Scoring Policy

Scoring games is not an easy concept and everyone approaches in a different way. Here at Switch Atlantic we will be using a review system that goes from 1-10 (hopefully we won’t ever have to bring out the 0). I know numbers don’t really mean much by just looking at them so let me explain what they mean

Top Rated Titles 8-10

Titles that fall into the top rated category not only are included in our “Review” section, but are also included in the “Top Rated Titles” section. It’s an extraordinary feat to be reviewed in this category. These ratings are for games that while may have a few problems, the core experience is solid and the game is genuinely fun. When you see a game in this category you can usually tell just how much heart was poured into their game

Recommended Titles 6-7

Titles that fall into the recommended titles category are great games that may have a fundamental problem that keeps them for being, for everyone. While they’re still fantastic titles players should make sure that the problems with the game won’t hamper their time with it.

Cautious Titles 4-5

Titles that fall into the cautious titles category may be alright games, but usually have multiple problems holding them back. While players may still enjoy these games they require heavy evaluation to assure their pros outweigh their cons.

Not Recommended Titles 1-3

Titles that fall into the not recommended category usually have too many problems that playing them ends up being more of a chore than having fun. Titles in this category should usually be avoided, but some may still find enjoyment out of these titles.


I hope this helped you understand how our review process works here at Switch Atlantic. The main thing I want people to remember is a game we may have problems with may still be fine for you. While we do our best to analyze games and provide the best review possible we understand everyone’s different. So if you see a game you had interest in and we give it a low review score read our review and see how you feel after. You may find that the problems we had with the game don’t deter you from buying it. I hope you enjoy each of our reviews

Finally, thank you so much to the developers that allow us the opportunity to review their games. No matter the review we give it, we very much appreciate the opportunity.