Untitled Goose Game Review – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: House House

Published: Panic

Reviewed By: Tyler Higgs

Thank you so much to Panic for providing a review code

Untitled Goose Game is a completely out of the ordinary game that has somehow captivated many people’s attention. It’s cute and hilarious concept has had everyone intrigued and excited for its official launch. Now that the game’s finally been released, I had the opportunity to finally sit down with “The Goose” and join him on a wonderful journey through an average everyday world. The results of this journey will be disclosed right now, don’t worry I promise it won’t be fowl.


Well, you see Untitled Goose Game doesn’t really have a story per se. You’re a malevolent goose hellbent on ruining the lives of the humans that tower over you. The journey you take on has an ending and when you reach it you’ll realize, just how much this game tries to connect with the average person.


Untitled Goose Game is a 3D adventure with puzzle-solving mechanics and a dedicated button for honking. As I previously mentioned you’re tasked with traversing across 5 different areas and annoying the people found in each one. To help navigate the dirty deeds you’ll have to commit you can access a “To-Do List” that will appear once you reach a new area.

The controls for the game are pretty simple. Holding down the B button lets you sprint around and evade your enemies. The ZL button lets you lower your neck so that you’re able to reach items that are lower to the ground and go under short surfaces. You can also flap your wings by using the ZR button and using the R and L bumpers will also let you pan in and out with the camera. Last, but not least you can honk, at any time. Just press that Y button and you can relieve your inner honking urges.

Take him down while he’s weak

Your task will differ depending on the area and the objects around you. Sometimes you’ll be turning on sprinklers to drench a hardworking farmer, other times you’ll be chasing a kid into a telephone booth. Many of Untitled Goose Game’s task, come in the form of moving and dragging around different objects to specific locations. If a person sees you taking something that’s there they will immediately chase after you until you get away or until they catch you and take it back.

Untitled Goose Game is a puzzle game, but the puzzles are pretty simplistic. They’re sort of like logic puzzles and you experiment to see what action will cause what outcome. An example would be when I had to find a way to make someone break a very expensive vase. I stole the vase and ran away from the lady and then I brought it into the side of the yard where the man was. By doing this I caused the man to take the vase and toss it over the fence, which then caused the vase to shatter into a million pieces as the two gazed in horror

Some may compare these task to simple fetch quest and while some actually are the majority are much more than that. There’s a sense of authenticity to the task on your To-Do List. They all feel like things that people would joke about a goose actually doing. They’re evil but in a very comedic way. The only way I can describe it is by calling Untitled Goose Game an interactive comedy of sorts.

Stealth does play a role in Untitled Goose Game, but not a large one. Sometimes you will actually have to hide in a bush to scare someone or escape the clutches of an angry human. Most of the time, however, I found myself running out into the open, stealing things and then being chased down afterward. I feel having stealth as an option and not as the game’s main focus was an excellent decision by the developers.

Moving objects around works very well and the physics are surprisingly intuitive. I only found a few items that gave me trouble to interact with, but it never took to long to get a hold of them. It’s really enjoyable to interact with so many different items that control differently.

Untitled Goose Game doesn’t take long to complete. Finishing all of your tasks and reaching the end credits will likely run you at most 2 hours. However, after completing the game you unlock a whole new set of task that connects the areas together through having to bring an item from one area all the way to another. The final tasks are to go back through each area and complete the original To-Do List task before the church bell in the background rings. These tasks essentially act as time trials for each area and are especially enjoyable for those who like speedrunning (I suck at time trials). Overall Untitled Goose Game will definitely give you a few hours of enjoyment, but there’s much more to the game then just completing task.

This is a sandbox game and it does a good job at being one. There’s clearly inspiration drawn from games like the Hitman series as certain tasks have multiple ways of going about solving them. The game’s sandbox nature really shows from the sheer amusement of doing whatever you want to frustrate people. You can run around and take whatever you want and then watch people’s reactions. Much of my entertainment from the game was derived from forgetting about my To-Do List and doing whatever I pleased. The ability to perform so many different actions is one of the reasons I’ll keep coming back to Untitled Goose Game.

At the end of the day, the only thing I wish this game had is customization. I feel like having the ability to find new apparel like hats and stuff to customize your goose would be great. There could even be a little room in every area where you could go to change between items you’ve unlocked. It didn’t hurt the game not to have customization, but still, it would have been a welcomed addition.


Untitled Goose Game checks all the right boxes in its presentation. The visuals are smooth and exude a refreshing atmosphere. Every aspect of the visuals feels so carefully designed to blend perfectly with the environments. It only took me about 10 minutes to realize the level of work that the developers at House House put into this game.

Equally as impressive the game’s sound design mixes a calm, soft soundtrack with bursts of loud sudden sounds. Whenever you’re on the run the music intensifies with a piano melody that starts so suddenly and works so well with the gameplay. The use of sound in Untitled Goose Game may be of the best I’ve seen from any title this year.

Technical Issues

I can happily report I experienced no technical issues during my playthrough.


Untitled Goose Game lives up to the charm and entertainment value that many were expecting from it. The sandbox style gameplay is a joy to play around with and the inclusion of stealth along with the well-crafted physics work only to further benefit the game. The To-do list task are all equally hilarious because they feel authentic and are genuinely satisfying to complete (the feeling of crossing items off a list never gets old). Some may find the game to be a bit short on content and if you’re not a fan of game’s that center around “goofing off” then Untitled Goose Game may not be for you. I recommend checking the game out for anyone that’s on the fence because you may be missing out on one of the most unique experiences of 2019.



  • Charming Sandbox Style Gameplay
  • Satisfying Tasks to Complete
  • Charming & Comedic All The Way Through
  • Beautiful Visual Design
  • Excellent Use of Sound Design
  • Well Crafted Physics


  • A Bit Short on Content
  • More Cosmetic Customization Would Have Been Nice

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