and techno style visual design. The environments are very futuristic and look really nice. You can tell the developers worked hard to put detail into each of the designs. The soundtracks are very well done and filled with energy. I was happy to see that each track fits very well with the gameplay, although it would have been nice to see a bit more diversity within the songs.

Technical Issues

I can happily report, I experienced no technical issues during my time with Terrorhythm.


Terrorhythm is a decent Beat em up that lacks the staying power to make a big splash in the genre. With the ability to use your own music, and the inclusion of online leaderboards the PC version could definitely provide a bit more entertainment. The Switch version, however feels somewhat bare in comparison. While the gameplay is solid, it only stays interesting for so long. As I previously mentioned, for players who don’t enjoy grinding tracks over and over again this will most likely not be a title you enjoy. If you’re someone who loves grinding high scores then you’ll likely find some entertainment value from Terrorhythm.



  • Solid Rhythm Based Beat Em Up Gameplay
  • Weapon System Was a Neat Addition
  • Beautiful Techno Visual Design
  • Multiple Difficulty Settings


  • Lack of Online Leaderboards
  • More Variety in The Music Would Have Been Nice
  • No Story Development
  • Grinding High Scores Can Become Very Tedious

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