Tetsumo Party Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Monster Couch

Published By: Monster Couch

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to Monster Couch for providing a review code.

If you’ve ever seen the game show A Hole in The wall then here we have it’s spiritual successor in video game form. Tetsumo Party is all about having wholesome, comedic fun no matter who you are.


Tetsumo Party doesn’t have much for a story. This is a party game and therefore is more focused on gameplay.


Tetsumo Party is a 2D party game that centers around being a local multiplayer experience. You have the option of choosing between multiple different sumo wrestlers. With your sumo wrestler you must control each one of his two hands and legs, so that you can make the shape in a wall and go through it. The wall will come towards you and there’s limited time to make the shape you need to get through it.

There’s a few different ways you can play Tetsumo Party. Single player is available, but we’re going to focus mainly on the multiplayer modes.

Depending on how you’re playing Tetsumo Party will determine the amount of supported players. It’s actually possible to play Tetsumo Party with up to 8 players.

At most you can have 2 sumo players in every game. You have 4 chances to miss puzzle walls before you’re ultimately eliminated. The last sumo standing is crowned the champion.

Multiplayer can also be played with multiple people controlling the same sumo wrestler. This lets players each have their own set of limbs to control. Having multiple players controlling one sumo wrestler provides some truly hectic entertainment.

Single player mode or non competitive mode plays a little different. Here your goal is to rack up as many points as possible by successfully going through the holes in the wall. You also have the ability to speed up the wall. The faster a wall is complete, the more points you gather.

Tetsumo Party also offers little missions for each sumo wrestler that can be completed during a game. The missions can vary from earning a certain amount of points on a specific location, or going through a certain number of walls in one game. There’s even some mission that require you to do certain actions.

Since, you’re able to move all of your limbs you can move them to do actions like pulling up your pants (no really that’s a thing). Furthermore, there’s a fish that will come around and hand you boosters and sushi that you can grab if you put your hand out in the right place for them. The boosters give you bonuses while you’re playing after collecting a certain amount of each. The sushi on the other hand is used to buy new sumo wrestlers.

The different sumo wrestlers are cosmetically different and have different missions, but besides that there’s not much else to them.

Tetsumo Party is an enjoyable party game, don’t get me wrong, but it lacks staying power to make it stand out in a densely populated genre. The gameplay always stays the same and you’ll always be faced with the same types of walls. Sure, it’ll get faster and sometimes when playing against others it will switch up the controls on you. That being said, it never reaches the level of entertainment that many other party game’s have. There’s just not enough differentiation among the gameplay to do so.


While, Tetsumo Party has a simple visual design I thought it was pretty fitting with the game’s design. Sure it’s not going to win any awards, but it works for what it’s trying to accomplish. Though I do have to say the locations that rotate every time you play a new match look really nice. they’re very colorful and look very different from one another. The sound design has some funny sound effects which are alright, but they’re nothing special.

Technical Issues

While I did not experience any technical issues with Tetsumo Party, I do wish there would have been an option to remap the controls should you want to. I would have preferred different controls when playing solo in handheld mode.


Tetsumo Party is a game I think I would take out at a party every once in awhile have a nice time with it and then not pick it up again for awhile. I had some fun with some friends playing it, but it just didn’t stick with us. It’s single player offering is also relatively shallow, making this a much better experience with friends. I appreciate the additions of different characters and missions, but their addition really doesn’t do much for the game. Luckily, this is a nice budget title that you’ll find an hour of entertainment with every once in awhile. Just don’t expect this to be a game that sticks around for long periods of time.



  • Fun Experience in Short Bursts
  • Nice Colorful Locations
  • Multiple Players Controlling One Sumo Wrestler is Hilarious Entertainment
  • Budget Price


  • Not Enough Differentiation in Gameplay For Longer Play Sessions
  • Single Player Offering is Shallow
  • Missions Could Have Been Better Implemented

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