The Savior’s Gang Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Catness Games

Published By: Catness Games

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you to Catness Games for providing a review code.

There’s some events in history that can make great concepts for video games. Events that surround religion, however are usually something developers stay away from to avoid controversy or simply, because they don’t blend the best with any specific genre. The Savior’s Gang tries to take a religious event and turn it into something comical and entertaining. Unfortunately, while it’s a somewhat intriguing concept that’s all it manages to be.


The story surrounds The Savior who is crucified and cannot ascend to heaven. So, now he is stuck on earth to guide his people (or gang) through many different traps and tribulations that are placed in front of them. The reason there’s so many traps is, because of The Savior’s father (who is a pidgeon) is upset about his son’s awful death. Now The Savior must bargain with his father to help his people adventure across the treacherous lands unharmed.

The story tries to add a lot of modern day comic value to it with it’s jokes and memes that scroll along the left side of the screen like text messages. There’s points in the levels where entities will drop by to talk to you and you can choose to “hang up on them”. The game tries to add all those modern day stereotypes in and while it’s intentions may have been to be comedic, they truly are not. The comedy fell flat and it felt like they were trying way too hard to make it funny. Eventually the constant bad jokes and boring dialogue got to be too much for me, so I stopped paying much attention to it.


The Savior’s Gang’s gameplay is what I would deem the only part of the game that is salvageable. There are a total of 16 levels each with their own diffeent environments that you must take The Savior’s followers through. Every level is filled with traps like spinning blades, guillotines, falling rocks, and broken bridges over pits of spikes. You control the group of followers and help them navigate around the traps. There’s many different hazards and even some light puzzle solving mechanics included.

Sometimes you’ll have to activate a certain button to continue in a level. The buttons perform task such as dropping a box to place over a pit, or stopping a trap so that your followers have enough time to go through it. The levels can get to be fairly challenging and you’ll definitely want to pay attention to what traps seem to catch you off guard.

For each level you will start out with a certain amount of followers. You don’t have to get every follower to the end of the level, in fact you can beat a level with a single follower. The more followers you have at the end of the level the better rank you will receive. If you find the chalice hidden in each level you will also gain some extra followers to give you more chances to live through the diversity of dangerous traps.

There’s souls you can find in each level which if you gather them, you can use to buy upgrades in the main menu. The upgrades include starting levels with extra followers, additional followers received from chalices and faster followers. The upgrades are a nice addition as its always nice to have something to make you feel like you’re progressing.

While you may feel the need to plot out each and every one of your movements, the levels do have time limits which means that you don’t always have a minute to wait around before every trap. Thankfully the time that’s allotted is more than enough for each level, so it won’t be much of a concern for most players.

If you do run out of time or run out of followers you will have to restart the entire level. The levels aren’t overly long, but some checkpoints would have been nice, since most levels really aren’t worth replaying more than a time or two.

While I did find The Savior’s Gang’s gameplay somewhat entertaining it’s really held back its controls. Controlling the group of followers is like trying to herd cats. they constantly get stuck on objects within the environment and, although one follower leads the group if some get stuck then your movement will start to turn all wonky until everyone’s walking in the same path. The wonky controls caused a fair amount of unfair deaths and combining this with the lack of checkpoints and the gameplay can sometimes feel like an utter disaster. Unfortunately, this interesting concept is bogged down by issues and it only gets worse when we talk about its technical problems.


From a visual standpoint The Savior’s Gang looks okay, but it definitely isn’t anything groundbreaking. Some of the environments looks really nice along with the traps that look alright as well. The characters visuals are kind of blurred and they don’t look fantastic.

While I liked the looks and general feel of some of the environments, the textures look kind of muddied especially in handheld mode. There’s nothing here that will stop you from playing the game, but its visuals definitely won’t compel you to play it either. The sound design is average at best and there’s not much else to say about it.

Technical Issues

I actually found some enjoyment from The Savior’s Gang’s gameplay, so it sad to see it ruined by the game’s array of technical issues. To put it bluntly, The Savior’s Gang is a technical mess on the Nintendo Switch and it’s noticeable from the beginning. Constant frame issues that can last for over a few seconds happen frequently across the game’s levels. In addition to the frame rate issues, there’s also severe camera issues that will cause the game to zoom very close into your group of saviors, essentially blocking your view of everything.

To make matters worse, I also had a problem with the game crashing on me. Not only did I have it crash multiple times across my playthrough, but on the 5th level I had the game crash every time I stepped on a specific button. That button was suppose to activate torches to guide my vision, but instead I had to walk blindly through the dark and hope I didn’t die. It was truly infuriating to have such a problem and while it didn’t prohibit me from playing, it really deterred me.


It’s unfortunate, because The Savior’s Gang could have easily been a decent puzzle title, with its unique and somewhat entertaining gameplay. However, technical issues and poor controls truly ruin this game from being as good as it could have been. I wish there was more to say, but I don’t think I can recommend The Savior’s Gang in its current condition.



  • Somewhat Interesting Puzzle Style Gameplay
  • Upgrades to Purchase


  • Attempt at a Comedic Story Falls Flat
  • Poor Controls
  • Lack of Checkpoints
  • Constant Frame Rate Issues
  • Many Camera Problems
  • Constant Crashes
  • Overall very Unpolished Title

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